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Kelty Hyphen Pack Tote Bag, Green Camo
258.94 SAR

Kelty Hyphen Pack Tote Bag, Green Camo

by  Kelty, Backpacks -  4 ratings

258.94 SAR 

+ 63.71 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • It's a pack. It's a tote. It's the hyphen
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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Amazing pack ruined by the questionable strap system
    By greenT on 05 May 2017

    <Update : 2.5 stars, Dec 1st, 2017>

    I have been using this pack for my bicycle commute about 7 month almost every day.

    Now the inner seams of the top of the both left and right backpack straps are torn and ripped. This is not a quality control issue but design problem. The seam, the fabric, and the construction of this part simply cannot withstand the force when the pack is loaded.

    Now the backpack straps are twisty, unbalanced mess. I gave up on fixing the twist already because it is hard to untwist and it always goes back twisting anyways. Also, the stopper on the handle strap doesn't prevent it from running into the channel of the backpack strap/padding anymore and makes one side of the backpack waaay longer than the other. I have to jiggle my shoulders to get the backpack balanced or reach over my back of my shoulders to pull the strap back in position pretty much every time. I gave up on it doing it also and now I just let the backpack swinging to one side.

    It's like a bad marriage :(

    <Update : 3 stars, May 17th, 2017>

    Bad news. I have to take one star down - I gave 4 stars in my initial review but now I bring it down to 3 stars.

    The seam threads on the backpack straps is getting torn. It is at the top edge where the tote bag straps go into the channel running inside of the backpack shoulder strap. I have anticipated this could happen but it took only two weeks to develop this issue. I have been pretty careful with the pack so it is not due to user error. I don’t think this is a fluke either. It’s just the bad design - the construction of this part is too weak to withstand the amount and the direction of the force applied here when the backpack is full. As I listed previously the sliding webbing strap system running inside of the backpack straps has multitudes of problems. If I were Kelty, I would not bother trying to reinforce this part - instead I would ditch the “innovative” sliding straps and put a regular sewn in webbing straps.

    Unless Kelty fix this problem, I wouldn’t pay more than 30 dollars for this pack. The pack is OK if you use this only as a tote. The backpack straps have too many annoying issues. It’s too bad because otherwise it’s a great pack.

    <Update: May 8th, 2017>
    I have been using this pack every day about a week now. I still think it's a great pack and I love how it looks - I enjoy using it - except for the straps- they are getting even more annoying. When the pack is heavily loaded, because the 1" webbing is running inside of the backpack straps, even the padded backpack straps are 2" wide I feel the 1" webbing is digging into my shoulders through the padding. It's too bad that this is nearly a perfect pack. The "innovative" strap system introduces many new problems (= uncomfortable backpack straps, uneven strap length, unstable handles etc. ) while solving relatively minor problem (= reducing excess slack of the straps quickly). The sliding backpack/tote handle straps makes sense with a stripped down packable pack like Urban Hauler in terms of simplification - but Hyphen pack is a full featured pack - there is not much to gain from the strap system. It’s still a great pack for daily commute but I will be very hesitant to take it onto a trail because of the backpack straps.

    <Initial review : 4 star, May 5th, 2017>

    I am the first reviewer - such an honer and a big responsivility!

    Finally the (almost) ultimate daily backpack for me! It’s almost like Kelty heard my plea to the universe and made the bag just for me :)

    My main uses of this pack is for my bicycle commute that often involves;
    - Laptop work at cafes.
    - Glocery shopping on the way back.
    - Carrying boxes to/from post offices, UPS, Amazon lockers etc.

    And may be
    - Some weekend backpacking/camping trips.

    If they make all black version I would even take it to work too.

    Most of tote bags that has backpack straps are either too small, straps are too thin, and too feminine looking. As far as I know The only competitor to this bag is Marmot Urban Hauler. I almost got Urban Hauler but when I saw it in person I wasn't convinced. It was too narrow and the straps get in the way of pulling things in and out. The straps were fine as backpack but too wide and soft as tote bag handles. And the orientation of the handle makes you to hold the bag sideway as a tote. I was not too excited about how it looked - the top was always squashed down when carried as a backpack.

