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Cardinal Pet Gates Stairway Special Pet Gate, Black, SS-30
333.11 SAR

Cardinal Pet Gates Stairway Special Pet Gate, Black, SS-30

by  Cardinal Gates, Pet & Animals Supplies -  167 ratings

333.11 SAR 

+ 182.88 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • Latch system baffles toddlers, yet allows one had operation for mom
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    Cardinal Gates
    Model Number
    Cardinal Gates
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    DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery!

    Cardinal Gates Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate

    Although it is specially designed for the top of the stairway, Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate works well anywhere. The gate is sturdy and

    DELIVERY ALERT: This item ships in its original packaging and may be visible upon delivery!

    Cardinal Gates Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate

    Although it is specially designed for the top of the stairway, Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate works well anywhere. The gate is sturdy and features a special latch system. Its aluminum structure makes it lighter than most gates of its kind.

    Why You'll Love It: This gate keeps kids away from prohibited areas in the home and is easy for adults to handle.


    • Easy to install
    • Latch system
    • Aluminum structure makes it light and rust-proof
    • Smooth, powder coated finish gives it a contemporary look
    • Easy to clean and maintain

    Gate Dimensions:
    Gate width is adjustable 27 to 42 .5 inch
    Height 29 .5 inch
    Bar Spacing 2 .5 inch


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Great baby gate if you know a few things
    By Amazon Customer on 07 January 2013

    First, all of the ratings that I've seen so far below 4 are people that are using these gates outdoor or dont like the latch because it's "too hard to use".

    People, if you cant get the gate to operate EASILY, then you do NOT have it installed correctly. I have 2 of these gates and after trying other gates that sucked i LOVE these.

    They are all metal, even the latch mechanism.
    They are not too heavy or too light.
    They are easy to install as long as you know a few things that I will list:

    1. Before you do anything look at the hardware and where you want to mount the gate and decide exactly what you need. They dont send enough hardware to install these for everyone. They send 4 short screws and 2 long screws. You need 2 screws per side. So if you plan on using two drywall mounting points you need 4 long screws that go into a stud. Go to your local hardware store and pick them up. If you are installing these into non studded area then you will also need to pick up toggle anchors or something very heavy duty because they do not send any. If you are installing these into two newells then you are fine; the 4 short screws work.

    2. If the latch mechanism isnt lined up properly then the gate can be difficult to open/close. This is simple problem solving. Look and see where it is hitting or tight...adjust gate so it doesnt do THAT. Honestly, if you cant do that, then you probably need to hire someone to install the gate because things like anchoring properly are probably a bit above your pay grade and your child is worth getting the job done correctly. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you arent "handy". There is something very wrong with doing this job wrong and having your child subsequently be gravely injured.

    3. Also, relative to the latch being difficult to operate. The bar that mounts to the wall that the latch locks into is DIFFERENT on both ends. It is subtle. The "latch" end has a circle cut into it and the non latching end is just rounded on the outside corners. If you arent careful you can install it upside down since the mounting holes allow it. The latch will still "work" but it will be very very difficult to operate. No amount of adjustment will help. You have to make sure it is installed correctly or you will hate your gate. I'd bet $50 that most of the people that complain about not being able to open with one hand have this mounting bar upside down.

    4. This gate is made of thin walled steel; NOT IRON. Do not over tighten the eyebolts or you can tear the gate apart. I know, you want them to be super tight, but as long as the nut is very tight, they wont move. The nut locks them down. The ability to adjust the eyebolt is part of what you adjust the gate with.

    5. Plan. Before drilling the first hole, know where you want the gate to install on both sides. You can literally build the whole gate, attachment rails and all and hold it in place to be sure it will fit the way you want. When you are ready just follow the instructions. As long as you make sure that it will fit in your opening before you start drilling you will
    save yourself some time.

    6. Understand that your childs safety is worth checking weekly; all attachment points, set screws for width adjustment, latch, etc. You should be doing that with any baby gate.

    I know that the idea of going to buy hardware seems weak after you just paid a lot of money for a gate; and I agree with you. If their provided hardware was adequate i'd give them 5 stars. Other than the hardware, I cant find anything about these gates to not love. I have two of them and they work flawlessly. They open smooth, close smooth, are solid and durable, attractive in appearance, flexible to install (having 30 degrees of freedom to find a stud OWNS), and securely mount.

    I cant stress this enough; if you can not operate this gate easily with one hand then you have it installed incorrectly.

