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Prevail Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Underwear, Large, 16-Count (Pack of 4)
186.72 SAR

Prevail Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Underwear, Large, 16-Count (Pack of 4)

by  Prevail, Health and Personal Care -  971 ratings

186.72 SAR 

+ 254.29 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
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Main Features:
  • Designed for maximum leakage protection, Prevail Underwear features Comfort-Shape Plus with gentle elastics that shape to your body for a more comfortable and discreet fit than standard adult diapers.
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    Maximum is one of Prevail's highest absorbency lines of disposable underwear. Great for sensitive skin, the soft stretchy Skin Smart Hypoallergic Fabric soothes the skin with Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E right in the fabric. The Quick Wick purple strip rapidly acquires moisture and locks it into

    Maximum is one of Prevail's highest absorbency lines of disposable underwear. Great for sensitive skin, the soft stretchy Skin Smart Hypoallergic Fabric soothes the skin with Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E right in the fabric. The Quick Wick purple strip rapidly acquires moisture and locks it into the core to keep skin dry. Odor Guard technology helps lock up odors to prevent them from escaping. A tag free label indicates the rear of the underwear. (4 bags of 16)


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Proceed with Cauation
    By TinyDancer on 03 April 2016

    I have been using these for several years and never had a complaint. But the product has changed and the fabric is thinner and if you don't be careful when pulling them up your fingers will poke through the material......this can also happen if you are being careful. I would wear a pair a day but now they are in shreds before the day is over. I am in the process of looking for another product. Why don't manufactures leave well enough alone. I was a happy consumer and now can't wait to get your product out of my life.

    142 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Most Disappointing Product I Have Purchased from Amazon
    By LizE on 15 May 2018

    . If I could register my comment without a star included, I would. There are two very basic flaws for our use with my husband. He is a large man, girth wise, so we ordered the 2X which corresponds with his waist measurement. To make the leg openings large, material has obviously been removed from the crotch area, making it too narrow for adequate coverage. And then there's the almost absent padding. Even adding a supplemental pad did not accomplish containment...resulted in a thoroughly soaked bed (my husband is bed bound.) Will never order this brand again and advise others to try it before you buy a large quantity...am surely glad I did!!

    40 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • A Great Solution for Heavy, Incontinent Elders...With Some Drawbacks.
    By SueP on 07 June 2015

    These briefs fit my elderly, heavy-set mother when no others would. Mom is very short - so her weight is carried in her stomach and backside, making it hard to find incontinence briefs to fit. None of the retailers in my area carry anything that will fit her. I have searched and searched for something more than an incontinence pad, when her problem increased to the point where the pads were no longer working. I had samples sent from online retailers for more than 10 different incontinence briefs in varying sizes - all of them had the same problem: they would fit just fine around her hips, but were not tall enough to come up to her natural waist, leaving the waistband just below the top of the butt crack. (Sorry, no other way to say it.) All of us know how uncomfortable it is to have your underwear start sagging that way - and there's enough indignity in this time of her life, so why put her through that too?

    We were introduced to these briefs during a short nursing home stay for therapy after Mom took a severe fall and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I was floored - they actually fit Mom perfectly! They are more than roomy enough for her stomach and backside to fit into them and the rise on them is high enough that they actually come up to her natural waist without the crotch drooping or sagging, and they fully cover her front and back.


    They DO leak. I love that they fit her, but they do not absorb quickly enough. Because Mom has congestive heart failure, she is on a diuretic to shed the excess fluid that builds up in her lungs and around her heart. This means a huge increase in her urine output, and because she uses a walker to get around, she cannot "run" to the bathroom when she gets a sudden urge to go. Combine this with an already severe incontinence problem and you've got constant floor mopping and laundry washing going on. These briefs do catch leaks, but even though they are supposed to be "super absorbent", they really are not. When she goes from sitting to standing and then makes her way to the bathroom, there's a trail behind her and a major puddle in the bathroom to clean up, because she simply can't hold it any longer, and the brief is not able to absorb it fast enough. Other people have suggested using a "doubler" (like a liner or pad that goes inside the brief), but that doesn't work either - she overflows those too, and then I've wasted both a doubler AND a brief - so I'm not any further ahead, just out more money for nothing.

