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حذاء نسائي Frye حذاء برقبة حريمي مطبوع عليها Veronica 2 تترهل - Brown - 5.5 B‫(M) US
1,479.83 ريـال

حذاء نسائي Frye حذاء برقبة حريمي مطبوع عليها Veronica 2 تترهل - Brown - 5.5 B‫(M) US

بواسطة  FRYE، أحذية طويلة -  954 تقييم

1,479.83 ريـال 

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    العلامة التجارية
    5.5 B(M) US
    العلامة التجارية
    5.5 B(M) US
    المجموعة المستهدفة
    رقم الموديل
    الرقم المميز للسلعة
    دي جي
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    • تبطين وقوة تحمل مذهلة في سحب على طراز مهندس تترهل bootie

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  • Best boots I've had!
    بواسطة G2 Elevate في 18 November 2015

    Love these! Tried these on in a department store 18 months ago and watched and waited. When the sale hit on Amazon I went for it. Boots arrived quickly. Well made and fit as expected. Color of leather varies some from photo but I like it in real life much more. Fit great with my skinny jeans and look great on bare legs too. Definitely made for smaller calves. The height of the shaft is perfect. At 5'3" many boot shafts can be too tall. These are perfect.

    71 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • A long road to my new favorite boots.
    بواسطة where's my tutu? في 07 November 2017

    I read just about every review I could find on this boot, the Veronica Slouch 2, and on the original Veronica Slouch, across multiple websites. I wanted to share my experience, so hopefully others can find their favorite boots without driving Amazon and Zappos crazy, like I probably did :)

    Firstly, I absolutely love Frye boots, but I think Frye's sizing and quality are extremely inconsistent (My best advice is, if possible, go to the store and try on multiple pairs of the same size). I've only ordered directly from Amazon.com or Zappos--no 3rd party sellers-- so I'm fairly sure all of the pairs I received were authentic. I've ordered multiple pairs of the both the original Veronica Slouch and also the Veronica Slouch 2.

    Aesthetically, the Slouch 2 has black pebbled leather, a black sole, and less branding overall. The original slouch has the Frye logo, in all caps, on the metal hardware, the black upper was smooth leather, and the sole was a dark brown.

    Compared to my only other Frye boots (the Melissa Back Zip in size 7.5), the Slouch ran large. I am a fairly consistent 7.5 (Merrell, Born, Nike, and Teva), though I do take a 7 in Adidas Gazelle and Doc Martin boots--both of which are known to run fairly large.The first size 7.5 (original slouch) I received fit perfectly in the right foot, but the leather upper across the toes on the left was crazy tight. It felt like the upper was nearly smashed down into the toe bed. I'd never experienced something like that before. I exchanged that pair for another 7.5 original Slouch and also ordered an 8 in the Slouch 2 because I felt so unsure of the sizing.

    I was swimming in the 8, but the new 7.5 original slouch fit fairly well (but I had to undo the buckles to get my feet in on this pair), but one of the leather uppers was about ½ inch shorter than the other, had a different texture, and slouched more because it was much baggier than the other. I exchanged again. This next 7.5 original slouch was huge. It also looked as if it had been broken in (worn around the house a lot) by a previous customer. The soles looked new, but they were huge, even with thick socks. They felt like at least a size 8. When I went to exchange this pair, Amazon was sold out and the only boots were available from 3rd party sellers. I wanted to give up at this time, but I have had many feet injuries from ballet/pointe work and have a lot of limitations on footwear that makes me dread shoe shopping. Also, I really liked the comfort and loved the look of this boot.

    I checked the Slouch 2, and for some reason, the price on the newly released boots, the Slouch 2, was cheaper than the original Slouch on Frye.com.

    I ordered 3 more pairs in the Veronica Slouch 2: size 7 in black, 7.5 in black, and 7.5 in smoke.

