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NetDot Upgraded 2nd Generation USB2.0 Fast Charging Magnetic Micro USB Cable, 5' - Black (Pack of 3)
55.74 SAR

NetDot Upgraded 2nd Generation USB2.0 Fast Charging Magnetic Micro USB Cable, 5' - Black (Pack of 3)

by  NetDot, Cable -  284 ratings

55.74 SAR 

+ 20.21 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • Super strong magnetic, USB2.0 fast charging & sync for Android phone. Both sides support charging, only One side for sync, LED light will turn on when power on.
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    NetDot 2nd Generation Magnetic Charging & Data Sync Cable for Android devices

    Important Note for safety usage:

    1. This magnetic cable is exclusively sold by NetDot and shipped by Amazon, purchase anywhere else may result in no warranty.
    2. Gen 2 version has been improved with super magnet but

    NetDot 2nd Generation Magnetic Charging & Data Sync Cable for Android devices

    Important Note for safety usage:

    1. This magnetic cable is exclusively sold by NetDot and shipped by Amazon, purchase anywhere else may result in no warranty.
    2. Gen 2 version has been improved with super magnet but which is still not interchangeable with NetDot 2nd generation magnetic lightning cable or Gen 3 or any other cables.
    3. It is standard usb 2.0 charging cable which may charges slower than usb 3.0 or 3.1 cable. Stop using it if it is getting overheat in case of excessive current.
    4.Don't use it in the invironment full of metal debris, it may cause short-circuit. Please keep it clean and dry, if needed, us a dry cotton swab to clean the plug and cable interface.
    5. Do not test the magnet strength by pulling upside down your mobile devices, it may cause damage.
    6. 1 year warranty, human damage not included.

    Main Feature:

    1. Super strong magnet and usb 2.0 fast charging & data transfer;
    2. Made of highly quality nylon braided cord and Aluminum metal case;
    3. One hand operation, no look connection, make your life easier;


    1. Interface standard: Micro usb;
    2. Max input/output: 9V 2A;
    3. Length: 5 feet or 3.3 feet optional;
    4. Weight: 0.8 oz for 5 feet or 0.6 oz for 3.3 feet;
    5. Color: silver, gray, gold, rose gold, black optional;


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Simple but awesome.
    By Bexyrae on 04 October 2018

    This comes in a pack of two meaning you get two of everything.
    I THINK ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE NEEDS TO SWITCH TO THESE. These things are so simple yet have made such a difference in our lives. I mean this solves so many small issues with charging.
    Like one, if you're driving and you need to charge your phone or any other device you don't need to look away from the road to plug it in.
    Two, if you and family or friends have different type phones and chargers, each person can get the right plug for their phone and then just use one type of charger.
    Three, this keeps gunk from getting into your charging port. And if you're a parent of a young one you know exactly what I am talking about.
    Four, you aren't going to wear your charger port out by plugging your charger in over and over. I think we have all had that happen where one day you plug in your cord and you have to move it a certain way to get it to charge and eventually it will stop all together.

    I was worried about the little plug coming out but once it's in it's very hard to remove. They give you a little tool to remove it and you will actually need it. You can't pull it out with your fingers.
    The wire is very well made it's wrapped in nylon I think and you can tell when you feel it that it's strong. Pulling on this will not damage this. The power of the magnet is very strong and finds its own way to the plug. I think the only negative I have about this charger is that if your resting your phone against your belly while charging it can slip the charger off if pushed. It can be kind of awkward to be on your phone while it's charging. Not a big deal.
    I keep my charger plugged in next to my bed and it's easy to find on the floor with the green light.
    I have purchased different brands of these chargers and so far they are all interchangeable. The wires work with the different plugs and vice versa.
    I have a Samsung galaxy and my phone is set up for lightning charging which is like fast charging. I use my lightning charger plug in with this cord and it's not as fast but it's still a faster charge than if I had just used a regular micro usb.
    In my photos you will see my battery pack which I charge with this cord. I wanted to show how much the little plug sticks out of a device. If you have a case on your phone it will probably be almost flush with the case, but if you don't it might seem to stick out a bit.
    I have used these little plugs on a few devices that need charging, like my battery pack. It works fine with that. I've also used it with my Bluetooth receiver, a speaker and some Bluetooth headphones. I have basically made these chargers my universal charger. It seems to be working fine with devices other than phones.
    I can't really think of anything else to say about these but I truly wish I had found them sooner. They are one of the most simple and awesome electronic accessories I have found.
    The quality is high. Period. Despite the price. Totally worth it.

