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Portable shisha
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    Portable shisha is a new product we developed in 2008. It is another great product we contributed to the shisha world after our patent product “A kind of shisha“. The innovaton and usage of portable shisha is a revolutionary improvement to the traditional shisha. Because it broke the restriction of
    Portable shisha is a new product we developed in 2008. It is another great product we contributed to the shisha world after our patent product “A kind of shisha“. The innovaton and usage of portable shisha is a revolutionary improvement to the traditional shisha. Because it broke the restriction of traditional shisha which could only be smoked in door. With portable shisha, people can enjoy shisha any time any where when they are walking, driving, sitting in cars or buses,  and even riding  on camels.
    The structure of portable shisha is simple. It is made of 304 stainless steel and standard parts. If any of the parts are worn out, you can get them from Mitsuba agents. After the parts have been changed, you will feel like using brand new shisha . So a portable shisha can be used for a long time.  It is perfectly reliable.
    Our portable shisha has been registered PCT international patent. Patent Nos are: 200520055382.4,  200820200509.0,  PCT/CN2008/073052.
    Following is feedback from one of our customers:
    “I would like to express my deepest thanks to you for the wonderful experience your portable shisha has brought me. It really exceeded my expectation. Now in USA, I will enjoy it at least twice a day when I am driving.”
    We received similar compliments and feedback from many customers for the past few years. This shows that more and more people love our portable shisha for the convenience and pleasant feeling brought to them.

    If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll know I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, but now I’m home and I want to talk about portable hookahs. I know, that sounds sort of backwards. Shouldn’t I have been talking about them when I was away? Never mind. My mini hookah did me fine for that trip, but it got me thinking about something weird.

    The first time I saw a Mitsuba portable hookah was in a market in Uzbekistan and I had no idea what it was. Actually that’s not true. I did have an idea what it was and I was completely wrong. See, half the stalls in the market were general junk stalls, and a lot of the junk they were selling was ex-Soviet Army equipment. On one of them, in among the furry hats and belts with red star buckles, there were three or four of these bizarre metal things. At first I thought they were some kind of canteen set or field stove, but they looked a bit well made for Soviet Army gear. I was getting really confused about what the hell they were when the stall owner saw me looking baffled and wandered over to help.

    Of course the problem with him helping me was that he didn’t speak much English and my Uzbek isn’t all that great either. Oh all right, I don’t speak a word of Uzbek. Any way I pointed at these metal things and asked, “What’s that?” “Chillim!” he answered. Huh? “Chillim! Chillim! Very good!” So fine, it’s a chillim and it’s very good. This is progress, but not very much because I don’t have a scooby’s what a chillim is. Then he picks one up, unclips the top and it all becomes clear, because there’s a perfect little ceramic bowl with a spring-loaded cover.

    That’s right, chillim is Uzbek for hookah and the weird metal things were portable hookahs. I was really tempted to pick one up, but I was a bit short on dollars and I had a list of presents to get for people back home.

    It was a few months before I got a really good look at a e, and after playing with it a bit I was pretty impressed. I’ve raved enough about how easy my mini hookah is to take on trips, but this is something different. It’s not just easy to transport; you can use it anywhere. In the car, while you’re walking around… anywhere. OK, you might get some funny looks if you tried lighting it up on a plane, but it would work fine until the stewardesses turned up with a  fire extinguisher.

    Anyway you probably want to know what it’s like, so I’ll tell you; it’s really, really clever. Not enough detail? OK. It’s probably understandable that I thought it was a canteen set, because that’s pretty much what it looks like. The pipe itself is a steel flask with loops for a shoulder strap and a hose attachment. There’s no stem; a standard bowl sits right on top of the flask. It’s actually mounted directly to the downstem, and you can unscrew the whole lot to fill the flask with water. Only fill it about a third full; apparently if you put in more water than that it tends to slosh up into the hose as you walk about.

    My personal favorite portable hookah

    With the flask filled and the downstem screwed back in, load the bowl like normal. It comes with a pierced steel screen to take your coal and once you’ve got the hot coal on there you just snap the cover down to keep it in place. The final part is the top section of the pipe. This is a metal cover about the same size as the flask that clips over the top of it. It has a few dozen holes to let enough air in, and it keeps the hot bowl from damaging anything. This means you can hang it over your shoulder with the supplied strap and you won’t burn your clothes. It comes as standard with a washable hose and a nice pair of tongs, which clip under the bowl for storage.

    So, the big question: Does it work? Yes, it does. This really is a portable hookah; now you can enjoy a bowl of your favourite shisha as you walk down the street. Too lazy to walk? No problem; hang it over the headrest on your car seat and puff away as you drive. You could probably manage that with a mini hookah too, but the thought of getting a lap full of hot coal is a bit disturbing. There’s no danger of it with this clever little gadget though. It smokes very well for its size and it’s kind of unique.  In fact my birthday’s coming up and I think I know what I’m going to get myself. Portable hookah; it’s the way to go.


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