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- USB 3.0
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260.96 ريـال 

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ميزات المنتج:
  • Clone a 2.5in/3.5in SATA drive without a host computer connection, or dock the drives over USB 3.0 for easy access
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    العلامة التجارية
    نظام التشغيل
    Microsoft Windows 10
    حجم ذاكرة التخزين المؤقتة
    يو اس بي 3.0
    العلامة التجارية
    نظام التشغيل
    Microsoft Windows 10
    حجم ذاكرة التخزين المؤقتة
    يو اس بي 3.0
    رقم الموديل
    الرقم المميز للسلعة
    سعة التخزين
    سعة القرص الصلب
    سعة التخزين
    سعة التخزين
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    Clone a 2.5in/3.5in SATA drive without a host computer connection, or dock the drives over USB 3.0 for easy access. The SATDOCK2REU3 USB3.0 Standalone Duplicator and Eraser Dock lets you connect your 2.5in/3.5in SATA HDDs or SSDs through SuperSpeed USB 3.0, with the ability to swap drives in and

    Clone a 2.5in/3.5in SATA drive without a host computer connection, or dock the drives over USB 3.0 for easy access. The SATDOCK2REU3 USB3.0 Standalone Duplicator and Eraser Dock lets you connect your 2.5in/3.5in SATA HDDs or SSDs through SuperSpeed USB 3.0, with the ability to swap drives in and out as needed. The dock also functions as a standalone drive duplicator and eraser - an efficient and versatile solution for external drive management. Featuring standalone Sector by Sector hard drive duplication with built-in LED progress bar, and support for 2 drive single pass over writing the SATDOCK22EU3 is a user-friendly all-in-one solution for any application requiring hard drive duplication or erasing. With support for SATA I/II/III, and large capacity drives (tested up to 4TB) this HDD/SSD docking station is compatible with virtually any SATA hard drive, and greatly increases the storage/backup capabilities of your computer. Extend the value of this hard drive docking station further with the addition of our SATA to IDE Hard Drive Adapter (SAT2IDEADP), allowing easy insertion of any 2.5 or 3.5in. IDE hard drive into a SATA hard drive dock. The SATDOCK2REU3 is backed by a 2-year StarTech.com warranty and free lifetime technical support.


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  • Can't clone two identical WD10EZEX - StarTech has Super customer service !!!
    بواسطة Lou في 12 February 2016

    Works great - Hard drives get extremely hot! I I use a small fan to cool down the drives when I clone.

    Update - Can't boot with 3 diff drives inserted in Dock with USB cable, Those same drives all boot ok when connected to Sata cable on MB
    I tried USB 2 and USB 3.0 ports on computer. I played around with CMOS boot priority, no go
    *** Update March 2017 - I have not used since last February 2016 and today decided to clone my two WD10EZEX drives. The source drive is my everyday desktop drive and the destination is a clone that I did about a month ago directly on the computer. These are same capacity and same same part # WD10EZEX drives. I start cloning process with the 2 drives in the dock station and the progress lights starts to go back and forth for about 10 minutes, then the HDD2 light comes on red and the instructions shows that this means that cloning failed. If I install that failed copy in my desktop, it does boot, but 3 partitions are missing form the source drive. I turned off the power to the dock and inserted the 2 drives again and started the process one more time and again failed.
    I am very disappointed because I bought this to save time to do cloning instead of using a cloning program in my PC, but at this point, this dock is useless and too late to return for refund.
    *** March 6 2017 update - Sent email to Star Tech and they have accepted return and replacement. Shipping defective unit today and we'll see how it goes when I get replacement.
    *** March 17 2017 update - Star Tech service is excellent, they shipped replacement the day after they received the defective device. Great customer service !!! They take care of customers !!

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  • May appear to be deffective, but is actually fine.
    بواسطة Lamboom في 23 September 2015

    This is a letter to StarTech support.. which is very fast, and helpful:

    The main issue with the docking station (which works fine, by the way) .. is the instructions. They are very poor.

    This unit, I assume, is a product designed in the US, and marketed world wide. I really don’t care if it’s made in China.. but, some of the Amazon buyers seem to care, in their reviews of this product.. And, that leads me to the second issue: The negative feedback by Amazon buyers.

    Many claimed the unit failed soon after purchase, others claimed it was DOA out of the box.. and there were issues about an included 3 amp power supply not supporting drives that require 4 amps total. By the way, (unlike in your reply email) my unit had a 3 amp power supply, and the replacement one from Amazon has a 3 amp PS. So if you are now supplying a 4 amp power supply with newer units, mine is probably an older version. These “problems” experienced by Amazon buyers, set me up to be ready for a possible problem when I first did the hardware installation:

    "Quick Start” instructions, with minimal explanation, designed for people who already have experience with a product, often results in failure, when the lesser experienced try to follow such instructions ... that’s why they invented the ‘Tutorial”. It too, is often simple; however, it tends to include every significant step, along with comments as to what to expect with each step. Like the re-cycling of “power’ .. to shift modes from dock to clone… and the wait time to mount a drive.. and what to expect from the LED’s at each step.