    But finally the search is over! - Kelty came up with Hyphen pack!

    First impression of Hyphen pack :

    Hyphen pack has timeless retro look without trying to be fashionable like so many bags are now recently. It’s utilitarian simplicity and effortlessly retro look makes it’s an instant classic that appears to have been around for decades. Proportion, height and the depth of the bag is just about right - for both functionality and to my eyes. In fact I noticed it’s striking resemblance to those pack baskets - no wonder it looks retro and utilitarian ;)

    The color looks much lighter and brighter than the photo and video on Kelty’s website. Fabric is shiny and combined with lighter color, the bag is cheerful but looks somewhat cheap. I was a bit disappointed but not a deal breaker.

    The fabric feels sturdy but not too thick either. I’d say, just about right.
    I got both Green Camo and Canyon Brown. Camo’s fabric is a bit thicker than Canyon Brown and feels slightly stiffer and presumably sturdier.

    Weight of the each bags:
    Green Camo :616g
    Canyon Brown: 572g

    The difference of the fabric is reflected in the 44g difference. I like Camo color more and the thicker fabric so I’ll be keeping camo and returning Canyon Brown.

    The quality of sewing and construction is top-notch. The bag feels smaller than it appears on the photos. But fits all my daily misoleniouse plus enough space for spontaneous glocery shopping.

    The straps:

    Their selling point of this bag is obviously it’s ingenious strap design. Basically one continuous webbing loop is running through the bottom of the bag and through inside the channels of shoulder straps. The strap actually not sewn into the bag but sort of locked in while being allowed to slide around. Some areas of the webbing straps are folded over and sewn together and they act as stopper to prevent the straps slides farther and squash down the bag.

    I think it’s a very clever mechanism and keeps the strap and buckles simple. Switching between tote and backpack is quick and fun. The drawback of this design is that since the straps are not fixed, it feels a bit unstable. You always have to grab BOTH of the tote handles - otherwise you will pull one of the handle too long and the other side gets bunched up. It takes some getting used to to remind myself to do that all the time. Even when you do that often the handle length are not even so you have to give a good shake to help it finds it’s own balance. You can adjust the length of the tote handles by shortening the backpack straps - sounds strange but remember they are connected. You can’t set different lengths for tote handles and backpack straps.

    Another even bigger problem of this strap design is that when it is used as a backpack.
    Usually, backpack straps are attached on the side panels to accommodate the torso widths. Hyphen pack’s shoulder straps runs straight down and stays in the shoulder width. When I wear as a backpack, the webbing and the plastic buckle pushes against the sides of my ribs. I am pretty small and skinny so not sure how comfortable this would be to larger person. It is totally fine for me for my 30- 60 minutes bike commutes. I have some reservation about using this backpack for long trail walk though. I won’t be surprised if I get some scraped skins on my ribs after long walks with heavy load. The webbing straps also pulls edges of shoulder pads and they may eventually get damaged.

    One fun hidden feature of the straps I discover are that you can carry rolled yoga mat or camping mat at the bottom. Also, you can carry your jacket or random boxes under those straps on the front. On Kelty ‘s website, I see prototype model has extra plastic buckles on the back. I wish they kept these on production models too, this would have allow more secure strapping of random objects outside of the pack.

    In summary, the clever strap design works ok but I feel it was not very necessary. I would be equally (if not more) happy with removable backpack straps with a pocket to stash them and another buckles for each tote straps to adjust and lock the strap length individually.

    The pockets arrangements are just about enough. I don’t feel like I need any external pockets because all the pockets are easy to access by just opening one zipper.