    I looked at dozens of baby gates and this is the only one I find suitable for protecting my child. It's worth a trip to the hardware store to make it work. Every other baby gate I found that was for stairs had at least 2 or 3 glaring flaws. By glaring, i mean things that could cause my child to die.

    good luck

    87 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • A+ Shim it to open Over mop boards. Solid.
    By B-row on 06 May 2019

    Solid easy to use and mount.
    It’s laughable the person that faults te gate for their husband’s incompetence/ignorance at home repair (or just mistake) “It damages our wall”. You were screwing into a corner that was heavily plastered.... what did you expect? Good thing they didn’t have a glass brick wall!

    Anyway, they give you screws that are long enough to mount to a stud through drywall. Hopefully that’s what you’ll be doing, if not you have to come up with your own fixtures.... like with anything. I had to mount mine into brick... no coarse thread wood screws didn’t work for that either...

    Once you have it mounted it is solid. Like kids swinging on it for fun solid.

    I’ve had many different gates for dogs and kids. This is by far the most sturdy and mounts the most securely. Relatively quiet too.

    Make sure you mount the gate perfectly perpendicular to gravity or it will swing open or closed with a clang. I did that. :(. Don’t want to move it due to drilling more holes.

    Mounted mine from wall to banister. Strengthens the whole railing. Very solid.

    One thing to point out is that it mounts at just about mop board height (no need to follow their mounting heights exactly, but they probably have reasons).

    So like anything hinged in the middle, ya need some space to fold it flat. So if mounting above mop boards, you still need to shim it out so you can open it all the way or the edge of the gate leverages off your mop boards.

    3 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Good baby gates, great customer assistance
    By Jim Graf on 26 March 2019

    We have one of these gates (the black version) at the top of the stairs and just a "blocker" at the bottom of the stairs. Well, our grandson - still less then 1 year old - can now easily fling the bottom barricade aside, so we decided to buy another one of these gates - in this case the white one.

    The install was easy - I have a supply of long screws to get through the drywall to the studs - but I could not get the latch to latch properly. Turns out the latch should have been rejected at the factory. Please see the pic.

    Normally, this would be a one star review as the gate failed to be secure, but I went cardinalgates.com, found a contact email (customerservice@cardinalgates.com), sent an email detailing the issue (with pics!) on Friday afternoon and got a reply back Monday morning stating that they will send me a replacement latch. A few days later, I got the new latch, it works perfectly and now our grandson stays downstairs - defeated for now. And 5 stars for the gate and customer service.

    We really like these gates. We only have our grandson over once or twice a week, but everything still needs to be locked down and safe'd. With these gates, they are easily taken down and put back up so we don't have to live with them 24/7.

    Highly Recommend

    2 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • PLEASE Read-important tip for installation!
    By Al on 27 August 2019

    We now love this gate! It was first installed incorrectly(not by my husband or myself). We had to push it down to get it to latch and it was hard to open. We took it down, contacted the company to get some replacement parts, and followed the instructions to put it up. Installation was super easy, but we still needed to push down to close. After examining the issue, we realized that the wall bracket that the latch hooks onto needed to be installed higher up the wall. It was only a matter of about half an inch. We still attached the bracket to the latch and then held it up to the wall like the instructions state, but then we made sure we slid the bracket all the way to the top of the latch. Then with one person holding the bracket, the other person unlatched the gate to make sure there was enough room to open the gate and then closed it to make sure it would latch on its own. Once we knew we had the right height, we attached the bracket to the wall. It now opens and closes smoothly and is much safer! It was so easy to install my husband wanted another one. We both read the instructions and watched the video. If it mentioned making side to get the bracket high enough, we both missed it. If it is too low then it is possible to open it by pressing one lever at a time and then lifting without pressing either of the levers. I was really afraid my baby would figure that out or that someone would forget to press down to latch it.

    1 person found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Great with a few mods for bottom of staircase
    By BoomerGal50 on 14 October 2018

    We bought this to keep our dog from going up the stairs. We attached it to a stud in the wall so it swings open out of the way against the wall. We did not use the latch attachment, instead we screwed a 1.5” black hook into the wood banister. It clicks nicely into place and opens out easily when pulled. To keep it from sliding off track, I found a black plastic tube that was flexible, cut it and fit it around the bottom rail so the gate doesn’t slide off (last photo). We can still compress it for storage against wall and extend as a barrier.

    3 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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