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وسادة مخملية على شكل دبوس توماتو باللون الوردي
35.04 ريـال

وسادة مخملية على شكل دبوس توماتو باللون الوردي

بواسطة  Dritz، أدوات الخياطة و اكسسواراتها -  847 تقييم

35.04 ريـال 

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  • Look Elsewhere.
    بواسطة Party Panda في 09 November 2016

    Warning: this is a long review for a small, inexpensive pincushion.

    Buyer beware. It'll do the job, and that's enough - but it is annoying to use and feels incredibly cheap. If you need a pincushion and can't make do with another substitution, this'll work. However, having a s*** pincushion while hand-stitching is akin to a car radio's volume stuck on high during a long commute. It doesn't change how you drive, really, and it's not "broken" per se, but it can range from irritating to distracting until you turn it off and get rid of it. I'm not usually suspicious of a lot of products, especially cheap stuff I got *because* it was inexpensive. This thing is so terrible that I tore it apart to find out why.

    A bunch of reviews mention the size, which wasn't a concern for me, although it is a fair bit smaller than mentioned. The pincushion itself is laughably constructed - the raw edge of cinched fabric on the tomato is completely exposed, secured partially by a few unfinished stitches, decorative glued-on strings, and prayers. It is not firmly filled out, it compresses somewhat easily, and crinkles irritatingly like several plastic grocery bags folded together. My sharpest, freshest pins and needles would not prick or hold quite as securely as on my other (also sub-$5) pincushions, and didn't glide out smoothly since the cushion is so lightweight and poorly packed. Upon closer inspection, the tomato guts are just a cheap plastic bag half-full of sawdust shavings (not very fine or uniform), twisted closed and shoved into the casing. The excess plastic twists make up the bulk of the tomatoes filling! The "emery" strawberry is also only partially filled out with a very large grit emery, which left black soot and sometimes even scratches on my needles - a sin that would irritate/infuriate any sewer, but especially hand-stitchers. Everywhere on this thing showed loose thread tails, unsecured stitches, and promises of a sad trickle of sawdust in the near future. Even for a cheaper brand like Dritz, this goes a little far. I thought this might be my first encounter with a counterfeit product on Amazon, it just feels so terribly flimsy. Frankly, I still can't be sure.

    Then again, it's just a pincushion. It's a place for pins and needles to go, and it does that fine. For a novice sewer or a travel kit, it's decent enough to last through a few projects, fittings, and light emergency alterations. This thing is puny as cushions go, so it's unlikely it will eat any but your tiniest, slimmest hand needles. This is the pincushion you'd get yourself in emergencies, or as a passive-aggressive sabotage gift for a sewing nemesis. Just keep in mind that after a few bumps and bruises, it will refuse to hold its own shape. Both the pincushion and the sewing nemesis will probably talk about you behind your back when you're not looking. I'd advise passing on this particularly sassy pincushion.

    35 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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    بواسطة W. Van Loo في 02 May 2017

    Removed tomato from package the green threads immediately began slipping off. Tomato body is stuffed with plastic that makes it hard for the needle to slip in and out of without using both hands to steady the cushion and pull the needle out. Pretty much defeats the entire purpose. Also, it wasn't clear to me that I would get any one of three different colors.

    19 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • I love my pink pumpkin
    بواسطة Michael R. Smith في 16 September 2015

    It's about the size of a small pumpkin. Here it is with about 200 or so pins. I need the super-sized pin cushion because I do costuming along with clothing and I usually run out of pins in the middle of a large project or three smaller ones. This cushion is large and bright pink so I can see it when it's actively trying to hide from me. "There you are! Under all that fake fur and lace! Hah!" I can even spot it without my bifocals. Not bad. All it's missing is that little sac of emery powder but I can make one shaped like a mouse. Then I can make a diorama of it pulling the magic pumpkin to the ball...
    Any way here are two photos of the pink beast. It's about five and half inches and three-ish.

    27 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Wrong color, join the club!
    بواسطة jimfrer في 23 November 2017

    Like so many people before me (didn’t think I needed to read reviews for a pin cushion...lesson learned), I ordered purple and got a different color - blue...which, is LIKE purple, but with no red in it.

    14 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • You get what you paid for
    بواسطة Book Lover في 15 January 2019

    This looks like the old fashioned tomato pin cushion, but it's not. I'm 50 years old and the one I had before was given to me when I was a teenager. That one was great! This one is not. It lasted me all of one day - yes, I had to cut it apart the same day I received it. You see, there is little to no resistance in the cushion itself, so the pins slide right in like into softened butter. A couple of hours later - while sewing - I accidentally bumped the cushion off my table and onto the floor. Every single needle in the cushion slipped right into it! It was so ridiculous I had to laugh while cursing. To fish out my needles I had to cut open the cushion.

    Out of curiosity I decided to test the strawberry emery to see if it was legit - seemed more lightweight and soft than my old one (although my memory may not serve me right on that as mine fell off and disappeared years ago). Sure enough, it's clearly just there for decorative purposes. It seems to have the same filling as the pin cushion itself, with just a sprinkling of emery sand. Not such a big deal as the needles are plated and sharpening them would deteriorate the plating, but still - not as advertised.

    It may say "Dritz" on the label, but clearly they've sold out to some other company. It's made in China and I think John Dritz is rolling in his grave.

    4 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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