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حذاء Timberland للنساء من Pro 72399 Titan 6 " safety-toe حذاء برقبة - black - 8 B‫(M) US
383.99 ريـال

حذاء Timberland للنساء من Pro 72399 Titan 6 " safety-toe حذاء برقبة - black - 8 B‫(M) US

بواسطة  تيمبرلاند، أحذية طويلة -  409 تقييم

383.99 ريـال 

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  • يتميز حذاء soft-toe العمل speed-lacing أدوات التركيب و مثقبة الياقة المبطنة
  • powerfit نظام الراحة
  • بطانة من نسيج شبكي لتوفير الراحة
  • نعل خارجي من المطاط مزدوجة الكثافة
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    العلامة التجارية
    8 B(M) US
    العلامة التجارية
    8 B(M) US
    المجموعة المستهدفة
    رقم الموديل
    الرقم المميز للسلعة
    دي جي
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    هذه 072399001 Timberland Pro نسائية السلامة هي أحذية م ُ صمم مع وضع الأداء الوظيفي والشكل الاعتمادية في الاعتبار. Timberland Pro Series يساعد على عمل محترفين Perform القفازات وظائفه بأفضل في العمل. أحذية Timberland Pro Series توفر أحذية برقبة عالية الأداء يعمل و الأحذية التي توفر راحة ، استدامة ، و

    هذه 072399001 Timberland Pro نسائية السلامة هي أحذية م ُ صمم مع وضع الأداء الوظيفي والشكل الاعتمادية في الاعتبار. Timberland Pro Series يساعد على عمل محترفين Perform القفازات وظائفه بأفضل في العمل. أحذية Timberland Pro Series توفر أحذية برقبة عالية الأداء يعمل و الأحذية التي توفر راحة ، استدامة ، و الحماية. 6 " أسود فائق الجودة 6. محبب بالكامل Titan 12فولت مصنوع من الجلد من أجل الراحة moisture-channeling تفرقة شبكة وبطانة من الراحة مع Integral مضادة للميكروبات تحفظ القدم جافة ومريحة نعل أوسط من البولي يوريثين مع حشو من أجزاء الكعب متينة توفر التوسيد و الطاقة returnpowerfit 12فولت الراحة ، مضادة للميكروبات مقصوص الحواف open-cell ببطانة من البولي يوريثين ماركة 12فولت والمتكيف الراحة 12فولت غطاء وسادة القدم ينظم temperaturenylon diffusion من الساق الالتوائية rigiditytitan 12فولت لأصابع القدم من أجل السلامة خفيفة الوزن protectionsteel لأصابع القدم تصنيف ASTM F2412 – 05 و ASTM F2413 – 05electrical hazardconstructed على تيشيرت للسيدات يدوم 100% الفائق fittimberland Pro 12فولت كثافة مزدوجة من المطاط النعل الخارجي: مطاط resistantoil resistantabrasion resistant072399001 Timberland Pro أحذية نسائية السلامة – أسود


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  • Glad I Found the Perfect Shoe!
    بواسطة North900 في 29 April 2016

    I was hesitant to purchase these boots because I have another pair of Timberland hiking boots that are extremely rigid and uncomfortable. I took the risk because I liked the look of the shoe, all of the features it comes with, and reviews were mostly positive. I'm happy to be able to add to those positive reviews, no regrets about this purchase whatsoever.

    I work in operations at a theme park so I needed safety certified shoes but it was also important for the boots to be comfortable, water-resistant, and cute. Here are my observations so far:

    Water Resistance: Since Florida weather is just as stormy as it is sunshiny I was looking for something that would protect my feet from rain puddles. I've had to walk around all day in shoes that just retained water, and it was AWFUL. With these shoes I'm not concerned about having water logged feet at all. In order to break them in faster I stood in a bathtub of hot water for five minutes. The water was only able to penetrate my boots when it got up to where the laces start. At that point water did fill my shoes and pooled around my toes. Afterwards I walked around and within ten minutes my feet felt dry again. The only moisture in my shoes is the water that my socks are still holding onto. It's a miracle.

    Slip Resistance: Tried to slide my feet over chemicals dropped on smooth tile and there wasn't any give. The boots are indeed slip resistant.

    Comfort/Longevity: I walk anywhere from 10-30 miles during my shift, some if it over cobblestone paths which would send shooting pains up my shins in my old shoes. These shoes have a thick rubber heel which absorb most of the shock of walking on uneven terrain. The sole itself is not cushioned. When I put the boots on for the first time I was wearing thin socks so the soles felt like they might be uncomfortable after a while. Now that they are broken in, and with moderate thickness athletic-type socks, they are the most comfortable shoes I have. Even after 18 miles in them at work, I am not desperate to take them off when I get in the car.

