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حذاء مسطح للسيدات من Sam Edelman - - 38/39 EU
298.55 ريـال

حذاء مسطح للسيدات من Sam Edelman - - 38/39 EU

بواسطة  Sam Edelman، أحذية -  85 تقييم

298.55 ريـال 

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    العلامة التجارية
    Sam Edelman
    38/39 EU
    العلامة التجارية
    Sam Edelman
    38/39 EU
    المجموعة المستهدفة
    اسم النمط
    الرقم المميز للسلعة
    بلاك ليذر
    دي جي
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    أحذية Sam Edelman d'orsay المسطحة مع كعب عالٍ رقيق. نعل داخلي مبطن. نعل

    أحذية Sam Edelman d'orsay المسطحة مع كعب عالٍ رقيق. نعل داخلي مبطن. نعل جلدي.


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  • Doesn't Stay on Your Foot
    بواسطة Regimal Rex في 03 August 2017

    Super cute when your standing still, impractical while walking. They flip off the back of your foot and then the back of the shoe looks like its designed to contour to the heel, but it just makes it hard to slip them back on. If you're trying to get anywhere fast forget it, if your just taking a few steps from desk to printer prepare to enter the ministry of silly walks to keep them on your feet.

    56 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Exactly as I had hoped!
    بواسطة ashley l brummett في 29 November 2018

    I live in South America in an under-developed country, so I have to rely on online shopping for most everything. I never know how anything will fit, so it's always a gamble (and I can't ship things back easily!). I was really nervous the size wouldn't be right, but after reading from people that the back could slip so to go with your exact size or half a size down, I went with my regular size of 8. I have long toes, so sometimes pointy toe shoes hurt and my feet are narrow too, so have to consider that too. The shoe fit perfectly, not too tight or too loose. The color and leather are really sophisticated and also trendy, something you can wear with basic jeans to dress it up or a dress option if you don't want to do heels. I'm really happy with the purchase and would def buy this style/brand again. Seller shipped super fast too (just took me a month to get it from America to my country!)

    19 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Perfect fit with the correct size
    بواسطة Annie في 08 August 2018

    I had to order this style in 3 different sizes before I got the correct/proper fit. They are incredibly comfortable right out of the box, fit well and look beautiful. Elegant and also practical. I usually wear a 7.5 medium or a 7 wide in Sam Edelman but I had to go half size down in a wide cut shoe to find the perfect fit for me in the Rodney style. Similar to the Hazel, it is made for a more narrow foot. I wear a 7 &1/2 M in the Rae style flats quite comfortably.
    I like these Rodney’s so much that I will now order a few more pair in different colors. Well made and easy for a mom of a toddler to move around in.

    12 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • GORGEOUS and beautifully embroidery!
    بواسطة Sarah Obee في 02 January 2019

    I am obsessed with these shoes. They are so beautiful with such fine craftsmanship. They fit true to size.

    13 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Cute shoes, watch for size, tight toe box
    بواسطة HungryDonut في 14 August 2019

    I’ve purchased 2 other Sam Edelman shoes in the past so I decided to look for a 3rd pair (Purchased a 6.5 in dusty rose). Right off the top, these shoes vary in size. I am between 6.5-7 depending on the brand (6.5 aldo, 7 for steve madden). I first bought Sam Edelman shoes at Nordstrom rack. The 2 shoes with the ankle straps are those and I purchased them at a size 7. The toe box for these shoes are wider, the material is thicker, and there was a lining at the toe box which made the shoes comfortable. I also bought the Sam Edelman Rae flat (burgundy with some detailing) at a size 7 and they fit so big at least ½ a size larger. Anyway, the Rodney flats are much narrower than any Sam’s I own, the material is listed as suede by the material is very thin. Compared to the black ankle strap flats, the latter had a plush velvety feel to them. The Rodneys do not. I’m thinking that I still need to be careful if I try to use my feet to keep a door from closing or walking down the street that I don’t trip and scratch the pointy flat. as you can see in the photo, the black shoe is pretty busted at the point. The toe box is very tight, I mean I felt the pressure from the moment I put the shoe on. I’m hoping that with time the toe box will stretch out as every time I step it kind of folds the shoe a bit especially since I will have to walk from the office to another building on a daily basis. Also, I compared the length of the ankle strap shoes to the Rodneys and they are exactly the same length even though the ankle straps are 7 and the Rodneys are 6.5 (both are about 10 inches in length). I’m keeping the shoes because I’ve bought my share of $25-$40 faux suede shoes from unknown brands and they barely last a month and the Sam Edelman’s I bought before have not failed on me and boy have I walked in them a lot. So, I’m going on the brand’s reputation that the Rodneys are the same and will give them a chance. All in all I say do order a size down as the length of previous 7 is comparable to the 6.5 Rodneys, the toe box is tight so if you have a wide foot it may not work, and you can’t beat this d’orsay style though, they do look nice from the sides.

    5 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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