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Pentel الفنون الجميلة slicci و0.25 ملم ً ا إضافي ً ا الجل قلم حبر ، باللون الأحمر ، صندوق من 12 ‫(bg202-b), Pink 12 Pack
102.57 ريـال

Pentel الفنون الجميلة slicci و0.25 ملم ً ا إضافي ً ا الجل قلم حبر ، باللون الأحمر ، صندوق من 12 ‫(bg202-b), Pink 12 Pack

بواسطة  Pentel، قرطاسية -  499 تقييم

102.57 ريـال 

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ميزات المنتج:
  • 0.25mm extra-fine
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    0.25mm extra-fine;Gel ink;Precision metal-tip;Gel ink pen


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  • Brilliant color, awesome precision
    بواسطة Ella Kwint في 11 July 2015

    Pens, like some foods, are an acquired taste. Some folks are just not going to like writing with a utensil this thin so may reserve these for simple detail work or art projects. However, I actually like writing letters with these as it best highlights my cursive. I do get a cramp if I over grip as the barrel is quite thin. But as the market isn't flooded with .25 gel inks, this is the best fine line gel ink I've ever worked with. I started with a single color and then invested in this larger set. I'm a fan. The colors are so vibrant considering how thin they apply!

    The flow can be, at times, a little jerky. Sometimes the way you're holding the pen or the paper used, will affect this and you'll experience mild skipping. If you want a pen to work perfectly smoothly, every time, and on every sort of paper, skip the more 'quirky' Slicci .25. Occasionally they have a mind of their own and this is probably another reason why I love them. I find they last quite awhile too, they obviously don't leave any bleed through (except on onion or tracing paper) and I haven't experienced any issues with them drying out prematurely.

    If you're familiar with Pilot's Hi-Tec-C pens, these are very similar... but the tip on the Slicci is less flexible. That's good for some purposes but may feel too stiff for others. But I love the sturdiness of a 4mm (long) needle-tipped metal tip. Try one out before committing to the set.

    They dry super fast too, which is a big bonus. They're very lightweight. The flow is 90% consistent and ideal for those who write tiny or desire precision. I am agog at how much writing, in so little space, these pens achieve. I've only used these on light colored paper so cannot vouch how they perform on darker paper or high cotton/pulpier papers or any non-paper surface. See my attached pic for the colors.

    37 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Meets its promise of being extra fine, but does not provide the most fluid writing experience
    بواسطة E. Aldworth في 11 October 2015

    I was looking for an extra fine black pen, and after reading some reviews at specialty pen sites, decided to try the Pentel Arts Slicci. This is definitely the finest pen I have ever written with, but the writing experience was somewhat scratchy, for lack of a better word. It just did not feel as fluid as I would have liked against the page. The barrel was also slimmer than I expected – slimmer than any other pen I own.

    For people looking for a very fine point, this will do the job. My go-to remains the . That's the other pen in the sample image I provided.

    35 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • these are rather awesome for drawing
    بواسطة Chelsea Jay في 03 February 2016

    they have a solid single 'fine' line that can easily be build up.
    you can also lay the pen on its side and it has a consistent low flow of ink that allows for shading.
    its my go to for train doodles in moleskine or on higher quality drawing paper (see images)

    The drawbacks are that if you drop it in its tip, its done, gone, broken, you can try to make it work a million ways but it won't.
    so don't drop them.
    and if you use a paper with any kind of film or coating it will gum up the ball in the tip, so yeah, don't do that either.
    Otherwise, these are super awesome!!!

    17 شخصاً وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • In a previous review I gave these a 5 star ...
    بواسطة Leean Palmer في 29 September 2016

    In a previous review I gave these a 5 star rating but said I would f/u in a few months; well this is the f/u and after the first few times of intense use I found out that the ink simply stops flowing. Why? I wish I knew!! I've tried the professional ink cleaner on nib and even bought new nibs ; I froze the pens for 10 minutes and still had no flow, so my art league suggested a slight flame and wipe off with etoh or cleaner. Still no flow and ink is 4/5 of chamber and maybe 16-20 hours of use and still no flow!! Actually this seems to be the norm for gel pens of the many types I've tried! I think I'll stick to the Dr. PH jars that I can us w/ brushes or syringes or whatever I think of including blowing through straws!

    9 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Smooth writing, little ghosting
    بواسطة Julie B Potter في 04 May 2019

    I love trying new pens and purchased these on a whim. Overall I am really impressed with the ink flow and lack of ghosting on Leuchtturm1917 dot journal page. Usually bold ink is an instant seep-through!
    I have given 4 stars for the following little issues:
    • I have found that the light blue (they call it baby blue) doesn’t flow as well as the others and some of my lines can appear scratchy.
    • The pen body is very thin and the design has the textured plastic on the grip. I have long fingers so need to use a grip assistant to be able to hold these without my hand cramping. If I don’t use a grip assist the textured plastic quickly wears my skin down.
    • even after ink dries for a while highlighters do cause light smearing. Honestly, it’s way less than other pens I’ve used but if you’re a perfectionist, be warned.

    The pros:
    • Most colors have great, smooth ink flow
    • Colors are bright and bold, not washed out like some other fine tripped pens
    • Ink dries almost instantly. I am right handed but i think a lefty would find these hardly smear.
    • Nib is long to allow gentle flexing so I don’t feel like I’m digging into or tearing the paper when I write.
    • Very, very little ghosting (I included a photo of the back of the page I wrote on).
    • Pens come apart indicating it may be possible to purchase refills which would be a bit economically and environmentally positive (I haven’t researched to see if refills are available).

    I am happy enough with these pens to look for additional colors and to use them in my regular writing rotation.

    شخصان وجدا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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