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Pilot Metal Falcon Collection Fountain Pen, Brown Barrel, Fine Nib (60572)
959.91 SAR

Pilot Metal Falcon Collection Fountain Pen, Brown Barrel, Fine Nib (60572)

by  Pilot, Home Decor -  33 ratings

959.91 SAR 

+ 23.82 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
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Main Features:
  • Contemporary yet timeless design
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    The metal Falcon Collection by Pilot soars to new writing heights. With a contemporary yet timeless design the Falcon offers a bold classic look in four distinctive barrel colors. The Falcon fountain pen delivers ink in a smooth and controlled manner guaranteeing a pleasurable writing experience

    The metal Falcon Collection by Pilot soars to new writing heights. With a contemporary yet timeless design the Falcon offers a bold classic look in four distinctive barrel colors. The Falcon fountain pen delivers ink in a smooth and controlled manner guaranteeing a pleasurable writing experience with every stroke. The Falcon's most extraordinary feature is its flexible hooded nib that gently yields to the user's writing angle. The nib was designed by Namiki engineers with input from the association of pen shop owners in Japan who recommended a soft flexible writing feel. This group subsequently endorsed the product. It is available as a fountain pen with a 14 karat gold rhodium nib in soft fine medium or broad. Each pen is packaged and merchandised in a sleek black gift box. For the collector and connoisseur Pilot is a revelation. For the valued client friend or family member it will be the gift of a lifetime. For every creative endeavor Pilot is the ultimate writing tool. Each Falcon has the technologically advanced Namiki Flexible Nib and is merchandised in an elegant Pilot leather gift box.


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • My all time favorite fountain pen.
    By Tech Junkie on 19 November 2015

    First off if the price seems ridiculous for a pen go look at the resin model. I bought the resin Falcon first, also in extra fine. I loved writing with it so much that I bought the metal falcon also. They write the same. The resin is lighter and more pocket friendly, but the Metal takes the Con-70 converter which holds twice as much ink and it feels like a pen that will become a family heirloom. It's really well made. If the price doesn't bother you then buy the metal version. I put a different ink in each and use them both. The nib is hard to describe, precise and solid yet with flex and the ability to do some fancy calligraphic type writing. I flex mine from time to time but mostly just write with them normally and the feel of it is sublime. Absolutely no pressure required, and super reliable. This is my favorite writing instrument. I own several and have tried others and none compare to the Falcon nib experience to me. Most modern fountain pens are very nice to use, but in this digital age where writing is becoming a lost art, the pleasure and satisfaction of writing with a fine instrument is a truly Zen experience.

    17 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Comparison between fine resin and extra fine metal.
    By anoddexperiment on 03 October 2014

    When comparing the extra fine, full metal pen to the resin fine pen, I wish I had bought this one first, and skipped the fine point resin pen. If you are considering between the two, here are some key differences:

    -The resin is much lighter. For me, I prefer a heavier, more substantial pen, but if you like a very light weight pen I definitely recommend the resin.
    -The metal holds much, much more ink. I could get, at best, 3-4 pages of notes with a refill using the resin fine point. With the extra fine point (which puts down less ink) and much larger reservoir, I can write journals.
    -The metal is much more sturdy. I'm always afraid I will crack the resin pen because I work in a blue collar environment. I'm never afraid of the metal pen. This is especially noticeable when posting the cap.
    -The extra fine is indeed extra fine. It is markedly finer than the fine tip and puts down much less ink in general.
    -Feathering is basically non-existant when paired with the Noodler's bulletproof black. I highly recommend that ink with the extra fine point if you need something permanent that allows for two sided writing and no feathering (even on cheap paper).
    -The notion of scratchiness should be qualified. Both the fine and extra fine will scratch when using the same pressure as you would when using a ballpoint pen. The extra fine exaggerates this quality. When using less pressure, I find that even the extra fine has minimal scratching.
    -I find both pens extremely pleasurable to write with, though my writing is much more controlled and detailed when using the extra fine. Line width variation is quite good for a sub 200 dollar fountain pen. I was limited in line widths when using the fine point comparatively.
    -The metal pen is a little longer and may fit your hand better or worse.

    I hope this is helpful to you while you shop.

    43 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • My favorite pen, with another Pilot.
    By Tina Carter on 09 December 2018

    I have the soft, fine nib Pilot pen, which I adore. I needed a finer nib and this pen completely provides it. It writes so smoothly, with a non-ski;;ing fine line, that you can make more fine by pressing lighter. I got the metal version instead of the resin version. I like the meal version because it holds more ink and it just has a slightly more solid feel. The converter is a pump converter, which is a little weird, but works well. I watched a YouTube video on how to use it I think from Goulet Pens. Watch the video! I LOVE this pen.

    2 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Yes, the Metal Pilot Falcon Lives Up to Its Reputation!!
    By Angie on 14 August 2015

    Pen writes extremely smoothly, far better than I expected. I purchased the highly-rated "Pilot Retractable Fountain Pen" and was utterly disappointed - particularly after the widespead acclaim for its brilliant design, etc. Writing with the Pilot Retractable and a fine nib was a complete disappointment. Scratchy, poor ink flow, and not altogether that remarkable looking (though I'm probably alone in the viewpoint) despite everything I had read... Regardless, I was seriously questioning the independence and/or competence of so many website raving about its performance for a pen at that price point. Particularly when it PALED by comparison to the Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen (26F) I purchased for 20% the cost! [Yes, it's plastic (ahm.. I mean "acrylic") but the nib and performance/price ratio hard to beat!]

    The Pilot Metal Falcon, however, redeemed the Pilot brand at the higher end of the market (in my opinion). At least this pen FEELS like a real fountain pen AND writes like one. Yes, the feel is better than my Lamy (plastic, I mean acrylic) and is more consistent (fewer, if any, missed strokes/lines so far) and my search for a distinguished, high performance pen has come to an end. I haven't tried the acrylic version of this pen, but can state it isn't too heavy for writing lengthy tomes and the metal absolutely feels its of substance.

    Note: It has a screw-on/-off cap, which took short while to adjust to. However, if anything it makes me feel my writing is more "deliberate" than after popping off a cap and getting started writing away.

    Again, very pleased with this pen and look forward to many happy decades with it!!

    5 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • METAL Pilot Falcon beats resin model hands down!
    By Mike Murdy on 05 February 2015

    The combination of the added weight, steady ink flow, and the increased ink capacity of the Con-70 converter, make this metal Pilot Falcon far superior to the resin model I owned first. If you are an experienced fountain pen user and you enjoy an extra fine nib I highly recommend this pen. The nib is quite bouncy (semi-flexible) and provides a fair amount of feedback, especially if you are writing on paper with any tooth to it... NOTE - this is NOT a FLEX PEN and you shouldn't use it to create Spencerian script or to write in Roundhand, that would require customization of the nib, a vintage pen, or better yet a pointed dip pen with an oblique holder (I digress)... I love this pen so much I sent the resin Pilot Falcon I recently purchased back to the vendor for a refund and ordered another one of these metal Falcons! If you are considering a Pilot Falcon I highly recommend you spend the extra money for the metal version. You'll be glad you did.

    11 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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