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Propet Men's Village Walker Oxford,Black Grain,8.5 M (US Men's 8.5 D)
378.75 SAR

Propet Men's Village Walker Oxford,Black Grain,8.5 M (US Men's 8.5 D)

by  Propét, Casual & Dress Shoes -  407 ratings

378.75 SAR 

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International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • Hand-sewn, stitched-down construction for flexibility
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    8.5 M (US Men's 8.5 D)
    Targeted Group
    Style Name
    Village Walker Medicare/Hcpcs Code = A5500 Diabetic Shoe
    8.5 M (US Men's 8.5 D)
    Targeted Group
    Style Name
    Village Walker Medicare/Hcpcs Code = A5500 Diabetic Shoe
    Item EAN
    Black Grain
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    This Propet walking shoe features full-grain tumbled leather uppers and hand-stitched construction that maximizes flexibility. Propet designs this shoe with a padded tongue and collar to protect ankles and tops of feet and a removable Poliyou insole for breathability and comfort...


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407 ratings
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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Super comfortable up until the sole split......
    By LANMan on 21 September 2016

    Ordered these about 6 months ago and loved them so much I ordered another pair in Brown in August. Unfortunately today the sole split in half on the right shoe on the black pair. I alternate shoe pairs daily so I have only worn these 2-3 days a week for the past 6 months, and I have an office job - they are not heavily worn. Very disappointed and I am just hoping the brown pair does not also split. Amazon return window was only 30 days :(
    Update -
    I called Propet and sounds like they are going to work with me by replacing the shoes with same style or even a different style. Props to Propet for customer service, and I will report back when replacements are received and will update star rating.

    Replacements received and very comfortable. I am impressed by Propet's determination to make the customer happy. I'll buy Propet again - overall I think the product is great I just got a defective sole. Thanks Propet!

    11 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • These are beautiful shoes. They are comfortable and light
    By Charles Eric Pate on 29 July 2015

    These are beautiful shoes. They are comfortable and light.

    I was forced to give them one star because the stitching failed. The upper separated from the sole along the inside of one shoe after only wearing them once. Closer inspection shows that the stitching itself is still intact, however, it seems the stitching doesnt actually penetrate the sole. Meaning the upper is glued to the sole and the stitching may be for looks and not for purpose.

    I was able to glue the upper back to the sole with a product purchased from local box store, but it does not look as clean a fix as I would like. I have trouble finding shoes my size and really wanted these shoes to work out. They are really quite nice looking

    15 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • If you have edema I wouldn't buy this shoe unless I tried it on at a local store first.
    By Mr. Helper on 04 September 2018

    I had to update my review. When I first tried on these shoes I couldn't get my feet in them. Then days after I made my first review of these shoes I received another pair of Propet shoes. My feet fit in those shoes. So once again I tried on these shoes. To my surprise I was finally was able to get these shoes on my feet. I realized I must have had some swelling on the top of my feet that has since gone down.

    But even though I could not get these shoes on my feet originally I have two other pairs of Propet leather casual shoes in the same size as these that fit. Even the newest pair that I've only worn for a short time and is not stretched out fit. So I do suspect that this model shoe does have some minor sizes difference than the older style shoes from Propet.

    Now I can say they are roomy in the toe area and on the sides of the foot. The soles feel firmer when compared to my older shoes. I haven't walked any longer distances yet to know if I consider them to be a "comfortable" walking shoe as far as the sole goes. But even wearing them for a short time I can say that the soles don't feel like a soft cushion.

    The leather in the shoe seems to be stiffer than in some of their older models of similar shoes. The stitching seems well done. The shoes look to be quality shoes.

    In the older Propet shoes I've worn the upper part of the shoe always wears out before the sole does. Usually the stitching gives out; sometimes on the upper part of the shoe, other times the sole stitching starts to fail. I think the best way to combat stitching failure would be to have two or three pairs of shoes that you can switch to. Doing so would allow any moisture in the shoes to dry out and help extend their life. In the past other brand shoes that I've worn had the soles wear out first but the uppers still held together. I've had those re-soled. But I never had a Propet upper last long enough for it to be re-soled. But I feel that the shoes do have a good long life of one to two years.

