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تيشيرت رجالي من eastland Newport بدون رباط الحذاء - Brown - 11 2E US
303.19 ريـال

تيشيرت رجالي من eastland Newport بدون رباط الحذاء - Brown - 11 2E US

بواسطة  Eastland، أحذية -  253 تقييم

303.19 ريـال 

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هذا المنتج يشحن و يباع من قبل Amazon Global Store US
ميزات المنتج:
  • ألواح جلدية سهل الارتداء يتميز قطعة قماش مثلثة مزدوجة عند الدخول و ياقة مبطنة
  • تصميم يدوي stitch-to-sole وبنية من أجل "لا ،" من المرونة
  • قابل للإزالة للحصول على وسادة والدعم
  • يتميز بالقدرة على امتصاص الصدمات من البولي يوريثان ونعل خارجي من أجل المتانة والراحة
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معلومات المنتج



    العلامة التجارية
    11 2E US
    العلامة التجارية
    11 2E US
    المجموعة المستهدفة
    اسم النمط
    الرقم المميز للسلعة
    دي جي
    هل يتطلب هذا المنتج بطارية او يحتوي بطارية
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    eastland الرجالي "حذاء Newport" سهل الارتداء


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253 تقييم
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1 نجمة
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  • Enyoyed for a while!
    بواسطة Batlady في 27 November 2017

    I bought a black and a brown of this shoes for my husband. He likes them so I got them again this time at Eastland. He said it's comfy and very light. However about two months ago - the brown's sole broke in half! as if it was sliced. Luckily I have a backup and just now - it's the black one that broke in half! - exactly the same of what happened to the brown one. Again - I have a backup of this black too. I know it's been more than a year of use but these were the only shoes that broke in half. It's an accident waiting to happen as it made him tripped. I wonder if anybody had the same experience. They were both comfy however the shoes didn't last - and because of this - sad to say but I have to give it a 2 star. The brown was tossed a long time ago - didn't bother to take a picture since we didn't know it will happen again.

    7 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • 3rd Pair and Counting... but wait
    بواسطة Frank Pedroza في 04 February 2015

    This is my third pair of these shoes I've purchased. The first pair I wore till the soles were bare. I was very happy with the shoes. The second pair, I played a little too hard in and the sole broke when I was running in them (as I shouldn't have been) and I mis-stepped and bent the shoe nearly in half. My fault entirely and I admit it. It was rather odd though to see the sole split in 2 though. I continued to wear the shoes for a while, but the wetter weather forced me to get rid of them. I wear these shoes to work primarily. As a software developer, I don't exactly put too much wear on my shoes seeing as how much sitting I do. With this in mind, I purchased my 3rd pair in Jan '15. To my amazement though, the same thing happened to this pair except no reckless action on my behalf took place. I just noticed the sole split one day and couldn't believe it. I checked on Eastland's website and saw marketing speak about their warranty so I sent them an email early Jan '16 I believe (I don't have a record since it was an online form submission). I waited and did not receive any response so I sent them another email mid Feb '16. I received the following condensed response:

    Thank you for contacting EastlandShoe.com Customer Service with the problem you are experiencing with a pair of our shoes. We guarantee all of our footwear 100% against material and manufacturing defects (EastlandShoe.com does not guarantee wear or tear or any damage unrelated to the manufacturer). Please return your shoes to us for inspection. If your shoes are defective, we will be glad to send you a new pair provided you have a shipping address in the United States. (Please note that we reserve the right to send you a similar style if the one you return is no longer in stock.) If your shoes are not found to be defective, we will return them to you as soon as possible.

    So, with this information, I then boxed up and went to mail these shoes back. $15 via USPS or $25 via UPS. Hmm... do I really want to be $15 to hopefully, maybe get this resolved? There in lies the question. Checking my Amazon orders, I see that I could have returned these via Amazon, but only through Feb '16. I'm not kidding! 10 days ago I could have returned them and now I'm in this limbo with the $15 wager before me.

    In the end, I'm left wondering "Are the shoes cheap and split shoes is the norm, or was I just lucky enough to get 2 lemons in a row?"

    - UPDATE -
    New pair just arrived from Eastland so start the clock on the new pair.

