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KEEN Utility Men's Louisville 6-Inch Internal Met Work Boot,Slate Black,8.5 D US
675.26 SAR

KEEN Utility Men's Louisville 6-Inch Internal Met Work Boot,Slate Black,8.5 D US

by  KEEN Utility, Boots -  124 ratings

675.26 SAR 

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International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • Left and right asymmetrical steel toes
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    KEEN Utility
    8.5 D(M) US
    Targeted Group
    Model Number
    Louisville 6-Inch Internal Met-M
    KEEN Utility
    8.5 D(M) US
    Targeted Group
    Model Number
    Louisville 6-Inch Internal Met-M
    Item EAN
    Slate Black
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    1007969 KEEN Men's Louisville 6IN Met Safety Boots - Slate Black - 8.5\D


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Comfortable, supportive, but not durable - replaced under warranty
    By G. Weber on 31 January 2016

    The are the best boots my husband has ever had. He is older, has back and ankle problems, and works in manufacturing where he is on his feet all the time and has a good amount of heavy lifting. The boots are very well constructed and water tight. He does not have the problem with sweating feet that others have reported. The ankle and arch support is fabulous, and the boots are so comfortable and supportive over all that they help reduce the strain on his back. Took all of 1 shift to break them in.
    10 months later: He is submitting a warranty claim to Keen for replacement. Both boots have cracked leather quarters (uppers), soles separated between vamps (that black rubber cover behind the toe) and quarters, and rubber cracked on vamps near bases of tongues. He works in a food packaging plant where there are no harsh chemicals and, although he spends most of his time on his feet running a packaging machine, he doesn't do a lot of walking. Although these are the most comfortable work boots he's ever owned, they haven't been waterproof for several months and he's really disappointed that he had way less than a year's normal work environment wear before problems emerged. They say 100% guaranteed for one year; we'll see if they live up to that.
    Keen honored the warranty. The process was easy - on their website, we completed a questionnaire, then uploaded a picture of the problem area and a copy of the receipt. They emailed a voucher for the full purchase price; good to know they stand behind their products. He applied the voucher toward the purchase of a new pair of Liberty Ridge boots from Keen.

    8 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Not as comfortable as a pair of slippers, but the support is amazing. LOVE THESE BOOTS
    By Slushpuppy154 on 29 January 2015

    I have worn these boots for one week at work now and I feel somewhat qualified to leave at least a preliminary bit of feedback. Long story short, the fit of these boots runs very small overall, so I ordered an 11-1/2 2E instead of an 11 2E. There is a considerable amount of tightness around the area just behind the steel toe box on the top of your foot. It is enough to be noticeable and even slightly uncomfortable. This concerned me so much that I almost shipped these boots back to G & L Clothing. I am glad that I changed my mind and decided to try to break these boots in instead of buying a different pair of boots. The discomfort is still there after a week, but it has not caused pain and it seems to be lessening ever so slightly as the days wear on. I work 10 hour days six days per week in these boots, so anything that could cause pain would be magnified by the swelling in my feet as those long days progress. The hard met guard doesn't flex much if at all, but it does appear to protect your feet well, so that is a tradeoff. While walking in these boots, the met guards seem to be rubbing on the leather of the tongue of the boots and it creaks very loudly with every step. I work in a very noisy environment, so that isn't much of an issue to me except that it does seem to wake my wife up in the morning when I am walking around getting ready for work. Now back to the narrow fit being a good thing as I stated earlier. These boots are nothing like any other met guard work boot that I have ever seen for one very specific reason. They are formed to the shape of the foot and they seem to cradle your feet from all sides, which makes them feel like they are more narrow than they actually are. There is enough room for my very wide feet, but not a spare millimeter inside. This provides my very tender feet and more importantly ankles with vastly more support than I am used to receiving from a pair of work boots. The ankle support is nothing short of astonishing. I have two different very high quality ankle braces that I no longer need due to these Keens. I have spent the last three months gulping down ibuprofen twice a day before and after work because my feet and ankles hurt so much using my old work boots with flat stitched soles and no ankle support. These Keens offer so much foot and ankle support that I am able to work all day on my feet and not suffer nearly as much as I did before. Tonight I took no ibuprofen at all and that could never happen with my old work boots and ankle brace being used together. They aren't comfy as a pair of slippers, but they offer support unlike anything I have ever put on my feet before and I am very thankful that I gave them a shot. I will order another pair of these boots next year as well.

