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a2z4gifts1989 Review and Rating Summary

(67% Positive Rating)
Member since: 07 December 2017

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الف شكراً لكم من القلب
not the right color. I received blue, my order is brown.
ممتازة ومرضية واحسن
I did not receive this item. Please send to Chan Park ICS Arabia-- Suite 23 Sultan Business Center Pr. Sultan Rd. Ulaya, Riyadh, 11321, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia My mobile number is 055 460 4278
low quality
Very Good Teck Polos with UV Protection Very good price
السلعه جيده
جميل وعملي وسريع التوصيل
جميل وعملي وسريع التوصيل
وصف فخامة المنتج لا ينطبق على الواقع
very nice
ممتازة جذاً
It has stains on two sides
Wrong item was delivered so disappointed
ارخص من السوق
جميل جداً ووصل في وقت قياسي مرره
Buyer didn't leave any comment on seller feedback
Buyer didn't leave any comment on seller feedback