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rOtring Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Matte Black
97.50 SAR

rOtring Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Matte Black

by  Rotring, Stationery -  401 ratings

97.50 SAR 

182.67 SAR - You Save  85.17 SAR
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Main Features:
  • This long-lasting, smooth, and precise retractable mechanical pencil is a perfect professional tool for sketching and drawing
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    Matte Black
    Weight & Dimensions
    Weight & Dimensions


    This long-lasting, smooth, and precise retractable mechanical pencil is a perfect professional tool for sketching and drawing. The full metal body has an ideal weight balance and a comfortable non-slip knurled metal grip. The sliding sleeve and cushioned lead mechanism provide high level of break

    This long-lasting, smooth, and precise retractable mechanical pencil is a perfect professional tool for sketching and drawing. The full metal body has an ideal weight balance and a comfortable non-slip knurled metal grip. The sliding sleeve and cushioned lead mechanism provide high level of break resistance and outstanding writing and doodling comfort. A unique push mechanism give you controlled lead transportation. There is a built-in sharpener under the push-button cap. Limited warranty: guaranteed for 2 years from original purchase date against defects in materials or workmanship. rOtring Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Matte Black.


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Writing with this pencil is truly HEAVENLY! Worth every penny.
    By Kari K. on 20 January 2016

    I'm a chemical engineering student, and I do a LOT of writing - and erasing, and I value having a high-quality, well-balanced writing utensil for doing my homework. I always use a mechanical pencil, and I almost always use 2.0 mm lead, to allow me the greatest variability of lead hardness. I have a rather large collection of 2.0 mm clutch pencils and mechanical pencils, but none were just right. I spent winter break perusing reviews, and kept coming back to this one. I'd already decided that I didn't want the similarly-priced 600, due to the issue of the lead sleeve being unable to be retracted into the pencil. I'd break that within a week. The 800 was the other one I was considering, but I didn't like the lack of a pointer in the cap. I rarely use it, but I've run into situations where it came in handy. Plus, the fact that the 800 cost double the price of the Rapid PRO helped seal the deal for me.

    A few days later it arrived. I found the triangular prism-shaped box that it came in to be rather innovative; this seemed to protect the pencil well. I opened the box and held the pencil. I was quite impressed with the heft behind it. I took out whatever lead came in it and put in a piece of Staedtler 4B lead, and wrote a few sentences on a piece of engineering computation paper, since that's the paper that I use the most often (it's slightly thinner than typical copier or notebook paper). I was impressed by how it felt like it was seemingly made for my hand: the weight balance was spot on, the knurling around the grip was very comfortable, not too rough like so many pencils tend to be. I was worried that such a heavy pencil made of metal would be of a somewhat large diameter, which I've learned to live with – I'm a girl with sort of small hands – but don't particularly care for some of the THICK pencils, I almost feel like a little kid holding some of them! I was very pleasantly surprised when this pencil, despite its mass, fit my hand so well. I could write forever with my Rapid PRO. I'm very happy with it, and I can NOW justify the expense to myself and to my friends who say, "You spent HOW MUCH on a pencil?" I have a feeling that a few of my other 2 mm lead holders will be finding new homes with my friends in the next few months. I've found MY pencil. And I just LOVE the matte black finish. It's gorgeous. If you're on the fence, just go for it! You'll be happy that you did.

    49 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Premium on the outside, Plastic on the inside, Glued solid so you can't even clean it out yourself
    By LoveReading on 06 May 2018

    I've been an engineer all my life, and I expect better than this.
    Have a lot of trouble with this pencil, very disappointing, had hoped it was well engineered, premium product, etc, etc.
    So... what's wrong with a Rotring then?
    1) in the pencil I received, the leads will not feed through from the reservoir to the writing tip.
    2) The reservoir is recommended to only hold 3 leads
    3) The leads are "non-standard" in that they are 10mm shorter than those used in all other mechanical pencils worldwide. That's a problem since in mechanical pencils you can never use the last 15mm section of each lead anyway. Make the lead shorter and you're much more frequently having to switch to the next lead.
    4) The retracting sleve around the lead is too stiff to retract while you write/draw, it doesn't slide back at all under pressure from the paper
    5) There is no clean-out wire provided with the pencil (yes really!)
    6) The insides are all plastic, despite the shell being a lovely solid piece of metal and having a very nice feel in your hand
    7) The insides cannot be disassembled sufficiently to clean them out. The most you can do is unscrew the writing tip from the rest of the barrel, after that its a game of pushing long thin clean-out wire (not included) through 8cm of pencil barrel in the vain hope of success...

