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Achim Home Furnishings VFP2.0SS40 Tivoli II Achim Home Imports Silver Spruce 6" x 36" Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks Planks/60 Square Feet, 40 Pack, Piece
507.66 SAR

Achim Home Furnishings VFP2.0SS40 Tivoli II Achim Home Imports Silver Spruce 6" x 36" Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks Planks/60 Square Feet, 40 Pack, Piece

by  Achim Home Furnishings, Home Decor -  247 ratings

507.66 SAR 

+ 788.02 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
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Achim Home Furnishings
Main Features:
  • 40 planks per box - 60 square feet
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    Achim Home Furnishings
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    Do you want to spruce up your home, office or garage at a rock bottom price look no further than our tivoli II plank Collection. This wood-look vinyl peel and stick to a flat and dry surface. In no time your room will be magically transformed! rich wood visuals with a fine lustrous finish makes the

    Do you want to spruce up your home, office or garage at a rock bottom price look no further than our tivoli II plank Collection. This wood-look vinyl peel and stick to a flat and dry surface. In no time your room will be magically transformed! rich wood visuals with a fine lustrous finish makes the wood look tivoli II plank indistinguishable from real wood! can be used in any room in your home such as kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers and basements! 40 planks per box - 60 square feet warning: this product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • My $500 Amazon kitchen makeover
    By Yana D. on 31 October 2017

    I am so incredibly happy with how my stupidly cheap kitchen makeover turned out. Literally everything was purchased on Amazon, and I did it all myself on random weekends while very pregnant (safely, of course). If I could do it, you can, too!

    The whole thing (minus the kitchen gadgets--just the makeover) cost around $500 and was chosen for cost, looks, and simplicity of application (very pregnant, very impatient).

    I'm attaching the before and after images, and I'll talk about the individual part relevant to this review. Here is the list of all remodeling purchases:

    1. +






    This flooring turned out SO MUCH better than I anticipated. We were always intending to get bamboo flooring in the kitchen, but never got around to it. The biggest hurdle, and I think a lot of other reviewers were in the same boat, is that our kitchen floor is very uneven. Laying actual vinyl blanks, or bamboo, or pretty much anything else, wouldn't work without demolishing existing tile and evening out the floor (there is a noticeable 'hill' right in the middle between the kitchen and the dining area, so it'd be quite an undertaking). Since we were clearly never going to get to it, and since the tile was eating away at my pregnant nesting soul, I picked this. I chose this color simply because it was the cheapest of all Achim offerings (remember, we wanted bamboo). It was such a good price, I didn't even feel bad, and figured the color would grow on us, if only because of all the left-over cash for other fine things in life.

    I also ordered some floor glue because everyone else seemed to. I didn't read too much about it, just got whatever everyone else seemed to be getting (frequently purchased with). The prep work for existing tile was half-heartedly mopping the floor and scrubbing the baseboards because they were filthy.

    NOTE: I did not fill in the existing grout lines. The flooring did sag a little into the lines, exactly as I would expect. I actually bought another set of this exact floor to go over the existing floor, which I also hope will better insulate it, and go over imperfections caused by my impatience in some areas (slight gaps) and the glue situation described below.

    I laid the glue down per instructions. It's one of those soft-setting types, so it wasn't going to harden. As I laid the floor, no matter how thinly I spread the glue, and no matter how hard I tried to not step on the tiles I laid down, the glue kept seeping through the laid planks and getting everywhere. The tiles also kept shifting ever so slightly, because of the gooey mess underneath.

    Once I got out of the dining nook and into the kitchen, I gave up and just laid the tiles down with no additional glue--just the adhesive they came with. What's the worst that could happen? Turns out, I still don't know, because that worked so much better. No weird glue goo coming through, no shifting, it was perfect. My only issue was for the area under the fridge and the stove, which was... oily? I scrubbed it with all kinds of degreasers, but it was still slippery and weird. I just laid the tile and hoped for the best. It definitely did shift under the fridge (not the stove), so the second layer I intend to lay down will have fixed this gaffe, and I also got two types of multi-purpose floor super glue, so maybe that'll help too.