    The Laptop pocket is on the backside - where it is supposed to be - top zipper access, padded in all sides. Your laptop needs to be smaller than these - zipper opening :10” , depth of the laptop pocket 15 ½”

    Two internal pockets at the top on the backside are very easy to access even when the pack is stuffed to the brim. I wish if they were a little deeper though. My 7” kindle fits in the bigger pocket but sticks out. Small pocket : 4” wide x 6.5” deep, Large pocket: 6”wide x 6.5” deep. One more smaller pocket and a pen sleeve would have been nice.

    Side outside pocket: Good for water bottle. Great place for a small U-lock, if you are a cyclist.

    One tiny secret pocket : Very tiny and nothing really special. It’s well hidden though - judging from the fact that they designed this bag for music festivals - I suppose they are intended to stash your preferred “music experience enhancer”. Not sure what else you would use it for. May be emergency cash to bribe officers?

    Other features:

    Padded on the three sides (front, back, bottom). It helps retain the shape and protects the contents. Downside is that because of the ample pudding, the pack itself doesn't fold small. It's not a packable bag.
    Top zipper : very big sturdy coil zipper. Nice!
    Good water proof coating on the internal fabric and top tube. I think it will do pretty well in rain - at least when the bag is still new. (The seams are not sealed so it’s not 100% waterproof)
    Very light weight.

    Tote bag mode
    The straps works pretty good as a tote bag. The length of the handles can be changed for hand carry and shoulder carry.
    You need to grab the both handles at the same time.
    Easy to see and pull out contents.
    The bag stands by itself if it have enough contents.
    Very convenient to just drop in your laptop and go to bathroom when you are at cafes.

    Backpack mode
    Comfortable enough. Good enough shoulder padding.
    The straps and the plastic buckles rubs against the side of your torso.
    Just don’t grab the grab handle above your shoulder straps. Because it’s not a regular grab handle for regular backpacks. They are tote handles that you will have to grab at the same time. I always make this mistake.

    If you are still not sure if you should get Marmot Urban Hauler or Hyphen pack;

    Urban Hauler is made more as a side bag that you can stash away (kind like a glorified shopping bag). They don’t retain shapes but also don’t add bulk.

    Hyphen pack is best suited as a main pack that stays on your back (or shoulder, or hands ). Also it has a nice dedicated, padded laptop pocket.


    I LOVE the bag in both how it looks and how well it functions. I really appreciate that designers at Kelty tired to make simplified but yet very functional bag with just the right amount of features. Very well thought out yet succinct. Minimalistic yet a fun bag.

    The reason why I didn’t give 5 stars is because of the gimmicky sliding strap design. I think here the designers were a bit too carried away by their desire for coming up with an innovation and outdoing their competitor. For more secure and comfortable carry I’d prefer having more conventional strap system even that comes with a few more buckles and straps dangling around.

    3 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • This pack is awesome. The only thing I would change is that ...
    By Amazon Customer on 08 January 2018

    This pack is awesome. The only thing I would change is that it would be nice if it were a bit taller and the shoulder straps a bit longer. I am over 6 feet tall and it looks pretty small on me, even with the straps all the way out. That being said, I can see that this pack is going be great for an upcoming vacation - great carry-on for the plane, throw in a towel, etc for the beach, then take it out for a day hike to waterfall, etc
    By the way, if you can't find the secret stash pocket take a hard look down there in the laptop sleeve. Cat's out of the bag!

    Published on Amazon.com

  • I love Beautiful & Functional, but it is not durable as I use.
    By Ericbear on 18 August 2017

    This bag is good for me, especially 3 ways between tote bag and backpack. But material of band is not acceptable, I am not a hiker, so bag I used with computer for working day. After delivery as 2 weeks ago, one of band is broken, the broken is the most supported parts, it will be worser if I use tote bag or backpack way.

    Hope that you can improve the durable for band, may be there is just a QC issue (edge is not enough width to support)

    1 person found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E
    By LINJOY54 on 03 December 2018

    Enough said, right?! Such quality material and vibrant color. I chose the green camo color. Love the contrasting gray color on the inside. Strap is sturdy. I will get years of happy tote-ing with this bag!

    Published on Amazon.com

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