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RSVP DMC-10 Endurance 18/8 Stainless Steel Measuring Cups, Set of 7
107.90 SAR

RSVP DMC-10 Endurance 18/8 Stainless Steel Measuring Cups, Set of 7

by  RSVP International, Kitchen Measuring Tools -

107.90 SAR 

+ 34.45 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
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RSVP International
Main Features:
  • Our set of seven measuring cups goes above and beyond by offering the most popular measures for cooking and baking. Dividing and multiplying recipes is a breeze with this deluxe set
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    RSVP International
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    Our popular heavy gauge 18/8 stainless steel measuring cups have long, rounded handles and are dish washer safe. Set of 7 includes - 1, 3/4, 2/3, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, and 1/8 cups.


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • THESE are the ones to get - I read ALL the reviews
    By Lisa Murakami on 19 December 2011

    I spent hours reading ALL the reviews of ALL of the measuring cup sets listed on Amazon and hopefully I can save you all some time: THESE are the ones to get.

    (I even looked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and cross-referenced to get reviews of their sets... don't bother!)

    I have just ONE thing to add to all the other reviews: This set is neck-and-neck with a few others - notably the CIA Masters set - and I was torn until I realized one key thing. These cups have a much smaller circumference and can therefore fit in more things to "scoop." I really thought that aesthetically, the CIA Masters set just looked prettier... but as soon as I found, buried in a review, that the CIA Masters set's 1 cup is 4 inches across I knew it wouldn't fit in my flour and sugar canisters to scoop. It was all over.

    I bought these and have never looked back. I love love LOVE them. To reiterate what other reviewers have already noted:

    - Even the 1/4 cup is properly weighted so that it doesn't tip over when it's empty or only half full. This was huge for me.

    - The cups themselves are properly weighted; not too heavy, not too light.

    - It's nice to have the 3/4 cup and the 2/3 cup.

    - These stay perfectly clean; no crevices for anything to get stuck in.

    - These are quality and won't bend, melt, or ever be altered.

    I love having these. It is a pleasure to cook with them. These are the ones to get, and they make a perfect gift for any cook. Even cooks who already have a set will love using their older set as "extra" when a recipe calls for using the same cup more than once, with different ingredients.

    373 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Poor quality -- rusted right out of the box.
    By Amazon Customer on 18 January 2014

    I chose this set for the nice variety of sizes (replacing tupperware, but I am switching away from using plastics for health concerns). Who would imagine that "stainless steel" (even marked 18/8) would rust, even right out of the box? It does not wash off.
    I almost never return items purchased online, but I paid a hefty price for this set, and they should be perfect, at least when new. I won't buy this brand again. I did upload some photos but I don't know where they went.

    76 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • End the search - these are the best measuring cups you can buy!
    By Petal on 09 August 2016

    What a wonderful set of measuring cups. After going through several sets of measuring cups I've had enough of cups (even other SS ones) with handles that bend and/or break off, plastic cups with printed measurements that wash off after the first wash and other problems. I was searching for a really good set to put on my birthday wish list and after reading a lot of reviews on a lot of different sets, these are the ones I chose and received for my birthday this year. I have been using them for three months now and I'm very impressed with how sturdy they are and still beautiful looking even after a lot of use.

    They arrived beautifully packaged and with a little chain that connects the cups together as you can see in the product photo. I have since discarded the chain as we keep our measuring cups in a baking drawer and use them daily so I don't want to have to disconnect and reconnect the chain each time I need to use a cup. They stack very neatly, the little lip on all the smaller cups helps them to nest in a level manner instead of becoming progressively awkwardly slanted.

    I have not seen a difference in the bread that we bake each day, so I think the measurements are comparable to most other measuring cups, but I have included photos of various measurements so you can decide for yourself.

    The water in the cup on the scale is filled right up to the point of overflowing.
    The flour is All Trumps flour and with the current humidity in Missouri it may be a bit heavier than usual.
    The water comparison is using a standard Pyrex liquid measuring cup, I don't know how accurate Pyrex measurements are, but it's all I have to go by. As you can see, one cup of water is equal in both measures.

    Perhaps the most important quality I was looking for in new measuring cups was strength in the handle. We usually scoop ingredients which puts a lot of strain on the joint between the handle and the cup. These cup handles are strong and solid and I don't foresee them ever breaking.

    All in all, these cups are fantastic.

    7 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Pretty good overall
    By S. B-rod on 08 February 2019

    These spoons are great! They are accurate, easy to level off, and have just the right amount of heft (not too heavy or light). Just throw out the chain hooking them together and store the spoons separated in a small box in your drawer. These spoons are mirror polished 18/8 stainless steel. The narrow handle makes them very nice to fit into a duel opening spice cap. I also really like the rounded shape. All of the spoons, even the tablespoon, fit great into a 6 oz paragon glass jar with a 53 mm lid (google it, they are available for purchase also Pioneer woman has some expensive jars that fit too). Too many people have tiny spice jar openings like spice islands and McCormick’s glass bottles and they are such a pain to deal with. I even found a set that fit into these tiny spice jars, but the heads become so wonky that scooping out the spices is a major pain.

    -mirror polished
    -pretty well balanced
    -super accurate
    -heavy duty/never bending
    -narrow handles for easier scooping in spice jars

    -NO HALF TABLESPOON! What the heck is that about? You can’t even buy it a la carte like their other spoons.
    -1/2 Tablespoon is ONLY available in the “odd” set that contains a useless 2/3 teaspoon and another 1/8 teaspoon. What am I supposed to do with another 1/8 teaspoon?
    -no 3/4 teaspoon size available at all with a rounded head (but they have it for their retangle head spoons).
    -it would be nice if the handles were just as comfortable as CIA’s measuring spoon handles. But this set is at least accurate while CIA’s is way off. The handles on these are only slightly less comfortable than CIA’s.

    All together there are some very strange decisions made by the measuring spoon design team. I hope they decide to fix it someday. It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

    Published on Amazon.com

  • GREAT, but I wish they had the smaller fractions as well
    By ireadtoomuch on 12 December 2017

    I love these. I use really big spice jars and these are wonderful to reach down in them as they get lower. I kept thinking back to the measuring spoons my mother had which were really long handled. Thus my search started and I found these. They are wonderful. Sturdy. BUT my only complaint is that they don't have the small fractions (1/4 tsp & 1/8 tsp).

    5 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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