    6 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • These may run large
    بواسطة Amazon Customer في 07 October 2014

    Be sure to read the bottom for my 6 month update !

    I like the shoes, I bought them because I had and accident and needed slip on shoes, for I cant reach down tie my shoes right now.

    They are comfortable, appear well made for the price point, Id probably buy a second pair, but Ive only been wearing them for a week. I bought 13Ws

    I usually buy 13 4E's, for I have very wide feet, while initially putting them on, they where snug, they have loosened up, as shoes do and are comfortable. Id have bought 13 4E's in a slip on if I could find them.

    I specifically bought eastland, because I bought a pair of Eastland Chukkas years ago, that where VERY WIDE and where 13Ds, so I was hoping they where still randomly making wide shoes

    They stay on my feet well, you dont walk out of them, and my heel seems to stay in place, I had a pair of Romeos, in a different brand years ago, that I used to kinda "walk out of".

    Only time will tell how they hold up. Leather looks nice, stitching looks good, and the price is very reasonable.

    UPDATE 3/14/2015, ITS BEEN 6 MONTHS since purchased, have worn these shoes part time, mostly around the house, and out to the store when the weather was good (not too often). Live on a farm, so most of the time, Im wearing some kind of boots, these are more like heavy duty house slippers for me, slippers dont last around here, we have no carpets in the house.

    Anyhow, as some others have left reviews about the soles of these shoes splitting, I noticed today, that both of my shoes, have two large splits in the soles of the shoes that go all the way through the sole. That is to say, the soles have failed. Now that the snow/ice has melted, wore them to the store, stepped into a very shallow puddle, (maybe a 1/8" deep) and noticed both my feet/socks where wet. Not sure how long they have been cracked due to the abnormally cold winter, this is the first melt of any kind. I also crashed with these on, on some ice just outside the door to get the mail, that gave me whiplash and a broken hand, not good shoes for icy conditions, not that many are.

    In hind sight, although I like the shoes (convenient on/off and comfortable), now that they have failed very prematurely, given the amount of actual wearing time, I would not buy them again. I had initially planned to buy a second pair, due to the fact of my wide feet, its hard to find footwear, that fits that I like. Kinda bummed about the whole thing. I have another pair of eastland shoes, that are well over 15 years old, and I still wear occasionally that are holding up great and are very wide, like my feet.

    I changed my rating of these to 1 star due to the early failure. I dont expect any of my footwear to last forever, but I would like to get one year out of them before they actually fall apart. Im fine with any time table if I "wear" them out, but if you look at my pic I posted, you can see the bottoms show very little wear, just failure.

    If you buy these, I wish you good luck !

    16 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Best shoes I ever owned.
    بواسطة LowJack في 31 October 2017

    I like these shoes so much I bought four more pair. You might want to check out the Eastland web site. The price is the same, but after the first pair you will get E-mail offers for as much as 31% these and other shoes. I had one pair of Eastland shoes for 10 years as work shoes. Finally tossed them out, but not because they where worn out. They just looked like crap... The new ones are like walking on pillows, even though the shop floor is concrete.

    شخص واحد وجد هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • They will last you 2-3 years, even with heavy use
    بواسطة B. Mueller Jr. في 24 November 2013

    These shoes were amazing. I had purchased them off of a "shoemobile" at work sometime in '07. I wore them, off and on, for the next 3 years until they simply fell apart because of use. They were comfortable to the end. I found these shoes on Amazon and they looked the same so I took a guess at my shoe size and got them.

    When I got them I thought I got the wrong size because they didn't fit my foot! It turned out that my old shoes were so worn out and broken in that I forgot what they were like when they were new.

    Suffice it to say that as you break them in they stop being extremely snug but that's ok and that's what I wanted. I stopped using the old pair because the stretchy bit was too loose and the hell was completely worn. The last pair I used I used in a more active fashion and in those, the sole of the shoe cracked and split just before the arch (so about 2/3 of the way back) and this was awful because if it was wet your socks would immediately get soaked. The shoe was still wearable but I couldn't stand them because of the whole "essentially there's a giant hole in the shoe" issue.

    The shoe is great, the design is great, the feel is awesome. I bought two pair and I'm about to see if I can get a third because yeah, they're good shoes.

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