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Your search for Baby Gear for your homes and vehicles ends here on Souq. Our collection features all kinds of gear for your tots that keeps them comfortable and safe in your homes and also while traveling. Such products also considerably lessen the stress associated with parenting. Taking your kids to strolls and encouraging them to walk proves beneficial in their overall development. Such activities are not free from risks, however. Transport equipment like baby strollers, baby walkers, bassinets, and baby carriers ease out the task of carrying your child around safely. On Souq, we have stocked upon a wide assortment of such items from reputed brands such as Babies R Us, Mothercare, Chicco, Kolcraft, Christal, Sofitbabies, Dumasafe, I’coo, Koo Di and many more.

While traveling, or even at home, a happy child spreads cheer and laughter around. Keeping him/her comfortable is one of the things that is crucial for your little darling’s satisfaction. Our store features cozy, specialized car seats, as well as high chairs, baby swings, and potty seats that keep your little angels comfortable. Showcased here are plush swaddles for infants by Miracle Blanket that are super snug. As they grow older, kids are naturally attracted to playthings such as bikes. For making them stronger and more active, get your kids trikes and bikes from Disney or other manufacturers that are available on Souq.