    Before I was going to ship these boots back, I went shopping to see if I could locate something locally that was better than these boots and felt more comfortable out of the box. When I went to the Redwing store, the prices sent me into shock. When I mentioned the ultra high price being an issue, the salesman said "But these are Cadillac boots." I pointed outside the window to my truck and informed him that I drive a Ford and couldn't give two craps about a Cadillac. Those supposed Cadillac boots offered almost no ankle support BTW. In fact, none of the work boots I saw anywhere offered any real ankle support and that is what convinced me to hang on to the Keen Louisville Internal Met boots. My ankle is very arthritic and it causes me a lot of pain if I don't have a ton of ankle support. If you have bad or weak ankles and have to wear internal met boots with steel toes, these boots are definitely for you.

    11 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • 3 Year Review: Not a permanent item on boot rack
    By Minnesotian on 01 November 2017

    I have owned these boots for 3 years in a heavy industrial manufacturing environment and after those 3 years I can say "wasn't a bad boot, but their time has passed".

    Nice rugged features in the first part of the toe
    Good traction
    Weather resistant
    Plenty of laces to tighten in areas and lighten in other

    Price in larger sizes
    Weight (Not winter boot heavy but not tennis)
    Clown toe section past the thick rubber cracks
    Stitching came loose after 2years
    Inner lining not forgiving with rigid insoles

    The boots fit right where you expect for size and as I have a hard corrective insole I went a 1/2 size up and they fit just right. However and maybe this is more fault to my insole than to this boot, after a year the inside lining started to wear away and I had to gorilla tape contact points to reduce the wear. After that modification they internal wear stopped.

    In terms of weatherproofing I would say this is a very solid boot for keeping out moisture, and the cold to a reasonable level. However with weatherproofing comes humidity and funk and these boots do make your feet sweat so I had to switch to white socks (not sure why black makes it worse) and regularly scent bombing the boot. But for first 2 years or so no complaints with leaky soles or seams until the issues outlined below.

    However, passing the 2+ year mark the damage from regular wear and tear has caught up with this boot in the worse way and outlines its weakest links. The stitching although 3 stiches wide has begun to pull out where it meets the rubber and that clown boot section of rubber/plastic material (not the toe thick part, the thinner black material) is cracked and full of puncture holes from incidental use and from crouching over time.

    I average maybe 30% floor time and would not say these are heavily used boots, mostly just standard walking and occasion hard work. I would not recommend these for some sort of construction because of all the bending and impacts will eat that clown toed section alive.

    Overall not a bad boot but I think some of the design choices are at odds with what will make a long lasting boot specifically the Achilles heel of this boot in the areas of the stitching and that black toe section. If you can find these for under a Benjamin I would say go ahead its going to be worth that but paying over that for this boot Id rather go back to Michelin boot which are a lot softer and forgiving to wear/tear because lack of plastic. The closest analogy I can make for this boot its like a modern car that has gone away from sheet metal body to all the detail pieces/bumpers/skirts that are plastic. Can be nice for styling and in certain situations but have a large negative when used outside of that perfect window (damage causes total failure).

    1 person found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Comfortable. Poor quality.
    By DAMyers on 02 July 2016

    I have previously used the steel-toe-only version of the Keen Louisville boot for several years; they are quite comfortable right out of the box, and the internal met version was also great comfort-wise... they just weren't put together well and started falling apart almost immediately.

    Sole began separating from boot after less than three days of wear.
    The rubber toecap material was lumpy/uneven.
    Excess adhesive visible at most seams.
    Metatarsal insert on left boot would making a popping/buckling noise.

    Some other short-comings are that the finish on the lacing anchors is (still) rough and will tend to chew through laces pretty quickly until they wear smooth (or you file the edges off).

    My previous version of the Louisville shoe had a smooth leather reinforcement on the tongue. This version has the same rubber material as the toecap instead. This is a much higher-friction material, requiring far more force to pull the laces tight. Combine with the previous problem with the lacing anchors and I doubt the laces would last very long before breaking.

    1 person found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • They have held up well
    By Zipper on 14 April 2016

    Fit just like any other Keen shoe or boot. The internal met is so much more comfortable than the external. Boots overall took a lot of breaking in. The pair I had before were discontinued. These have been fine but have never been fully comfortable. I think its the sole. For the first time in my life I have to use heel inserts. I have worn these for a year and a half in a warehouse. Its getting time to replace them. I can't decide if I want another pair or not. Love the feel of the internal met, hate the footbed

    2 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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