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Memory cards offer a convenient way to expand the storage capacity of your camera, mobile phone, computer and other similar digital devices. When you buy a memory card for your camera, mobile or even PC, it is important to consider the total capacity of the storage card, its compatibility, and the rate of data transfer. Memory cards are a great option for adding extra storage space to your digital devices. You can also carry multiple memory cards at one time to ensure that you never run out of storage space.

Souq features an exhaustive collection of microSD cards, portable drives, memory sticks and other storage drives of various capacities. These cards are designed to be compatible with almost all types digital devices including your computers, game consoles, cameras, video recorders and more. You can choose from several popular brands of memory cards including Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Sandisk, Transcend, Apotop, Kingmax, Twinmos, Margoun among others. Apart from brand new storage units, you can find used memory cards, here on Souq.