    Fit: I was nervous about this since I've never ordered shoes online. My other Timbs are 5.5 in boy's sizes, so I ordered the 7.5 wide since I know Timberlands run narrow. When I first put the shoes on they felt roomy, maybe a little too roomy. After I laced them up properly and wore slightly thicker socks they were PERFECT. Formed right around my feet. I wouldn't say they are true to size since I'm normally an 8 regular.

    Steel toe: Can't say I've dropped anything on my feet yet but I do kick sticky doors that won't open without hurting my toes. I can't even have tell they have steel toes because they are so comfortable, but they are definitely there and I'll trust these shoes to protect my feet if anything drops.

    Style: The reason I ultimately went with these shoes and not another pair advertised as waterproof came down to the style. These are cute and versatile. They don't look wonky with my uniform and they're also pretty fashionable with some of my regular clothes so I don't have to wear them just for work. They're somewhat chunky, that was the look I was going for, but they're not bulky.

    Other pros: It's a hundred degrees out right now and my toes aren't roasting, so that's a great thing. They're hefty but they don't feel heavy. Apparently there's some protection against electrical shock built into the bottom of the shoe. I'm not walking over circuits so I don't mind but maybe it will help me not get struck by lightning, haha.

    If I had to find a con I would say that the leather around the opening of the shoe feels too rigid but I can tell they will break in fast. In summary, I would absolutely recommend these and plan to buy them again when this pair wears out.

    40 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • So comfy!!!!
    بواسطة Erika في 24 February 2018

    After moving to the Pacific NW as winter was approaching, I knew I needed to get some work boots to survive in the snow. I was lazy about trying them on/wearing them in, and didn't even lace them up until the day I actually needed to wear them--the first snow storm of the season. I assumed I'd get blisters and be terribly uncomfortable. NEITHER was true!! I love these boots SO MUCH. Honestly my feet and legs feel a million times better at the end of a long work day than they did wearing good athletic shoes. I wish I'd started wearing these much sooner. I'm actually wearing these boots right now and I'm not even working! I will update my review once I know how well they hold up over time. So far they are amazing.

    11 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Really comfortable, great ankle support, A+
    بواسطة Seanna Hartbauer في 22 January 2018

    I've been wearing this model of Timberland Pro at work for 10 years. I will be extremely sad when they stop making them.

    Well built, extremely sturdy. They're not waterproof, but that is easily remedied with a little synthetic mink oil - I treat every new pair I get. I walk through dirty, oily, and muddy conditions every day in these and they still last a good 2-3 years before I get a new pair. I've owned a total of four pair. The first pair I had split across the sole on the ball of my foot, and water was getting in to the shoe. The second and third pairs I replaced simply because they got pretty scuffed, and I go from field to office a lot so I need them to look decent. They're leather though, and if you have more time than I have, the scuffs could be repaired without issue.

    These are my favorite boots. Very comfortable to stand/walk in a lot. Only downside is they won't keep your feet warm, as they aren't insulated. Otherwise, top notch.

    8 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Wear high thick socks or bleed
    بواسطة Sasha في 19 December 2018

    I normally wear ankle socks for any shoe unless I'm going barefoot. I have had the issue of getting some raw spots due to friction before with other shoes, but not quite this bad? I was actually bleeding after only two days of wear. Bandaging the area prevented it from getting worse, so I guess I'll just have to wear longer socks from now on, or bandage the area before I wear the shoes. Again it's not the shoe surrounding the foot, but the part jutting out from the bottom of the ankle area to the top of the shoe, that can rub your skin raw.

    As for the rest of the shoe, well I like them enough to keep wearing high socks for it or bandaging it up lol. The rest of it is comfortable, I can walk for hours and my feet won't be uber sore. They don't smell and they dry off pretty well. I also love the steel toe, I can't feel anything when stuff hits my toes, which is great as I need that. They also do really well on slippery floors, some better than others, but still better than most shoes. So even despite the slight maiming I would still rebuy.

    شخصان وجدا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Reliable, Comfortable Workboot
    بواسطة Amazon Customer في 26 April 2017

    I listened to the reviews and bought a size up the first time I ordered these- wrong choice! I ended up having to exchange them for my normal size. Even so, these boots are pretty roomy, forcing me to wear thick socks even in summer.

    I've been using these boots for about a year and a half now as part of our local CERT team, and so far, so good. I have put many days and miles on these and although the first 10 or so miles were pretty stiff, the boots broke in very nicely and are now very comfortable. Even as good as the padding is though, after 8-10 hours of standing around on the roadway, my feet really hurt (That happens with almost all my shoes though). I suspect some aftermarket inserts would solve this problem.

    Boots are comfy and have held up to everything I've put them through so far (Traffic Control, SAR, hiking, walking through debris...)
    They stay tied!
    Definitely waterproof.

    They don't breathe at all! Combine that with the need to wear thick socks for fit and summers are tough!
    This is a problem common to all steel toes, but they lose heat very quickly in winter. If you are planning to use these outside in below freezing temps, you will need some additional insulation such as neoprene toe warmers!

    7 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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