    22 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Perfect 2MM lead holder.
    By Pan Wen on 08 July 2016

    This review is for the 2mm lead holder version of the Rapid PRO.

    I have both an Alvin Promatic and a Staedler Mars Technico, and although the Alvin approaches the quality of this Rotring, the Rapid PRO 2mm is still several tiers above it. It is extremely well made, solid, and durable. The knurled grip is extremely...grippy?...but is so finely machined that it does not cause any discomfort when you grip it with your full strength. It balances very well for me and gives a fantastic and smooth drawing experience. The click mechanism is also, in my opinion, far superior than the standard drop mechanism found in most 2mm lead holders.

    Some Facts I feel are important as a consumer:

    -This lead holder has a push mechanism.

    Clicking the cap extends the lead a few millimeters forward, and storing the lead involves holding down the cap and pushing the lead back up into the pencil. Essentially, this works the exact same as a normal mechanical pencil, and differentiates itself from most lead holders that have a drop mechanism.

    -The tip of this pencil has a drafting extension.

    What this means is that you can use the metal tip of the pencil to guide it along a straight edge/t-square without nicking the lead, but also that it does NOT work with many rotary lead pointers. I personally have an Alvin rotary lead pointer, and the barrel does not catch correctly. It also doesn't work with my C-thru lead pointer, but due to the thickness of the barrel. I generally just use a small manual lead pointer, or the one included in the cap.

    -The grip is thicker than the barrel

    For the 2mm version at least, the octagonal no-slip barrel is rendered useless.

    -This lead holder is HEAVY.

    Due to the all metal construction, much heavier than any of my other mechanical pencils, even the Alvin. I am heavy handed so it feels fantastic in my hand, but the significant weight is something you should be aware of. Those with an especially loose grip or light hand my find better balance in plastic pencils, and it's usage will also greatly depend on if you draw more with your wrist or your arm.

    I absolutely love this pencil, and I anticipate using it for years.

    28 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Almost good enough but not quite
    By Zach on 12 March 2017

    I really like the style and feel to the rOtrings and had previously tried the 600 out but found the tip too easy to bend so I went back to a GraphGear 1000. As much as I like GraphGears, The dreaded black plastic piece on the inside seems to eventually break for me. Between that and what is a pretty large grip section, I figured with the retractable tip, I'd give the Rapid Pro a shot.

    What I liked: The lead feeder mechanism is on a spring so when you push harder, it has a built in cushion for it. I never thought it'd matter but it actually was nice to have. Another important thing is that the tip is very stable. A lot of retractable pencils have a lot of wiggle in the lead, this did not, it was on par with the GraphGear.

    What I didn't like: There were two major reasons that I sent this back, one is that the eraser cap for whatever reason became loose after a week to the point that it would fall off if I wasn't looking. It wasn't the end of the world but I like having a cap and it shouldn't be falling off that easily. The other major reason was the fact that the joint between the red accent and the grip portion of the body was not good. If you have a firm grip and your hand rests against the red portion or higher on the body, you could feel it move around. I tightened it up as much as I was willing to but the red part is plastic threads. Given that a big part of moving from a GraphGear to the rOtRing was to ditch the plastic piece, I wasn't happy to see the same thing here. Maybe it would hold up better but, given you can buy 3 GG1000s now for the same price, I was not thrilled to find out. Lastly, as much as i was happy the tip retracted, the fact that you have to push the top, push it down against a surface or your finger wasn't ideal.

    11 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Initial impressions: Good
    By Wayne on 24 April 2017

    Just received my Rapid Pro and it's seems to be an excellent choice of mechanical pencil. Compared to the Rotring 600, the knurling on the Rapid Pro is not a grippy. The hexagonal barrel has rounded corners unlike the 600's sharper flat faced barrel. The Rapid Pro is slightly longer and heavier than the 600. I think the Rapid Pro is better suited as a graphic arts, sketch or writing instrument. The 600 seems like the better choice for mechanical drafting due to the coarser grip, stiffer tip and lead indicator. The Rapid Pro has a bit of slop in the tip but I do like it's ability to retract making pocket carry more comfortable. Leave the 600 at home on the drafting board. If travelling, take the Rapid Pro.

    6 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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