    The color itself looks great with stainless steel appliances. I have absolutely no complaints. It's been down for a few months with hyperactive dogs and a lot of foot traffic, and the planks look like new. Every possible downside is our fault as outlined. Great choice all around.

    If my floor wasn't all kinds of warped, I may have considered a more hardy type of flooring, but after all's been said and done, I'm not even sure that'd be worth it. My kitchen makeover with the floor cost almost nothing!

    156 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • STUNNING!!! Used in my own home and as a Realtor I will definitely recommend this product to clients!!!
    By Randy on 31 January 2017

    Very nice, durable and EASY to install!!! I'd previously done a darker Pergo laminate in my kitchen but when I updated to stainless appliances and chrome cabinet hardware I thought this would look very sharp and was very happy with the outcome. As you can see I decided to use a simple, pre-mixed grout for a higher end look and have received LOADS of compliments. Easy to cut with a typical utility knife, and with a sharp eye and steady hand it will go up against existing molding and trim SEAMLESSLY!!! The "sticky-back" is sufficient but with it being a higher traffic area I decided to also use a thin layer of floor adhesive as well. Looks VERY similar to ceramic plank flooring but that sounded like a total headache. Aside from letting the grout set this probably only took me about two hours to install out the door (keep in mind I do have a smaller kitchen, however; I was able to get away with only using about two boxes.) This is a fast, inexpensive way to freshen up your home that is sure to turn heads!!!

    169 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Sold my home in 12 hours with these floors!
    By momofamazon on 18 July 2015

    We did not have any issues with the way it was packed and sent. We were putting our home on the market and wanted an inexpensive way to update the look. After reviews we chose this one, and I am so glad we did. Just WOW! It looks amazing, and my husband and I could not believe how easy it was to install. We even got asked if we did floors. BAHAAAA! We installed in a bathroom and dinning room over existing vinyl and over concrete slab. My advice if you are doing slab: make sure all the glue and flaws are off completely and maybe even sand it off since this is a rather thin peel and stick it does tend to show the flaws of a floor easily. We used a box cutter and Flasker scissors to cut it.

    242 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Yes you need this
    By Carly A. on 16 December 2016

    It was so easy to install, and is gorgeous! Thick, with grooves and great print. It was a super easy instal with a ruler, razor, and painters blue paint. Make sure it's a clean surface, and definitely start the pattern in the middle of the floor

    63 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Overall it did the job!
    By AT on 13 February 2016

    This flooring was a compromise for our daylight basement apartment. The floors are so uneven, we really needed something as flexible and thin as this. The color is darker but they are "silvery" so light reflects well off of them - brightening them up quite a bit.

    We are disappointed that while the adhesive on the flooring is very sticky, it didn't do a good job keeping the flooring down and it got all over everything (fingers, on the surface of the tiles, etc.). After a few days, we had to go around with superglue to tack corners and edges down because the adhesive just wasn't cutting it in many areas. We also had to use goo-gone over almost the entire floor surface to clean off the adhesive that stuck all over the finished flooring and made them look very dirty (but would not clean up with water.)

    We found the variety of panels in each package inconsistent. Some packages had a few "less desirable" patterns/styles and others were almost completely full of them. We tried to put these in places they wouldn't be seen but did get stuck a few times. Some of the panels had round/circular indents in them. Few came completely defective.

    We found it easiest to work with this stuff by scoring the top and snapping the pieces apart. For odd sizes/shapes, we made a pattern of the area needing to be filled, taped it to the top and cut it out/around. They were even easily cut with scissors. A downside in this process is that the top finish is thinner than paper and tears easily. We have a corner or two that this came off on and it is just black under the finished area.

    We are attaching a few images so you can see, they did come out very beautifully if you are not looking closely. Overall, we are happy, just would have appreciated more instructions on how to work with this stuff, if the "finish" didn't peel off so easily, and that the adhesive stayed on the bottom of the panels and was sufficient to hold them down to the clean base we were applying them to (instead of getting all over.)

    However, if our surface was flat, we would have gone for a snap laminate product Costco had for a little bit more cost.

    59 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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