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Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware, Shallow Sauce Pan, 2 1/2-quart
120.38 SAR

Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware, Shallow Sauce Pan, 2 1/2-quart

by  Calphalon, Cookware -

120.38 SAR 

+ 117.52 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
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Main Features:
  • Aluminum core between 2 stainless steel layers provides even heating for excellent browning and control of the cooking process. Non-porous stainless steel cooking surface is safe for use with all utensils.
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    Calphalon Triply Stainless Steel 2-1/2-quart Shallow Sauce with Cover is classically styled with a polished, stainless steel exterior and a satin finished interior, Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel cookware is designed with three layers to ensure even, consistent heating. A heavy-gauge, aluminum

    Calphalon Triply Stainless Steel 2-1/2-quart Shallow Sauce with Cover is classically styled with a polished, stainless steel exterior and a satin finished interior, Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel cookware is designed with three layers to ensure even, consistent heating. A heavy-gauge, aluminum core surrounded by two layers of stainless steel provides excellent heat conduction for browning and enhanced control of the cooking process.

    • Dimensions: 4.88 IN x 18.5 IN x 10.25 IN

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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Defective, Poorly Made Product — Waste of Money
    By BLee on 13 December 2018

    I purchased this product because I'd had good luck with Calphalon pots and pans in the past. My wife and I are both seasoned chefs. We know how to appropriately handle and use cookware. The first thing I noticed about this 2.5 quart Shallow Sauce Pan however, was it's lack of weight and heft on the bottom, which is almost as thin as the sides. Not a good sign because it can't store and focus heat where it belongs... on the bottom of the pan. The thinness of the bottom also makes it challenging to put any significant heat under the pan which is advertised as being good for browning and braises, etc. • That said, the second time we used this pan, was to boil some sweet potatoes. There was plenty of water in the pan. The potatoes were afloat and yet, after we boiled the potatoes on medium heat, the surface of the stainless steel on the bottom revealed a small etched spot... surface damage, which exposes the aluminum. Our primary reason for buying a stainless steel pan is so that we don't have to cook on an aluminum surface. Now the pan is effectively nothing more than a paper weight. I can see from at least one other review that this identical problem has happened to other people and yet, Calphalon is still selling this poorly made product. Disgraceful Calphalon! BUYER BEWARE!!! Don't waste your time or money with this piece of junk!

    59 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • 3 Quart Chef's Pan bottom is almost 6 inches
    By Mrs. Z on 09 June 2017

    In case anyone was wondering, the 3 Quart Chef's Pan has a bottom diameter of 5.5" (the flat part). It's hard to find answers when sifting through the Q & A when there is no reference to which sized product is being answered. I needed a specific base diameter for my electric stove.

    52 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • All-Clad quality at one third of price
    By Joe on 10 September 2016

    Solid, sturdy on any stove (Gas or Electric). Does not topple. Glass lid is heavy and seals perfectly. Going on strong even after couple of years after buying. No difference between these and All-Clad but these cost a third of All-Clad.
    Perfect size for making sauteed vegetables for a family of 4 - not too big not too small. The most useful feature is well rounded bottom edges - these are better than a 90 degree join of sauce pans - makes stirring easy and uniform.
    Unfortunately this item not available in retail stores anymore and Amazon is perhaps most reliable source to buy these.
    When buying a kitchen utensil, remember these are meant to last for your lifetime. Spend some extra money and buy tri-ply construction. All-Clad D3 or D5 models are equally good but personally I like this one better for its sturdiness and shape.
    After multiple uses, cooking surface becomes dull and looses its luster. Clean the pot, spray Kaboom bathroom foam and scrub after ten minutes - all luster is back again!

    40 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Perfect Go-To Workhorses-saute pan & 8 inch skillet- for Daily Use at a price that can't be beat
    By Elle O. on 02 October 2016

    First, the saute pan: I've purchased this pan twice now. I stupidly gave the first one away (it's good to share, right?) and even though I have Le Creuset, Lodge, Mauviel, two stainless saucepans, and an egg poacher, I really missed this saute pan, and finally broke down and just bought another one.

    Each type of cookware I own is perfect for some things, less so for others. I actually sold cookware for a few years, and I can talk specific uses and attributes till a person's eyes glaze over, so I'll save you that. I'll just say that this is an ideal everyday workhorse, and if I could only have five pans, this would be one of the five, and if I could only have one pan, I'd choose this one because in a pinch, it can do anything.

    It's perfect for steaming vegetables for 1 or 2 (I use a silicone basket), eggs smothered in chipotle sauce and cheese are perfect, boiled eggs (use the silicone insert for that too), sautéing greens and other vegetables, etc. My favorite bits:
    Stainless is non-reactive, and it has a solid aluminum core that goes up the sides of the pan.
    Clean up is a snap. Great in the dishwasher, but easy enough to wash by hand, too.
    Starch and heat rainbows come right off if you swirl white vinegar in the bottom.
    Lid fits well so no "rattling" sound, and it's nice to be able to see how things are going with the glass top.
    It heats evenly and the handle stays cool.
    It's also a killer price. I would say it is equivalent to my All Clad stainless pans, but at a quarter of the price.

