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Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers, Size 5, Junior, 11-18 kg, Value Pack, 38 Count
by  Pampers, Diapers - 49 reviews
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    Disposable Diapers
    Pack Size (Range)
    25 - 50
    Pack Size
    Disposable Diapers
    Pack Size (Range)
    25 - 50
    Pack Size
    Diaper Size
    11 - 18 kg
    Item EAN
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    Product description

    The driest diaper, up to 2x drier*

    Are you ready for a revolution in diapers? New Pampers Baby-Dry is the first and only diaper with 3 absorbing channels** that helps distribute wetness evenly through the diaper so it does not sag and stays dry. Now your baby will sleep soundly for up to 12 hours and will wake up happy, comfortable and dry! Nothing will stand in the way of your morning cuddles! So, get ready for cuddle attacks!

    *in comparison with the same tier competitive diapers
    **already available in Pampers Premium Care

    Features and benefits

    Features and benefits

    Up to 12 hours of dryness
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    1. 3 Absorbing Channels: Even distribution for up to 12 hours of dryness and less wet bulk
    2. Absorbent Micro Pearls™: Locks away the wetness
    3. Dry-Layer: Instantly absorbs wetness away from the skin
    4. Leakage Barriers: Great fit to help prevent leaks
    5. Baby Lotion: Helps to protect baby’s skin from rashes
    6. Stretchy Sides: Soft and stretchy sides adapt to the baby moves for a comfortable fit

      Compare table

      Compare our products

      Size: Premium
      With new absorbent channels
      New Baby-Dry
      & Baby-Dry
      With new absorbent channels

      0 <2,5 kg

      1 2-5 kg 2-5 kg

      2 3-6 kg 3-6 kg

      3 5-9 kg 5-9 kg

      4 8-14 kg 8-14 kg

      4+ 9-16 kg

      5 12-18 kg 11-18 kg

      5+ 13-20 kg

      6 >15 kg >15 kg

      Don't forget your wipes

      Help prevent skin irritation

      Size: 0 1 2 3 4 4+ 5 5+ 6
      Premium Care
      • Absorbent Channels: The first and only diaper with new absorbent channels
      • Silky Softness: New silky soft materials for delicate skin

      Premium Care
      With new absorbent channels
      <2,5 kg 2-5 kg 3-6 kg 5-9 kg 8-14 kg 11-18 kg >15 kg

      Premium Care Pants
      • All-around soft waistband gives your baby the freedom to play without interruption
      • Easy to change, just like underwear

      Care Pants

      Easy-to-pull-up Pants
      6-11 kg 9-14 kg 12-18 kg

      New Baby-Dry
      & Baby-Dry
      • 3 Absorbing Channels
      • Absorbent Micro PearlsTM
      • Top Dry Layer: Wetness is reliably locked in
      • Baby Lotion helps to protect your newborn's skin against rashes

      New Baby-Dry
      & Baby-Dry
      Up to 12 hours of dryness
      2-5 kg 3-6 kg 5-9 kg 8-14 kg 9-16 kg 11-18 kg 13-20 kg >15 kg

      Pampers Pants
      • Designed to make diaper changing easy
      • Soft all-around waistband for increased comfort

      Pampers Pants
      Up to 12 hours of dryness in easy-to-change Pants
      6-11 kg 9-14 kg 12-18 kg >16 kg

      Don’t forget your wipes Help prevent skin irritation

      • Unique SoftGrip Texture™
      • Natural pH: Helps restore natural pH level of your baby's skin


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    Customer Reviews

    4.5 out of 5
    73 ratings
    97.9% of users recommend this product to a friend.
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    • Purchased on Souq.com
      By Umakant... on 14 December 2014

      these pampers are too thin and there is leakage of urine initally ithought it is ok but when we started using we came to know the problems please dont buy

    • By Eva... on 08 October 2016

      I have using pampers for a while because my daughter has very sensitive skin. So far i found it extremely helpful for her. It doesnt cause rashes and my daughter remains dry throughout night.

    • Purchased on Souq.com
      By Riad... on 27 April 2017

      very good quality and price

    • Purchased on Souq.com
      By Rawan... on 13 March 2017

      I recommend it toball parents whi have babies

      Very good brand, fast delivery, free shipping


    • By Camille... on 08 October 2016

      Really great like these diapers, my daughter is a great night time sleeper so its reassuring to know that she can sleep more than 8 hours without having a diaper leak in the middle.

      Great diaper

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