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Fotodiox 55mm Inner-Pinch Lens Cap with Cap Keeper
27.39 SAR

Fotodiox 55mm Inner-Pinch Lens Cap with Cap Keeper

by  Fotodiox, Security & Surveillance Systems -  782 ratings

27.39 SAR 

+ 17.74 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • Made of high impact plastic
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    Attractive lens cap made of high impact plastic.


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Essential Accessory for the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000
    By Meia Gisborn on 02 January 2018

    Got this to replace the UNtethered 62 mm lens cap included with my recently acquired Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 camera. Being tethered is a huge convenience as you don't have to worry about storing the cap when you remove it to use the camera. It also eliminates the possibility of misplacing the cap. Shipping the FZ1000 with an untethered cap is, in my opinion, a mistake on Panasonic's part, especially given the price of the camera.

    So I'll make this brief:

    What I like about it:
    1. The tether is secured permanently through a hole on the circumference of the cap, and not just attached via double-sided adhesive tape to the center (as is the case with most other aftermarket lens caps), making it almost impossible for the tether to separate from the cap.
    2. The tether is long enough that it won't snag if I accidentally extend the lens all the way without removing the cap.
    3. The inner pinch mechanism allows me to easily remove and remount the cap with the lens hood in place.

    What I didn't like about it.
    1. The plastic parts had a fair amount of molding flash along the edges, which gave the impression that the cap was cheaply made. A few minutes with an X-Acto knife and jeweler's file got rid of the flashing and made the cap look like a $20 accessory (instead of the $5 I paid for it).

    I also slipped a length of heat-shrink electrical insulation tubing over much of the tether to keep its two strands bundled together, as it looks neater that way and is less likely to snag on something while moving the camera around.

    5 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Better than Nikon OEM at 1/6 the price
    By Chris in Maine on 21 April 2010

    I ordered a pair of 52mm caps mostly for the Cap Keeper feature, as I'm always losing my lens cap when I go hiking, which is frequent.

    The cap looks good and fits very well and snug, though the appearance is slightly different than what is shown in the pictures.

    First of all, the center piece is now more of a horizontal bar similar to the Nikon OEM caps instead of the circle shown in the picture. I actually prefer the updated look to what is shown in the pictures here.

    The second difference is more important, and that has to do with how the cap keeper attaches. Instead of there being protruding tab as shown in the pictures, the cord is now threaded through an inset in the side of the cap itself. This would, it seems, make it less susceptible to breaking off (I have no idea if this was an issue before). On the down-side, since the cord does not come pre-attached, it's a little tricky to thread the first time. The opening is very small and I had to use a small paperclip to grab the cord as I threaded it through. That's a one-time thing though, and you'll never have to repeat it, and it wasn't really that hard, I just thought I'd note it.

    Overall though, the price is right, and it works just as you'd hope and expect.

    49 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Snug fit, tethered just in case, easy side and center pinch release, quality value pricing
    By Shawn on 28 December 2015

    My Sigma cap finally got lost for good on the Log ride at Knott's Berry Farm this year. I have a 72mm filter on my Sigma and while the Simga cap was a decent snug fit, it would sometimes get bumped off during rides at amusement parks. As such I would other keep my hand over the front to hold it. Though the last time, my hand was actually the cause of knocking the original off the filter. So I bought this over the higher priced Sigma branded untethered cap.

    * Cost cost replacement.
    * Optional tethering. Which I am using. I don't like it dangling, but worth it at amusement parks.
    * Side and Center pinch is easy to use.
    * Feels more snug than the Sigma cap. May reduce bump off issues.
    * Generic blank look to go with any brand.

    * None. No brand logo, but that's the point of this cover. To be used on any lens or camera brand without having some generic name on the front.

    Comments on the tether cord. It is completely optional. If you are not going to use it, I would remove the cord which you can do without cutting it. I would not leave it dangling. If you do use it, remember that it is a generic tether solution that is not designed to go on the lens barrel. It is a generic loop-through cord designed to attach to the camera neck strap or the ring on the camera body where the neck strap attaches on most DSLRs. I use mine on the neck strap as it is easy to quickly remove from the strap if I decide to change lens.

    1 person found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Great idea!
    By scaredofspiders on 26 February 2017

    So, the strap is great. it's long enough to hang from the camera body and not off of my lens like a lot of lens cap keepers. It's a great concept! I love it. I really do. I'm even glad I have it!
    I have to agree with other reviewers that the cap comes off ULTRA easy. I just decided that I may keep the manufacturer cap on while it's in my bag and keep this one attached to the body so I can take it around to shoot pictures with.
    Still, the price is good and the idea of the product is good. It just needs to seat more firmly for me to be comfortable leaving my investment "protected" by it full time.

    2 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • A perfect product for an outdoor photographer--but use some creativity
    By Yuri K. on 25 March 2015

    I owe several of these already (49, 58, 77...) and I am waiting for the 72 mm to arrive. I like this product because it saves my time. Since I shoot mostly outdoors, I had many embarrassing moments when I dropped a lens cap into sand, snow or mud. And I lost a couple of caps on hikes, so it was a relief to discover these caps couple of years ago. Actually, my 1st idea was to make one myself, but these days you google everything before you start, and this lead to discovery of Fotodox caps on Amazon.

    I read reviews and found that the main complains are (1) caps do not fit the lens (2) Cord comes unattached to the cap (3) leash does not snag on the lens. I can't comment on (1) and (2) since all caps I have fit my Pentax and Sigma lenses nicely, and all caps came in with the cord attached. As for (3), I'd say, don't even try. Instead, I simply attached the cord to the lens bodies with electrical tape. I use the narrow 1/2" tape sold in multicolor batches of 6, so you can color-code your lenses if some of them look similar. On the lens body, select the point on the bottom-side of the non-rotating part (on zooms, this is the "barrel" between the aperture and distance rings, etc), pass the tip of the tape through the loop at the end of the cord and stick the tape to the lens at the above-mentioned point. Keep rolling the tape around the lens body making it several layers, and you are done.

    Published on Amazon.com

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