    I never had the Propet Village Walker shoe split in the sole. But I've owned two pairs of Propet shoes that had the soles split. One of the pairs of the Propet shoes that I never wore had the one of the soles split in half in multiple placess even though it was never walked in. One would suspect that the cause of the splitting was due to a mixing error of the compounds used during the manufacturing process. Hopefully Propet has remedied that.

    If you suffer from edema or foot swelling you might be better served trying on this shoe at a local store first. These shoes are shown on Propet's website under the category of "Men's Diabetic". Which means the shoes would be expected to have added width and be roomy in size to accommodate the larger feet and ankles that somebody with diabetic or medical conditions might have. These shoes didn't quite live up to that. Yes they are roomy. But if you have a certain amount of swelling on the tops of your feet you might find these shoes to be small in the tongue area making you think the shoes are small in size. When actually they generally are true to size.

    I will continue buying certain models of Propet shoes because I've been quite happy with their shoes Both the men's and women's shoes are generally well made and comfortable. But due to how the sole feels so far and the fact that the opening of the shoe seems tighter to me than my older shoes I can't rate this shoe higher than 3 stars. May after I've worn the shoe for one year I will bring up the star rating. But not until I find out about comfort of the shoe and about the longevity of the stitching and life of the shoe upper.

    2 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • They are wonderfully wide in the 5E version.
    By solocanoe on 27 May 2015

    it is SO hard to find a super wide toe box in a shoe that can pass for a dress shoe!

    In the past 6 months I've gone from wide to "super wide" after some foot, leg, back issues. I've learned - we have been destroying our feet for way too long! Chaco's were my first clue - they feel so amazing, I wish I could wear them to work. I live in them except for very active exercise and then work.
    then I discovered Altra running shoes....man! how awesome are they? My toes can splay out wide just like the Chacos! I was so happy!

    finally....I got sick of trying to sqeeze into "wide" dress shoes that really weren't that wide at all! I made do with XW Rockports for the past year...but when it came time to replace them...I ordered the same 13 XW Rockport Margin's and then I ordered the 13 5X wide propet - they arrived on the same day (thanks to Amazon Prime) and put one of each foot. Not EVEN close - the Propet shoe is MUCH wider in the toebox! I have to use a special lacing system (on internet) to tie the Propet shoes so my heel doesn't slip but I'm fine with that to have my toes as wide as they want to be!

    Now - at work I have these, the Chaco's and the Altra's for everything else....oh, and my 135E combat boots for riding the Harley...and I have NO more pinched metacarpal bones in my feet - no more burning feet, no more sore calves, knees, and nagging back pain! I don't know why it took me to almost 50 years old to figure out how wrong the shoe industry has been with the design of shoes...but the wider the toe box - the better it is for your health! Walk barefoot and watch your toes - they splay wide - the they were intended to. If you have pain (like I did) try to find some of these solutions (or others) with wide, wide, wide toe boxes! My doctor probably doesn't like that I "fixed my own problems" haha...he can't charge me anymore! but hey...I'm happy. - let those toes spread! lol.

    2 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Good Looking Light shoe with Excellent Support
    By W. L. HUGHES on 08 January 2019

    Got these shoes after being gifted a set of lowcut boots to replace some worn ducks. So impressed with the support I bought three additional pairs. They fit snug so you might consider a 1/2 size larger especially if you plan to put orthopedic inserts. High Quality, nice color, leather uppers, and light weight. Also apparently Medicare-approved for diabetics. Hav'nt attempted to see if I could get a script for them but I'll try. In any event, use the wardrobe return option with Amazon and get a couple different sizes returning the shoes that don't quite fit as desired. Apparently, you have 7 days to try them under this option before getting charged.

    Published on Amazon.com

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