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Fruit of the Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra, Grey Black/White/Black-3 Pack, 32
45.21 SAR

Fruit of the Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra, Grey Black/White/Black-3 Pack, 32

by  Fruit Of The Loom, Sportswear -

45.21 SAR 

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Main Features:
  • 3 pack. Full coverage in a pull-over style. Smoothing 2-ply stretch construction. Tag-free for comfort
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    Fruit Of The Loom
    Targeted Group
    Model Number
    Fruit Of The Loom
    Targeted Group
    Model Number
    Cotton Pullover Sport Bra
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    Grey Black/White/Black - 3 Pack
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    • 3 pack. Full coverage in a pull-over style. Smoothing 2-ply stretch construction. Tag-free for comfort

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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • These "bralettes" are great, but the sizing is a bit different. This review will cover SIZING, WORKING OUT and WASHING....
    By Karin on 04 January 2017

    I do medium/high impact workouts. And good workout bras are EXPENSIVE! One day all my good workout bras were dirty, so I doubled up on these bras. And guess what, with 2 of these bras at the same time (1 camisole bralette & 1 sports bralette) - I was just as supported as my good workout bra - for a whole $8!

    Here is what I have learned.

    TYPES - There are now MANY types of bras under this one heading. I have both the CAMISOLE type and the SPORTS BRALETTE type (both have spaghetti straps are not adjustable). I would NOT call them sports bras, but rather "bralettes" or shelf bras. They feel like cotton and have non-adjustable straps (but the non-adjustability does not seem to be an issue for most people). I bought both in the white, black, grey sets. The sports bralette type has ruching, that doesn't look all that great and doesn't really add to the bra. But the straps of the sports bralette are really cute. The sports bralette comes with ONE set of padded inserts that can be moved from one sports bralette to the other. Because I always wear a shirt when working out, these inserts are unnecessary, so I am not using them. The set of inserts comes with the sports bralette, but NOT with the camisole type. To confirm you are buying the correct type, make sure you click on the color options and look at the accompanying photos, because the DESCRIPTION DOES NOT CHANGE!

    SIZING - I am a 34D(or DD) or a 36C/D. And with these bralettes I wear a 38. It feels snug and appropriately supported. For the bralettes I bought, the camisole type actually fits a bit more snug and the sports bralette type fits a bit looser.

    Given my sizing and what I have read from the other reviews, here is how I would guess the sizing works:
    A cup - go actual size.
    B cup - Sports Bralette go actual size, Camisole go up 1 size.
    C cup - go up 1 size.
    D cup - go up 1 size for Sports Bralette and 2 sizes for Camisole.
    DD and bigger - go up 2 sizes. But if you are well endowed with a small rib cage (e.g., 32 DD or bigger) then this bra may not work for you, because if you go up more than 2 sizes, the band at the bottom may be too big. (But again, for me with a 34D(or DD) or a 36C/D - a 38 is perfect.)

    (For SLEEPING I actually bought more camisole bralettes in a size 42, so that there is just a hint of support, but it was not tight. In retrospect, they were a bit too big - I probably could have used a 40 - so I stuck them in the dryer for a couple of minutes and then they were perfect for sleeping).

    Whew - get all that? :) Again, this is all only a guess - but hopefully my guessing helps a little. Basically the bigger your cup size, the more sizes up you need to go.

    HOW I WEAR THEM - I use the camisole type when I have a low cut shirt and too much cleavage is a bit inappropriate. Sometimes I wear it alone, or sometimes I wear my bra under it. I also use it alone for low impact sports (I just wore is skiing and it was perfect.) Or for my high impact workouts I use the sports bralette type and the camisole type together - in the same color, and all the straps look pretty cute! Also, because the straps are all in different places, it doesn't hurt my neck/top of my shoulders like some of my "real" sports bra do - the pressure/weight is spread out if you use the 2 different bra types together. (I have included 3 pictures of my back: a) camisole; b) sports bralette and c) both together.)

    WASHING: make sure to hang dry these bras - but other than that I have had no issue with either the quality or the washing of these bras. The directions say to hand wash and hang dry, but machine washing and hang drying seem to be fine.

    IN SUM - at $4-5 a bra it is an amazing price point. And for $8-10 to double them up and use them for workouts is awesome! And they are much cuter than my ugly old workout bras. I hope this is helpful to you!

    UPDATE: I have now been using the same bralettes (2 packs of 3) for more than a year. They have gotten a hint smaller over time (even though I always hang them dry). But they still fit, they still have great elastic, they are still soft and they still look just as good as the day I bought them. These have been a GREAT purchase!

    593 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Holy Grail of Comfortable Everyday Bras
    By clarabel on 04 April 2017

    Fruit of the Loom, please don't ever stop manufacturing these. First off, I generally loathe bras. I seek out the comfortable and unfussy ones. I am a 38C and these bras work like a dream for me (I got size 38 and it fits perfectly). They are simple, comfortable, attractive, and they do a great job of containing the *gals* via gentle compression. While I wouldn't go jogging in this bra, it is my go-to for everyday wear, including at work. I realize some might want more formal contoured support, but for me these are the Holy Grail of bras.

    114 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Hate bras
    By Michele Sweers on 01 June 2017

    After reading the other reviews, I went with a large, size 36, and they fit and feel wonderful. Super comfy, just the right amount of support. I am one of those people who hate wearing bras, however, at 61 yrs old, I hate to go out in public and cause excessive nausea for the people around me. Hence, these gems. Wonderful.

    82 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • The fit is horribly small. You can't breathe in these if you ...
    By LovesMountains on 10 May 2018

    The other comments aren't kidding. The fit is horribly small. You can't breathe in these if you order your normal size. I'm 5'8 and about 145 pounds, and the 34 was like an extra small. I needed to wear one and normally would never do this, but I took a pair of scissors to the elastic band and snipped it in about ten areas, which created a V shape and allowed me to be able to wear it.

    The straps aren't adjustable, which I prefer, but there isn't much stretch. I felt they needed to be a bit longer. I'll try ordering a couple sizes larger and see how it turns out. Other than the ridiculously poor sizing, these are well made. It looks like there's a double layer of fabric. The gray bra, for example, has a white interior. They're breathable and have a bit more structure than a flimsy piece of cotton.

    But what a disappointment on the sizing.

    43 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • High quality but SO SMALL! Order up by 4 sizes!
    By KathrynLizbeth on 16 July 2018

    Four stars because the bras are really high quality and soft and stretchy just the way I wanted, but oh dear lord they are so small. They arrived small already but then shrank in the washer and dryer to a laughable extent. See my photo and order up by like 4 sizes. I’m not kidding. The beige bra picture in the photo is a 34B from Victoria’s Secret. The grey bra is one of these, in a size 38! THIRTY EIGHT.

    43 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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