    The following is where the StarTech instructions for the SATDOCK2REU3 get it wrong, and can lead to the conclusion that the unit is defective, when in fact, there is nothing wrong with it:

    1) Hardware installation, step 2, says to connect the USB 3.0 cable (why?)
    2) Then, two drives are to be installed .. one to be a source, and the other to be a target … suggesting that this is to be a cloning operation.
    3) Step 5 says to power up .."and you are now ready to use the unit" …. Really? To do what? … clone, monitor the two drives using the PC during cloning? Use the drive as a dock? Nothing about those options is mentioned.

    When I did the above steps with the first unit, first time, with the intent to clone… there was no LED indication of power on. (the target drive was unformatted) After powering off, then on ..all four blue LED’s came on the source drive blinked a few times .. so I moved on to the "Hardware Operation”:

    NOTE: Destination drive must be same size or larger (that’s good to know) … what about formatting? If one was going to clone, does the target drive need to be formatted? Nothing is said about that..

    The next instruction was to hold in the clone button… I did… for a long time… nothing happened

    What followed was a frustrating series of trying to figure out what was wrong, and not appreciating how long it takes to “mount” a drive using the unit as a dock. (with my PC.. about 10 seconds) There was a lot of Red Power LED only .. nothing about “red” indication when cloning. I looked at “Hard Drive Duplication Mode” .. Red was possible.. but only if the USB cable was not connected I tried a cloning without the USB cable connected .. there were no examples of what to expect from the LED’s prior to cloning … Nothing worked ..

    I assumed the unit was another dreaded DOA (thank you Amazon reviews) .. and sent it back to Amazon.. they sent another the same day (love Amazon) and I received it Monday.
    Sunday, while I was waiting for UPS to pick up the return on Monday.. I decided to try again.. this time with a formatted drive for the target. I plugged in the drives (no USB cable) powered up, pressed in the clone button … waited.. NO red LED’s appeared … got tired.. released the button.. and the amber (running back and forth) started … “it was cloning!” … when finished (about 1.3 hours).. I was able to mount the cloned drive using the USB cable.

    Tried to cancel the “return” to Amazon .. (it hadn’t shipped yet) .. but, was notified about an hour later .. the new one was on the way.. too bad.. re-packaged it for return.

    Was a little concerned that the 4 RED LED’s never came on while the clone button was pressed… but, it did make a clone.

    UPS picked up the return on Monday, and USPS dropped off the new one.. which I tested… following my modified instructions .. re-cloned the same drive.. this time quickly got 4 RED LED’s .. and everything works great.. (no idea why I never saw the 4 Red IED’s when I used the returned one)

    I recommend that StarTech rewrite the instructions.. more like a tutorial.. and don’t assume that a short “quick start” is intuitive… it isn’t .. :-)
    StarTech replied that the USB cable should not be connected during the cloning operation, and they would look into the power supply .. it is supposed to be 4 amps

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  • An Idiot-Proof Cloning Box
    بواسطة W. Smith في 25 October 2016

    Ordered one of these little boxes to prepare a clone of my Windows OS to hold as an emergency day backup in the event of trouble with malware or ransomware. I have good AV and malware protection, but these days how can you be absolutely sure? This is pretty much idiot-proof hardware and I had no issues cloning my 480 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD to an identical SSD right out of the packing box. It took about 30 minutes and if you read the explanation of the flashing LED indicators given on the included instruction manual, you'll know when the cloning is done. I guess you could mess up if you failed to identify the "source" slot and mistook it for the "destination" slot, but these are clearly identified, so I doubt it. The only downside is that, of course, you need to first remove the source drive from your computer, and it's a bit harder to remove an SSD from its enclosure in a desktop case than it is to remove a 3.5" HDD (there are more screws). Just be careful to insert the SSD properly into the receptacle in the box. I used a penlight to make sure the SATA and power interface pins were positioned exactly over the matching receptor slot inside the Startech cloning box. The ejection buttons make removing your drives as simple as possible. I tested my cloned OS right away and found no flaws or issues. I'd recommend this little box if you have ssd or hdd cloning to perform and want to keep it simple and quick.

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  • Did not work for cloning from a standard drive to a SSDD
    بواسطة P. Moran في 26 July 2019

    I tried to clone my 1 Tb standard Seagate SATA drive to a Samsung 1TB SSDD
    While it seemed to copy all the data, The drive was not bootable.

    So far it seems like a nice enough HD dock. I do use it as a HardDrive dock now .
    I have not needed to do any other cloning so far.
    But it did not work for the reason I made the purchase

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  • Used successfully on IDE drives.
    بواسطة Larry في 20 December 2017

    It is what I wanted for old IDE drives that I needed to read and erase before tossing. Before I bought this I did not understand the difference between IDE and SATA, and needed to buy the adapter that is advertised with this product ("frequently bought together"). That comes with the cables necessary to connect IDE data pins and power pins into this docking station. Just beware that the docking process is nothing like the what is shown in the pictures of either this device or the adapter on that page in azamom. It is cable based.

    Once you connect the source disk, you can see the contents of the drive on a PC via a USB connection.

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