    Cost is also an issue, though I realize that briefs like this are never going to be cheap - but I have now gone from spending $60-$80 a month on incontinence pads to spending nearly $140 a month on these briefs in order to have enough on hand that we don't run out before my next shipment comes - so I would feel much better about that expense if they were a perfect solution and worked better.

    So yes, they work as they should, they fit well, and that's a huge benefit for us - but the absorbency and leaking are still a huge drawback. The bottom line is that I am mostly happy with this product, because it's the only one I've found to fit Mom that isn't an actual diaper (which she is loathe to start using, and I don't blame her - that time will come soon enough) - but there are still problems with the design. A more absorbent lining that grabs moisture faster and holds onto it without leaking would be a huge improvement.

    69 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • The Prevail pull-ups strike a good balance of absorbency and relaxed fit.
    By janthree on 21 September 2013

    As a caregiver, I have bought several different brands of adult pull-ups and have noticed that even though the design of adult diapers is similar across brands (i.e., they are disposable underwear with absorbent padding in the crotch), beyond this basic design, there are variations in form and fit between brands such as waist softness/flexibility, pad thickness, leg hole size, etc. IN MY OPINION, if I had to scale the major brands I have bought (i.e., Depend, Tranquility, Prevail, Tena, and Surecare), I would place Depend on one end of the scale followed by Tena and Prevail in the middle, and finally Surecare on the other end. I always buy the most absorbent pad design of each brand.

    The Depend pull-ups are somewhat snug fitting and appear to be designed to function more like padded underwear than a diaper. They are good for active individuals but may not be as comfortable around large waists. Tena underwear is similar to Depend in snugness and fit. The Prevail pull-ups are more flexible with a softer, more relaxed fit around the waist and a somewhat thicker pad than the Depend brand. Both the Prevail and the Depend seem to be fairly absorbent, so pad thickness may only be an issue in fit rather than absorbency. The Surecare pull-up has the softest, most loose fitting waist of the these brands but has a thinner pad than the prevail. They seem to hold less liquid than the Prevail but are probably the most comfortable in terms of softness and waist flexibility. Of course the compromise is that the loose waist can ride down if the individual is very active. I didn't include Tranquility underwear on my scale because they are advertised as an overnight solution. The Tranquility pull-ups have a flexible waist with medium stiffness and a large pad. The large pad may limit their comfort during daytime activities. I notice some Tranquility reviewers have complained about leakage, but I have never had one leak.

    In conclusion, I really like the performance of the Prevail underwear. It strikes a good balance of absorbency and relaxed fit so five stars. Of course, I would suggest you try products from several different manufacturers to find the most comfortable choice for your application.

    UPDATE (July 3, 2014):

    I just wanted to update my reviews since I have tried the Attends Super Plus pull-ups. I really like the Attends. They are about the same price as the Prevails, but have a somewhat stiffer, tighter waistband and a slightly wider pad than the Prevails. In fact, coverage and absorption seem to be slightly better than the Prevails during extended wear. The Prevails are still my "go to" solution, but the Attends nicely fill the niche between the Prevail fit and the Depends/Tena fit. Anyway, IN MY OPINION, this is how I would rank the adult pull-ups that I have bought.

    Stiffest waist band, tightest fit, most like underwear, good for active daily use.
    1. Depends
    2. Tena
    3. Attends
    4. Prevail
    5. Surecare
    Loosest, most flexible waist band, relaxed fit, good for large waists and limited movement.

    113 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • What quality!
    By juffie on 20 June 2014

    Never used a diaper before (as an adult!) but facing a long flight and no longer able to walk decided that was the solution. Tried another brand first (so glad I decided on a try out beforehand) and it was horrible, loose hips, didn't come up to my waist or even near it, scratchy paper, yuck. Uncomfortable and wouldn't work. Back to shop again, decided to try Prevail. Wow!! First like a dream, up to my waist no problem, snug but no way uncomfortable on my hips, lovely aloe softened fabric, and boy, could it hold liquid! After only a minute or two, the stinging (I have some adult urinary dermatitis) was gone, gone, gone, all was dry, comfortable, and without any odor, nasty or "air freshener" gag. Never thought I would go public with praise for a diaper, but this is the real deal.

    86 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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