    6 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Good cables, but expect power loss and heat.
    By David S. on 17 December 2017

    I bought these cables to use for my 2 vaporizers and my Kindle. I chose them for my vaporizers because I have to charge them frequently, and I didn't want to damage the charging ports. The display on the vaporizers allow me to see how many amps the device is drawing from the power source. One vaporizer charges at 1A while the other charges at 2 with a normal charging cable. With these charging cables they charged at 0.75A and 1.5A respectively, although the 1A charging does get to about 0.9A after a few minutes. I expected to see some power loss, so I'm not too worried about a ~25% drop in power.

    What I didn't expect, which maybe I should have was the heat that was generated. When you introduce resistance (power loss) that energy has to go somewhere, and it goes into heat. At 1A charging, the connector gets slightly warm. At 2A charging it gets hot to the touch. I'm not too worried about this because the device itself doesn't get hot, only the cable where it connects. I did deduct one star for both of these issues. Maybe making the contact points flat instead of pointed would reduce the resistance across the connector.

    Besides those two points the cables perform as expected. The magnets are strong and hold well, but will detach with a reasonable amount of force. I feel confident that these cables will protect my charging ports.

    One thing I would recommend is getting some sort of cable clip or holder to keep the connector end of the ground. It's going to be annoying to get any dirt out of it, and you run the risk of damaging one of the pins.

    6 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Should be standard in every USB chargeable device
    By Bill of Rights on 13 January 2019

    I found these when searching for a better solution to in-car charging. Why don't these things come with EVERYTHING?!

    When Apple started using the MagSafe connector for charging I really expected other companies to follow suit. Nope, because they didn't want to pay licensing. Apple quit using them in favor of USB-C. Still, nobody jumps on this for laptop charging. So I didn't think they'd use it for anything else. Then I find these magical beauties.

    As soon as I heard they existed and read a few reviews, I purchased enough cables and spare tips to convert every single USB chargeable device we own to use these. Best idea I've had in a while. The little things that you deal with daily really should make your life easier, and these cables do just that. I have my wireless mouse, cordless headphones, and phone all using one and when I'm at the computer and want to top off something I don't even need to look. I just set it down near the cable and hold it close, and it just pops right on.

    Be aware that neodynium magnets are very strong but also BRITTLE. As in, if you gently toss two of them towards each other they will slam together hard enough to literally shatter one or both of them, leaving you with some very hard to remove magnetically attached tiny slivers.

    Worth it at twice the price. Very, very happy with this purchase.

    2 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • I like these because sometimes my young kids don't get how ...
    By Testblake on 27 November 2017

    work well with the tips from different cables i already had. I like these because sometimes my young kids don't get how to look and see the which way the micro usb cables go in. and just push and push to try to make them fit before turning around. This makes it simple for them to charge anything on their own.

    They also have a tendency to try to play their tablets while charging them and not be careful of the presser they are putting on the charging cable and therefor the port, either pulling the cable to hard to the side or resting it on their knee which has ruined one tablet already. So i bought a few of these cables and i love that you can now buy the tips separate. I put some in the xbox one controllers, one in each of their tablets and their phone.

    So now the tips stay in all the time and if they are too rough the cables just fall off.

    I wish they were a little stronger of a magnet, because they don't hold real well if you are trying to use the device while charging but for my use they are sufficient.

    5 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Works for 2/3 of people...
    By Alexander and Co. on 06 August 2018

    Sorry to say that these little do-dads just do not work for me. 2 people in my household have had stellar luck with them and really love using them. I've had THREE of them fall apart on me. The outer section, which I believe is the magnet, breaks off. I dont notice until I go to charge it and can't. Then I have to prize the remaining bit out with pliars (because I can't grasp it otherwise) and find an old charging cable... but it seems to work for 2/3 people for reasons unknown to me

    5 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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