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victorinox lexicon 2.0 dual-caster مقاس كبير قابلة للتوسيع الصينية المستديرة
2,450.08 ريـال

victorinox lexicon 2.0 dual-caster مقاس كبير قابلة للتوسيع الصينية المستديرة

بواسطة  فيكترونكس، حقائب بعجلات -  8 تقييمات

2,450.08 ريـال 

+ 972.16 ريـال التوصيل إلى السعودية
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الحجم اللون
ميزات المنتج:
  • بالحجم المثالي الذي قائم على تصاحبك على week-long ورحلات أو عند التعبئة للحصول على العديد من الأشخاص
  • dual-caster العجلات يوفر احتكاك ً ا مثالية الأسطوانة الدوارة على أي سطح ناعم بينما يوفر كذلك 360 درجة maneuverability و صفر weight-in-hand
  • عبوة أكثر نظام تتضمن حزمة الفاخرة مزيد ً ا من مقسم ، عمودي x-shaped الضغط ، أشرطة قابلة للإزالة suiter وشريط سم (1. 6 بوصة) مزودة بسح َ ّ اب توسيع
  • عالمي ً ا بالإضافة إلى ضمان محدود مدى الحياة
  • 13 × 22 × 28
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    العلامة التجارية
    العلامة التجارية
    حجم واحد
    المجموعة المستهدفة
    رقم الموديل
    Lexicon 2.0 Dual-caster Large Expandable Spinner
    الرقم المميز للسلعة
    دي جي
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    تعتمد على هذا dual-caster قائم على تصاحبك على week-long ورحلات أو عند التعبئة للحصول على العديد من الأشخاص


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  • Exceptional Long Life
    بواسطة Vette69 في 21 June 2019

    This was a gift for our son who travels extensively. He really likes it. It replaced another Victorinox bag that he had for 10years of many trips. Very good buy.

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  • Great size and loaded with features
    بواسطة redhed في 01 May 2018

    Fortelux Fabric exterior is tightly woven, appears very strong, and water resistant. Good looking.
    Grey with black trim and zippers -- looks professional without blending in with all the black luggage on an airport carousel.
    Wheels - Exceptionally smooth and easy to maneuver. Dual caster wheels, can be pulled on two wheels or moved on all four. So much better than my current suitcases.
    Handles - on top and side - soft touch retractable handles. Padded handle on bottom - well designed and nice looking.
    Telescoping Handle - Comfortable to hold, locks securely into three different positions. Locks securely into the suitcase.
    Corner guards and rear skid plates of hard plastic protects the suitcase from rough baggage handling - much stronger than my current suitcases
    Zippers - lockable loops, work easily, with plenty of room in corners.
    Lots of extra conveniences that I didn't know I needed: hidden baggage tag, dual hidden pockets in front, Swiss Tracker - suitcase locator number to help find suitcase is lost
    Expandable - you can stuff a lot of items in this suitcase!
    Removable suiter for hanging garments - packs away easily into the top of the suitcase.
    Divider (they call it "Pack More Divider") contains extra water resistant pocket. The divider is supported with elastic straps so lighter items such as shirts can be packed on top of the divider without crushing the first level of items on the bottom

    Zippers - with all the different compartments and expanding features, all the zippers are the same color, shape and size. Need to add something that distinguishes the expansion zipper from the others.
    Weight - The suitcase is 12.87 lbs, so if you're looking for a extra lightweight suitcase, this isn't it. However, with the extra features such as dual caster wheels, and corner guards, it might be worth the extra weight.
    Removable suiter - has only one crossing rod (I'm not sure what these are called) to keep the clothes from getting wrinkled with the suiter is folded and placed in the suitcase, and is rather short. This is not going to work for women who have longer dresses and tunic tops. Pack some wrinkle release
    ​Overall, a well made, nice looking suitcase with lots of thoughtful features -watch out for the zippers and suiter.

    3 أشخاص وجدوا هذا التقييم مفيداً

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  • Rollin'
    بواسطة Melanie Gilbert في 26 August 2018

    Roam the area around any ticket counter for overseas flights, and these are the cases you’ll see being checked in by the passengers. We own two bags: one for our three kids’ belongings, and one for our belongings. We all also have smaller, for a change of clothes and shoes and personal items which we carry on board. Victorinox has thought of everything in this bag including the little pocket for a Swiss Army knife (allowable for checked luggage. See pic.) The case has a honeycomb framing system, corner guards, and a waterproof fabric for the durability to protect your belongings. The handle is aircraft-grade aluminum to handle heavy loads without bending or snapping.

    The inside compartments are as spectacular featuring lots of pockets with wide, reinforced zippers and compression straps. Two standout design elements: first is the garment bag area to store clothes on a hanger. This area is built into the cover of the case, but is then zippered off from the lower compartment to prevent wrinkling. The flat, backside of a standalone, waterproofed bag (for wet or dirty clothes) rests atop internally elevated compression straps creating a whole new compartment within the case.

    The bag will be heavy when fully loaded, but will move like a much lighter case thanks to the four, dual-caster wheels which offer a smooth, light-in-hand ride. This is not a landlubber case. Buy this for extended stay, overseas trips that require both fancy and pedestrian-style clothing for 2 or more people.

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  • A delightful winner from Victorinox
    بواسطة Aaron C. Brown في 01 May 2018

    I'm a big fan of Victorinox luggage, I own them in five sizes. This is the biggest and the best. As you would expect, it's sturdy and smooth, whether rolling on rough surfaces or polished airport floors. But this one in ingeniously designed to hold two suits wrinkle free with an assortment of pockets to keep your stuff organized. If you're just throwing in a couple of shirts and change of underwear for a weekend, they'd get lost, you might never find them again. But if you're going away for a couple of weeks and need suits, casual wear, bathing suit and assorted odds and ends, it's perfect. You'll spend more time packing than with an overnight bag, but at the other end you could live out of this like a closet.

    The description says you can pack for multiple people, but it's not perfect for a couple or a family. Two guys or two gals on a long business trip could share it, but the organization would break down if you tried to mix too many different kinds of things. Of course you could fit everything in, but you'd lose one of the major advantages of this product.

    Warning: it's easy to violate airline weight limits if you fill this bag, so be sure to keep that in mind if you're flying with it.

    Of course, all the wheels, handles, zippers mesh, clips and so forth work perfectly. There are more expensive products on the market, but this is the best I've seen. And if you've struggled along with bags $100 cheaper but only half as good, you'll find this one a delight.

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  • Smart-looking luggage with many features
    بواسطة electriccafe في 21 May 2018

    We just got back from a trip to Hawaii, enduring six airplane flights (mainland connections and island hopping). The Victorinox Lexicon Large Spinner looks great; and from a durability perspective performed well with nothing more than some soil that was able to be washed off with a scrub brush. It rolled through airports and hotels with ease, the sturdy handles making it easier to load/unload from cabs and such.

    It's large, but not too much. I filled the main compartment with about 42 pounds of clothing, with another 20% extra space still available in the expandable broad-side compartments. There are great ideas built in everywhere including removable dirty clothes module which doubles as a layer separator, a zip-out suit/dress system (which we didn't use on this trip), many other sensible and well-designed compartments. Without getting too deep there are numerous other features I appreciated during our trip.

    I'm glad to have this piece for longer trips, it's much more than just luggage, it's a well designed packing system.

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