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vertagear s-line 5000 كرسي الألعاب, Black/Red, Large
1,848.95 ريـال

vertagear s-line 5000 كرسي الألعاب, Black/Red, Large

بواسطة  Vertagear، منظمات و أدوات تخزين -  38 تقييم

1,848.95 ريـال 

+ 1,562.85 ريـال التوصيل إلى السعودية
هذا المنتج يشحن و يباع من قبل Amazon Global Store US
اسود/احمر 3 أخرى
ميزات المنتج:
  • تصميم جهاز قاعدة نجوم معززة مصنوع من مادة شديدة التحمل سبيكة يضمن بنية صلبة.
  • بسيط التركيب- "slide-in" تصميم سريع ً ا one-person عملية التثبيت.
  • إطار فولاذي والإسفنج المرونة.
  • جيب خارجي أنيق – مصنوع من جلد بولي كلوريد الفينيل عالي الجودة ، مما يجعلها متينة للغاية ويوفر مظهر ً ا فاخر.
  • نعل مبطن ، بتصميم على شكل على الذراع التعديل في 4 اتجاهات
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    A Gamer التي قد تواجهك وإسعاد ، سلسلة vertagear Racing s-line sl-5000 Gaming الكرسي سوف Hit بقعة لأقصى اللاعبين. تصميم السباق ، sl-5000 تمك ِ ّ ن من اللاعبين 'Gaming بسمات ٍ الصحيح يومي ً ا. نمط instantly-recognizable في جميع أنحاء العالم ستر كيف خطيرة كنت حول

    A Gamer التي قد تواجهك وإسعاد ، سلسلة vertagear Racing s-line sl-5000 Gaming الكرسي سوف Hit بقعة لأقصى اللاعبين. تصميم السباق ، sl-5000 تمك ِ ّ ن من اللاعبين 'Gaming بسمات ٍ الصحيح يومي ً ا. نمط instantly-recognizable في جميع أنحاء العالم ستر كيف خطيرة كنت حول Gaming.


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  • Overall great experience so far
    بواسطة Ryan في 27 May 2017

    I was very skeptical spending this much on a chair, but so far I am loving it. The head pillow is much more useful, and comfortable than I had imagined. The armrests are great with their range of motions, and seem very sturdy. I'm a large man, and I dont find myself being concerned sitting in this chair. So far it seems to be a very sturdy well built chair.

    A couple cons i would have: The raised ridges on the seat of the chair can be a bit restrictive, but as I've sat in the chair more I've gotten used to it. the lumbar pillow is very large, and I find it extremely uncomfortable thus I dont use it. The lever to lock the tilt function doesnt stay in place very well, so i find the chair locking itself randomly. I do get a little sore sitting for extended periods, but i've solved it by just sitting on a pillow. I do have a hard time finding a chair in general that is comfortable for long sessions, so it might be me more than the chair.

    4 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Incredible In Every Sense Of The Word!
    بواسطة Jay Nelson في 21 June 2018

    I know not everyone is willing to shell out 350$ for a chair but if you are going to this is what you should spend it on. The second you open the box you're hit with a wave of that new car smell which adds to the premium feel. The assembly was easy and took less than 15 minutes to complete. The chair feels and looks amazing it is truly the most comfortable thing I've ever sat in. I'm a pretty large person in general (6'2" 260lb) but this chair is still able to support my back and butt in a way that feels as if I weigh less than I actually do. If I had to nitpick I would say that the neck pillow feels a little too firm however I wasn't planning on using it anyways. The main problem I've had with other racing style chairs is that they feel firm and tend to cut off my circulation after a little while however this issue is not seen here, the chair does a great job of supporting my body in a way that is soft yet sturdy and ergonomic. If you're looking for a good gaming chair built for larger people I can't recommend this one enough.

    3 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Perfect for shorter people and more comfortable than the DXRacer
    بواسطة Sera في 18 April 2019

    I wish I'd have purchased this chair before I bought my original DXRacer. The Vertagear chair fits me tons better since I am so short (5' 2"). I can tell this Vertagear is slimmer in the seat than my King DX chair, but I like the feeling of being hugged vs letting my legs be splayed apart which leads me to slump in the chair more... and for the record, I am not a small female at 195 lbs. The wings on the chair are very padded and do not dig into the sides of my thighs either, which is something I was concerned about. The seat portion is a bit hard, harder than my DX, but I'm sure it will become more pliable with daily use. The chair was super simple to put together as well! I did it myself in about a half hour and that includes removing the packaging. This chair was also about $150 less than my DX, so that puts another point into Vertagear vs the other brand. I can't speak to how it holds up over time since I've had it only a few weeks, but I'm hopeful it with last many years. And for those that aren't gamers, I am not and use this as a regular desk chair and it is loads better support wise vs my other old Serta high back chair.

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  • A pretty good chair
    بواسطة Karch في 18 November 2018

    Honestly, I can laud and praise this chair, but that wouldn't help anyone. Straight to the negatives.
    Not a big fan of the lumbar pillow. It does not go up and down with the bungie but the entire line has to be adjusted. Also, it is a bit overfilled. The chair itself is not the softest thing. ..... Thats all I have for negative.
    Packaging wise, it was done systematically and perfect. No shifting and no dents. Minor box damage but that is expected. Assembly is not the easiest alone but doable. The chair castors are suprisingly pretty good. Was actually going to get replacement depending on how they felt after install. The arms are stable and pre-installed. The neck support is near literally a marshmallow. Lumbar not quite as much..though after taking off and tossing on pillow ended up passing out in bed with said lumbar..So pretty soft. The included key wrench is surprisingly a great bonus. The overall materialand density of the seat just feels right, albeit a bit hard, but expecting to take a while to wear in. I wont say the chair breathes, but it is a way better than some other iv used. Finally, the recline function. It just works. Only detraction point is if someone were to not pull the lever fully you can feel each individual adjustment point. Not a negative just something to note. Overall an ace chair. Would buy again if something ever happened to this one (not likely but they're there).

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  • Still not a big guy's chair
    بواسطة Kevin S في 08 September 2018

    Alright, let's start with useful stats. I am 6'1, 270 pounds, 38 inch waist. I am a more muscular build, but of course still somewhat over weight. I bit the bullet and bought this chair. Why did I buy it? Well I read a lot of reviews on the vertagear s-line series. The 2000's were too small for a big guy, the 3000's were the same, the 4000's started to get there, but ultimately still weren't catering to bigger guys. On 4000 line, I read a comment that said to go for 5000 if you're a big guy due to the wider seat. In my personal opinion, this is still the wrong chair if you are somewhere near my weight or higher.
    The chair is high quality and extremely sturdy. It feels completely solid every time I sit in it. So why is it the wrong chair? BECAUSE IT IS STILL NOT WIDE OR DEEP ENOUGH. Both the seat and the back rest could use another 2-3 inches. I can never spread my legs far enough apart and I can't use the Lumbar support pillow without having my legs way out. It still somewhat comfortable, but it is not comparable to the top of the line chair from AKRacing. If you have the $500-600, skip this one and get the real deal.

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