    The 7 fit well, though it was a struggle to get my foot in the first time (high arches), but I wore them around the house for about 30 minutes and I'm pretty sure they loosened up just in that short time frame. Still, I was very nervous to keep them because I'm so consistently a 7.5. I tried them on when I got home the next day, and they slid on beautifully. I wore them around the house for another 30 minutes or so and I could feel them begin to conform to my foot. I hesitantly decided to send back the 7.5s, especially after reading a review on Zappos in which the reviewer stated that her boots had seemed to have gotten tighter? But in my experience leather stretches, and after a few days of minimal wear, I can now wear even thick winter socks with them very comfortably. If it helps for sizing, I measured the footbed on the pairs of the Slouch 2. The size 7 length was about 10 ¼ inches and the 7.5 length was about 10 ½ inches. The widths were comparable, the 7.5 was slightly wider, but I can't remember the exact measurements. I ended up measuring my most comfortable boots for comparison, Teva de La Vina size 7.5, and the length was also 10 ¼ inches--this is what made me feel better about keeping the black size 7.

    I LOVE them and I wish I could afford more colors. I'm about 5'3" and I love this shaft height. My calves are just under 14' and these don't slouch much on me. I love them with leggings and tights with dresses.

    They are also much more warm than I expected. I'm going to wear them tomorrow when it's around 38 degrees and I'll update if my feet freeze. It will also be the first time that I'll be walking in them for miles on campus with a heavy backpack. I'll update, if needed.

    Oh and I expected the smoke color to be a deep dark gray. It is an interesting color that seems to change. Depending on the different light in my house, it would look black, gray, brown, or even kind of purple.

    Summary: Probably size ½ down. They're beautiful. They even smell lovely. I LOVE them.

    Good luck with your search!

    19 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Not all Veronica Slouch boots are created equal
    بواسطة jpaul79 في 18 December 2018

    These are very cute, and true to size in length (they are narrow, especially in the toe box, IMO). I have a pair in my usual size 9 in the distressed black rugged leather. They took a while to break in and stretch to fit my feet, but I love them now. So...I ordered the gray Smoke color. But I didn't realize that this color is a different leather than my first pair. It's much softer, thinner, and slouchier that the distressed leather. I personally don't love the really slouchy boot look. I prefer just the little bit of a relaxed look that the thicker, stiffer leather of my first pair has. So, I returned these. So make sure to check that the color you pick will have whichever leather and look you prefer.

    6 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Someone else's manky boots.
    بواسطة nikole lily في 20 October 2015

    I am incredibly unhappy with this purchase.
    I bought the soft black vintage, the total order came out to over $400 dollars. They are clearly a returned product- the stuffing inside was shoved hastily in, the heels have scuff and dirt marks on them. They were folded over themselves inside the box.
    The quality of the leather is great, but when they say slouch, they mean "pool around your ankles and are supremely thin". They're awful and are being returned, today.

    17 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Wear a size 10? Good luck.
    بواسطة J. Freeze في 25 February 2016

    Having read reviews about the issue with size 10 in particular, I was nervous about ordering these boots. I should have trusted my instinct. Got the size 10 (my normal size). My foot is average to narrow, with a medium arch: not wide, not an unusually high; calf is a medium circumference. I wear a size 10 in all but running shoes, where I go up a half size.

    Loved the boots as soon as I opened the box. Wonderful quality of leather, great style. After unbuckling both the calf and ankle straps, I was able to get the boot on my right foot. The discomfort was immediate, and quickly morphed into actual pain. Felt like my entire foot was in a vise. WAY to tight. Not just too short in length, but the overall foot area was far too small. Boot came off and went right back in the box.

    I promptly ordered the size 11, thinking that would be perfect. Nope. Size 11 seemed true to size -- and therefore far too big -- so they are (sadly) going back as well.

    Don't know what the problem is with the shoe form the Frye Company is using to make the size 10 in this style, but it is off at least a half size not just in length, but in foot height and width as well. The entire foot area was too small/tight. Such a disappointment because the style is great.

    9 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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