    It's just a perfect go-to workhorse! I got it yesterday (thank you Amazon prime) and last night, I made a Italian white bean, kale and potato stew in it, a perfect, easy, one pan meal. The pan is as great as I remember, and though I rarely post reviews, I feel so strongly about this particular piece of cookware that I just had to share. And as much as I enjoy sharing, I probably won't be giving this pan away again :)

    Note: to clear up any misconceptions re: All Clad, it is excellent cookware and it DOES have either an aluminum or copper core. The review that say says it does not is incorrect.

    UPDATED Review 8 inch Stainless Skillet:

    I had to try it. It's inexpensive, I needed a workhorse 8 inch skillet, and okay, you caught me - I read some of the reviews re: the pan and they made no sense, so I had to conduct an experiment. Now that I've just made the perfect hash browns (not as easy w/stainless steel as with cast iron), I'm ready to give another 5 stars, this time for the 8 inch skillet.

    But first, a little bit about the conductive properties of metal:
    Different metals conduct heat differently, of course.
    Cast iron heats slowly but holds heat well. It can also be heated to high temperatures and withstand the stress, but pop a searing cast iron pan into cold water, and it will most likely crack open (yes, I've done this) because of the stress.
    Copper conducts heat really well - both ways, so you could with copper when you want to be able to go from high to low and back again.
    Aluminum (the core of calphalon and all-clad) conducts heat really well, but reacts with food.
    Stainless conducts heat poorly (that's why we buy stainless utensils, not aluminum ones) but when bonded to copper or aluminum, great cooking surface.

    These Calphalon stainless pans are aluminum with a stainless exterior. I'd say they're about 2 mm aluminum which is sufficient for most things. However, there are some things I wouldn't do in these pans: 1) make a very delicate sauce, 2) sear meat, and 3) saute or pan-fry without oil. The reasons, respectively: 1) I can't control the heat well enough, 2) the thickness just doesn't support the highest heat and I don't eat meat :), 3) starches and proteins have a tendency to stick to stainless.

    When I read reviews about meat searing and pan warping, etc., it was obvious that the pan wasn't being used correctly. ANY and all metals can warp at higher heats and extreme temperature changes and pressure changes. It depends on the metal, the heat, the temperature change, the external pressure, etc. In addition to that, with stainless exterior bonded to aluminum interior, you have two different metals, with two different sets of properties, and so two sets of reactions. Normally, that's not a problem for the two, but when put under extreme stress, you will have issues. It's why there are things like physics and thermodynamics - things I don't do :) - but I know enough about the properties of different metals to know when I'm approaching danger zone.

    So how did it go with this pan? Amazingly well. I was surprised, actually. Seriously, perfect hash browns WITH cheese. The tricks to using stainless w/aluminum core for things like meat, potatoes, eggs, etc. (obv steaming vegetables is different :) :

    1. Put the pan on medium to medium high heat without oil
    2. Test your pan to see when it's hot enough. I use the drops of water method - toss a few drops, if they steam you're almost good, if they sizzle off, you're there.
    3. Then, add your oil. The oil will be a protective layer between your pan and your food. (I often mix oils, too, to give myself a little more leeway.)
    4. After you've swirled the oil(s), add your food and stir to make sure you've got an even coating.
    5. Monitor the heat and adjust accordingly. This is key because you can have hot spots on the burner, uneven heating, etc.

    I did all of that with my new pan, and the results were perfect hash browns, caramelized brown on the outside, nice & crispy, creamy Yukon Gold on the inside, and even the cheese didn't stick much. I left the pan to cool, later I'll wash it, and I'll add a little white vinegar to remove the blue rainbows if there are any. If you can't wait for your pan to cool, then add very hot (tea kettle hot) water to the very hot pan.

    I'd definitely recommend this pan to anyone who wants a quality piece of cookware for everyday workhorse food prep. I own 2 copper skillets, 3 cast iron skillets, 2 enameled cast iron skillets, and one professional weight Demeyere skillet, and each one is perfect for some recipes, but I can say with certainty that I'll be reaching for this inexpensive 8 inch skillet again and again.

    65 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Surface Etched on First Use
    By Frank Mason on 10 January 2018

    On first use, the surface of the pan was ruined by etching, shown in the photo as dark spots.

    I have used Calphalon for many years and never had this issue before. In fact, the surface always impressed me, coming out perfect with minimal effort, no food sticking, looking brand new year after year of heavy use. With this saucepan, however, after one use, I found the surface had been compromised. I was making candied citrus peel by boiling peel in salted water baths to remove the bitterness, finally in a sugar syrup. Okay, there was acid and salt together, but only the amount you would expect to find in food in a kitchen.

    If the cookware has restrictions, the manufacturer should make it clear in the instructions what the thresholds are for pH and salinity. Especially at this price. Better yet to have cookware that is able to stand up to regular use.

    I love Amazon for making the return so easy. I don't have to deal with the manufacturer, the warranty, and the waste of time and effort dealing with customer "service."

    13 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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