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Original  LAUNCH X431 Master IV
Original LAUNCH X431 Master IV
4,999.00 SAR

Deck your new car with a range of advanced navigation accessories and proximity sensors that are showcased on Souq. Along with these devices, an exhaustive collection of GPRS/GPS devices that provide you with precise turn by turn navigation is also available here. You have a wide range of brands at your disposal. In addition, our stock of showcased global positioning systems comes in different sizes and can easily fit in your vehicles.

A wide range of GPRS/GPS systems by Garmin, Typhoon, Autel, Climber, FLY, Clayton, ELM 327 are featured here. Such types of vehicle tracking systems enable you to not just find the current location of your vehicle, but also display the shortest route to your destination. We even stock up on a range of navigation systems plus radios that can be installed in ambulances as well as police and fire vehicles. Not just that, these systems can also be installed in public transportation vehicles like cabs, buses, and more. Parking sensors alert you about obstacles that are not visible and thus prove useful when backing up any vehicle. You are sure to find parking sensors by various makers that can fit on any type of vehicle. Owners of luxury vehicles by Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and more can also find both new and used car navigation systems tailored for their particular vehicles, here on Souq.