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Revitol Scar Cream - get rid of acne scars and scars caused by burns , surgery and injuries
by  Revitol, Skin Care - 24 reviews
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    Revitol Scar Cream is a scar removal cream for men and women around the world to get rid of acne scars, and scars caused by burns, surgery, injuries, keloids, mole removal, and even from a C-section or a tummy tuck.

    By using only 100% natural ingredients, Revitol has created a treatment that is

    Revitol Scar Cream is a scar removal cream for men and women around the world to get rid of acne scars, and scars caused by burns, surgery, injuries, keloids, mole removal, and even from a C-section or a tummy tuck.

    By using only 100% natural ingredients, Revitol has created a treatment that is effective without the worry of any unnecessary side effects.

    With an all-time this solution is undoubtedly the most effective and affordable treatment for men and women looking to get rid of the marks on their skin.

    Proven to be equally effective against many different types of marks on the body, this solution offers people an all-inclusive solution to their scars, marks, and blemishes.

    Effective against marks left over and caused by acne, injury, burns, and even surgery, Revitol is easy to recommend for its natural blend that is as effective as it is affordable.

    Unlike other similar treatments, this solution offers men and women across the world the opportunity of treating getting clear, smooth skin without spending a large amount of money and time.

    While certainly not as quick as a surgical procedure, this formula begins showing results within the first 2 months of regular application.

    Within 6 months of daily application, most people have reported witnessing some truly amazing results, with their blemishes disappearing, or at the very least being very faint, and almost invisible to the naked eye.

    By maintaining the perfect balance between price and results, Revitol is favored by customers as the best scar removal solution in the market today.

    Revitol Scar Removal Cream Ingredients

    Below mentioned are the four most important ingredients that form an integral part of the renowned fast-acting formula:


    Among all the other components of this treatment, Hydroquinone is central to this formula. This element’s primary goal if to help lighten dark skin cells.

    Hydroquinone is known to be effective against a number of different marks, including age spots, dark spots, stretch marks, and even those causes by hormone therapy.

    The concentration of this element in Revitol forms an important part of the concoction. It is with Hydroquinone that this cream can be applied on any skin type without causing any unnecessary side effects.


    Derived from Vitamin A, this compound has a unique molecular constitution that allows it to sink into the lowest layers of the skin without problem.

    It is in the lower layers where Revitol does most of its work to improve the appearance of the skin on the surface. By providing the body with essential nutrients, Retinol is an important part of what makes this solution this effective.

    Retinol plays a major role for improving the levels of hydration, along with its color, tone, and complexion.


    This element is produced naturally in the human brain. This element if also found in a number of fish including anchovies, salmon, and sardines.

    The inclusion of this element in the body helps to boost the production of a chemical compound known as .

    This one compound is crucial for the proper functioning of the brain. It also plays a part in helping the brain deal with stress which in turn helps to control the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and other age-related marks.

    It has been shown that the inclusion of Dimethylaminoethanol in creams and treatments capable of removing scars can have various other beneficial effects when applied topically to the skin.

    Favorable reduction in age spots, wrinkles, etc are commonly experienced benefits with regular application.

    Copper Peptide

    This is among the most effective elements known to man for skin regeneration. A number of studies have attributed the effectiveness of this compound to its ability to promote the production of both collagen and elastin.

    Aside from encouraging these two crucial components of healthy skin, copper peptide also acts as an antioxidant.

    It also promotes the production of glycosaminoglycans which along with Vitamin C is excellent for penetrating to the lowest layers of the skin.

    Clinic researches and studies have shown enzymes that are dependent on copper are capable of greatly benefiting the body’s inherent tissue building processes in the short and long term.

    The components found in the list of ingredients are undoubtedly among the best, more premier ingredients used in scar removal creams.

    By keeping their components natural, the manufacturers of this cream have a solution to scars that comes with the promise of no side effects

    Customer Testimonials

    “I’ve been using this cream for over 3 months now. The burn marks I got over 5 years ago are hardly visible any more!

    I was all ready to return this product within a month of seeing no results, but it was Cindy here who actually convinced me to stick with it.

    6 weeks after applying it daily I managed to wear a top that actually showed by navel without worrying about who could see what!

    Thanks to the Revitol scar removal treatment and Cindy!”

    ~ Margaret Pitt from Ohio, USA

    “There have been scars on my face for as long as I can remember. Acne has always been a problem for; to this very day my face still has pimples for over 6 months of the year.

    Revitol’s scar cream is definitely the only treatment that helped me get of my acne scars. What I loved best about it is that it didn’t cause more acne in the process.

    For the price I can’t really complain about this cream. If you have scars, this is the best scar removal cream available out there – go buy it!”

    ~ Jamie Sheikh from London, UK

    “When I underwent a surgery to remove a fragmented piece of metal in my stomach no one told me that there would be any long-term consequences.

    For months after my surgery the doctors told me that the deep surgical scar stretching across my stomach would heal on its own.

    Eventually, some two years later, my surgeon conceded that I would have to undergo cosmetic surgery if I wanted to get rid of it.

