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فستان Alex Evenings النسائي القصير الطويل مع تنورة جانبية - Cold-shoulder Dress ‫(Petite and Regular) 12 Petite
552.45 ريـال

فستان Alex Evenings النسائي القصير الطويل مع تنورة جانبية - Cold-shoulder Dress ‫(Petite and Regular) 12 Petite

بواسطة  Alex Evenings، فساتين -  122 تقييم

552.45 ريـال 

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    العلامة التجارية
    Alex Evenings
    نوع القماش
    12 صغير
    العلامة التجارية
    Alex Evenings
    نوع القماش
    12 صغير
    المجموعة المستهدفة
    رقم الموديل
    اسم النمط
    Cold-shoulder Dress (Petite and Regular)
    الرقم المميز للسلعة
    دي جي
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    إقرأ المزيد


    كيدز فستان قطن متعدد الالوان كاجوال -نساء


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  • Stunning gown that makes you look and feel great without spending a fortune
    بواسطة MommaD في 21 September 2016

    I ordered this dress to wear to my daughter's wedding. It's glamorous but not terribly difficult to wear. I'm not into high fashion. I much prefer to dress for comfort so choosing a formal dress for such an important occasion was stressful. I lost count of how many dresses I actually tried on before & after purchasing this one. When I received it, I thought it was beautiful and really captured the look I was hoping for. It was also much lighter weight than most of the other options I tried. As I searched, I learned that lots of beading, rhinestones, sequins etc. are very heavy not to mention quite abrasive to exposed skin on your arms when they make contact. There were a few issues with this gown, which is why I continued to look even after buying it. I just wasn't able to find anything that had as many of the elements that I was searching for.
    The fabric on the drop sleeves should've been designed a bit looser. I'm not sure if this would be a non-issue for the thinner ladies, but I got a little frustrated that raising my arms would push the lower sleeves up and since the fabric has a hint of stretch they seemed to contract a bit and stay there instead of relaxing back down on my arm as shown in the photo.
    The back zipper did not lay flat. It buckled. I ordered the dress a size larger to overcome this but found that it was still the same. I could put the dress on by sliding it over my head (without unzipping it) so it clearly wasn't a size restriction. I believe that the fabric may be too lightweight to pull it down & hold it down flat. I considered having some sort of boning added to correct this but didn't manage to do so before the big day arrived.
    Light weight fabric-very comfortable to wear
    Very figure flattering-very feminine
    Glitter infused fabric- Even though you might be covered in glitter simply from trying this dress on, I wouldn't consider this a "con". It gives this dress a WOW factor that can't be ignored.
    You will look like you are wearing a designer gown at a very affordable price. I would definitely recommend it.

    28 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • The dress is beautiful.
    بواسطة CJ في 01 August 2018

    The dress is beautiful and light weight. I purchased the size 16 and it did require alterations under the arms (too large) and I did not want to have it reveal too much at the top so I had the straps brought up and the gathering adjusted at cleavage. I was able to wear a bra/slip with straps due to the shoulder straps on the dress and during alterations they made sure to have them a little wider to make sure they covered the bra straps.
    I am 5’ 3” so the length was too long but that was okay because I wanted it longer than in the sample photo shown on the website.
    I wore this as the Mother of the Groom. I received many compliments but I will caution that the glitter is a concern for photographers. Please make sure you have a lint roller and don’t touch your face before photos. Everyone you hug will get glitter on them! After the photos.... who cares! Glitter away!
    DO NOT spray hairspray on the dress! I read the reviews about the glitter and bought the dress anyway. I asked the dry cleaners about the hair spray and was told not to because it would stain the dress. Just want to pass that along.
    The dress is a smoke (gray) color but in different lighting it has a blue tone.

    8 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Glitter shedder
    بواسطة E في 07 October 2016

    Beautiful and flattering; I have a heavier bottom half and this skims right over the curves. Super flattering and comfortable! It's also a nice color and lovely with a nice pewter color and silver sparkle. Unfortunately it is a glitter shedder. Even simply moving it from the box, to try it on, to the mirror, to the closet, I have left glitter sparkles in my path. The dress I hung it next to in the closet now is glittery. My face has glitter from the try on. I don't want to annoy everyone I'm near by leaving behind glitter as I go, so I'm going to (sadly) return it. If that doesn't bother you, this is a complete winner.

    15 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

    تم النشر على Amazon.com

  • Belle of the Ball feeling
    بواسطة Liane في 07 May 2017

    I purchased this dress and an Adrianna Papell sequin dress for an important holiday party. I purchased the two because of the reviews, and since I am a petite woman, I have trouble locating elegant dresses that fit my frame. I ended up wearing this dress since it was more flattering, and better form-fitting than the Adrianna Papell dress. There are some glitter flakes that end up on your skin when you wear the dress (actually looks sexy with the faint glitter), but nothing like what others have posted. If you need to wash the dress, you need to follow the instructions - hand-wash the dress, inside-out in cold water, and lay flat to dry.

    I received so many complements that evening, and I am very happy that I purchased and wore this dress. I am looking forward to wearing this dress again.

    11 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Best Dress for Mother Of The Bride!
    بواسطة Shopper315 في 09 September 2016

    Love, love, love, this dress! I bought for my mother of the bride dress that I will be wearing next month.
    Very comfortable, fit perfect, has a little stretch, and I did not need any alterations. The way the dress was made in the front covers up the tummy which I needed. I cannot wait to wear it for my daughter's wedding!

    16 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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