    This is where Revitol scar removal came to my rescue. It was my penultimate inexpensive solution to get my smooth toned stomach back to life!”

    ~ Laura Reveau from Paris, France

    “Revitol was that one scar treatment that actually worked for me.

    I’ve been searching for a scars removal solution for years. The speed at which this cream managed to remove the marks on my back and shoulders was just amazing.

    Every few days would show me new results. This is one formula that really works. A big hug to Revitol for giving me this at an awesome price!!!”

    ~ Fiona Cambell from Sydney, Australia

    “I was horrified when my 10-year-old daughter had a nasty fall off a swing at school. She had a scar across her forehead and one on her right elbow.

    The doctor told me to just calm down, but I couldn’t help but feel personally responsible for my baby getting hurt. After all that scar would stay with her forever!

    It was my best friend from college who told me about how she got rid of her acne scars using Revitol. She suggested give it a try.

    I’m glad that I did! Revitol works like nothing else. This is the go-to solution for getting rid of all those injury marks ASAP.”

    ~ Janett Sullivan from Ohio, USA

    “Looking for a treatment that actually worked on my burn marks was probably the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done in my life. And I’m 46 years old!

    The second degree burns on my back have been there for over 14 years. After I retired as a firefighter last year, I just decided to myself some more time.

    My wife insisted that I “take care” of myself. She’s the one who got me to use Revitol. I got to say – this cream really works!

    I honestly didn’t expect anything to get rid of those marks, but this treatment did it for me. I recommend this cream even over surgery simply because it’s so cheap!”

    ~ Sagar Sharma from Delhi, India

    Revitol Scar – FAQs

    These frequently asked questions (FAQS) will serve helpful for anybody interested in Revitol and scar removal treatments and solutions.

    How much cream does one jar of Revitol scar contain?

    Every jar (or tube) of contains 2FL OZ i.e. 60ml of the cream. This is the standard measure of other major skin care manufacturers and creams.

    How should I use Revitol? Are there any recommended usage instructions?

    Revitol recommends that use apply the cream on the affected areas of your body at least twice daily. Using a small portion of the cream, spread and massage it across your skin in wide circular motions.

    Allow the solution to first penetrate into the lower layers of the skin before getting dressed. It should ideally take between 3 and 5 minutes.

    When should I expect to see significant results?

    Much like any other skin care product, Revitol’s results are subjective to every person. The severity and age of the scars play a major role in the speed at which the cream works.

    According to researchers, one can expect to see results within a few weeks of beginning regular application.

    Does Revitol scar removal work on old deep scars?

    Yes, this cream will work just as effectively on aged, deep and raised scars. The time take to witness significant results would probably be greater than in the case of relatively recent marks.

    Being regular in application is essential for witnessing the best possible result. Users are advised to apply this lotion on their body at least twice a day for a minimum of 5 minutes.

    How does Revitol work?

    This cream is a result of years of painstaking research and innovation. By penetrating through to the lower layers of the skin, Revitol strengthens the skin by restoring the levels of proteins and vitamins present.

    This restoration process accelerates the healing process significantly. By revitalizing the amount of collagen and elastin present in the skin, this scar solution helps to repair the damage caused by such tears

    Revitol Scar Cream Before And After Photos


    The true gauge of any scars removal cream lies in examining its effectiveness on scars itself. The below shown Revitol scar cream before and after photos are meant to provide men and women with a glimpse of what this scars removal cream can do


    Before And After Photo  – Surgical scar

    The photos below show the effectiveness of this cream on deep, gashing surgical scars caused by surgery on the sinus and the eye respectively.


    Such marks, left over from serious surgical procedures, are known to be quite difficult to get rid of overnight. Besides further cosmetic surgery, Revitol is among the best options there is to get rid of such scars in under 6 months.

    The above photos are a good indication of this cream’s potential for people trying to improve the appearance of the scarred areas on their skin and body

    Before And After Photo  – Injuries and bruises

    Everyday injuries and bruises are quite commonplace for most people. At times these marks can be at a place where it can seriously impact everyday life.

    Following is a photo of the effect of Revitol scar removal cream on a scar caused by a car accident over 10 years ago.


    As displayed in the above photo, Revitol cream has a major effect on the prominence of the above man’s scar caused by a serious accident over a decade ago.


    As shown in the Revitol scar cream before and after photos above, this is probably the best bet for a growing number of women and men around the world looking for an effective treatment for their skin that doesn’t cost too much.


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  • Purchased on Souq.com
    By MARLON... on 31 July 2015

    Waiting for the effects, start using the products.

    Waiting for the effects of the products, Im start using it...

  • By Rina... on 17 March 2015

    The smell is not very pleasant, but it's a great product!

  • Purchased on Souq.com
    By Ethel... on 08 March 2015

    2 thumbs up


  • Purchased on Souq.com
    By Nadeem... on 19 February 2017

    After a usage of few weeks, it improved scan appearance...seems it is working.

    It works


  • Purchased on Souq.com
    By Regin... on 24 May 2016


    As desrcibed

    Haven't tried yet

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