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Sof Sole Insoles Unisex FIT Support Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert, Men's 11-12, Neutral Arch
159.00 SAR

Sof Sole Insoles Unisex FIT Support Full-Length Foam Shoe Insert, Men's 11-12, Neutral Arch

by  Sof Sole, Shoes Accessories -  782 ratings

159.00 SAR 

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International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • 3.0cm arch height is ideal for supporting neutral arches
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    Sof Sole
    Mens 11-12
    Model Number
    Sof Sole
    Mens 11-12
    Model Number
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    Find your perfect fit in the Sof Sole® Fit Series Neutral Arch Insole! Sold as a one-pair pack. Slip-on construction. Textile upper and lining throughout. 3 cm arch height. 60 Durometer foam in heel and arch. 40 Durometer foam in forefoot Anatomical nylon plate for foot alignment. Imported.


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Sof Sole v. Superfeet v. Icebug
    By Amazon Customer on 26 April 2016

    After production of the insoles that I used for years ceased, I have been searching for a replacement brand. I have tried three products: (1) Superfeet men's orange insoles, (2) Sof Soles Fit Performance high arch insoles, and (3) Icebug FAT maximum cushioning insole. Bottom line, Superfeet broke quickly; Sof Sole is similar in feel to Superfeet, providing rigid arch support for daily use, but it appears to lack Superfeet's heel cup defect; and Icebug provides a more flexible arch support that I believe I will prefer during exercise.

    I believe individual experience with insoles will vary widely based on foot shape, foot issues, gate and use, making my review most applicable to someone with a narrow foot, wicked pronation, a long heel-stomping stride and activities ranging from office work to hiking. I want an insole that has a high and strong arch that can keep my arch, and therefore ankle, from collapsing as I push off with each step. In other words, I am looking for structure rather than cushioning. My review is based on these conditions and needs, which may make it more or less useful for you.

    As I said, I have tried three options. The first was Superfeet, which I chose after examining product photos and many Amazon reviews. Superfeet have a hard plastic heel cup and arch covered with a foam cushion, which I expected would provide strong arch support without feeling like I had lined my shoe with concrete. The insoles were magnificent, but not durable. They were unable to withstand the pressure that I put on inside wall of the insole from the heel to the arch. Within seven weeks they broke. The heel cup cracked through. Superfeet customer service was great, but the product was not going to work for me.

    Having struck out the first time, I tried two options simultaneously, Sof Sole and Icebug. I have been alternating between the two for about two weeks now, which is not enough time to give feedback on durability. I am, however, able to offer a comparison for anyone trying to decide between the two.

    Sof Sole Fit is most similar to Superfeet. It has a hard plastic heel cup and arch covered with a layer of foam. The heel cup is constructed differently, using a rounded rather than flat bottom. The arch is both very high and, like Superfeet, a bit close to the heel. It is, however, comfortable for me, and it appears to keep me from pronating as I am not experiencing the telltale knee pain that comes with a shoddy insole.

    Icebug is a different creature. Like Superfeet and Sof Sole, Icebug has a durable base extending from heel to arch that is topped with layers of foam and fabric, but the Icebug bottom layer is different. Whereas Superfeet and Sof Sole use a hard plastic, Icebug uses a more flexible material. The literature that came with the insoles explained that it is intended to return energy to your step a bit like a spring. The arch support feels good, but much less rigid.

    So far I like both Sof Sole and Icebug, wearing them on alternating days. Over time, I suspect I will begin to dedicate each insole to specific activities. Sof Sole has been great around the office and while running errands. Conversely, Icebug's more cushioned top layers and flexible underlayer may make it a better choice for longer, higher impact activities.

    The real test of an insole comes with time. Superfeet failed after seven weeks. I have been wearing Sof Sole and Icebug for only two weeks. If anything noteworthy comes up in the weeks ahead, I'll update my review. If no updates have been posted, assume they have both continued to perform in line with this review.

    195 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • I do 10k 15k steps a day.... The best my 4th pair.
    By RobV on 23 March 2017

    For those who complained they suck obviously don't have a high arch. This is the newest "gen" much more durable then the last one. My 4th pair. The stiff hard high arch support is what I need. Soft and flexible defeats the purpose. My arch needs to stay put. I have broken both feet over 5 times and was told that I will have chronic breaks forever due to the flexing of my foot that weakens the bones. Like a paper clip flexing back over and over will eventually break. I am in my mid 30s and still play ball so these are necessary for work, play, and even in my slippers. My job is alot of walking avg 10k-15k steps easy with some busy days exceeding 25k. This is my 4th pair and will continue to buy as they are my only saving grace. Ty for selling them at a great price. Only purchase the high arch if u have a very high arch. Stop complaining they don't feel good. If you have a high arch they will be great for you.

    37 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Perfect insole for very high arch feet!
    By LL on 15 May 2017

    I have high arch feet and always struggle to find right insoles for my feet. I didn't wanna spend a lot of money for orthopedic insoles. When I came across this product I was very excited to see the word "High Arch". These are made for specifically high arch feet, not just like regular performance insoles with decent arch support. I was a little surprised to see the super high arch when I got it in my hands. At first I thought it was gonna be a little uncomfortable but surprisingly it was very comfortable to wear. The arch fits perfect on my feet. I need to order more of these!

    31 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Quality rigid arch support to help solve foot ailments
    By Jeremiah Carroll on 23 April 2019

    This review is for the Sof Sole Fit Neutral Insole. I'm a 45 yr old male with diabetic neuropathy, over pronation, a falling arch in my right foot and sciatica which results in the feeling of a knot on my right foot opposite of my arch where the nerve ending is. Needless to say I experience a lot of foot pain. My podiatrist suggested a pair of New Balance 928 walking shoes and a neutral or medium height arch support and foot stabilizing insole. I bought the shoes and a pair of Vionic Insoles. At first they hurt,esp my right foot. It felt like I was walking on a giant rock right on my arch. The instructions on the insoles said to wear only 2 hrs at a time until the pain went away. I was weary that they would make it worse but with advice from my chiropractor, stuck with the insoles. Within a week the "rock" had disappeared and the pain in my foot was much less. Eventually the shoes with the inserts became the most comfortable shoes I'd ever had. Unfortunately I was evacuated from my house due to wild fires, staying in hotels for two weeks and lost the shoes with the inserts. That was 170$ and I was too broke to buy those shoes and insoles again for over 6 months and lost most of the progress I made. I purchased a few 10$ insoles from Amazon but the arches were too high and the support was too flexible(the Vionic have rigid support) and the rock never went away in them. Enter the Sof Sole Fit. After the high arch on the cheapies I decided to go with the neutrals. Initially I was afraid they were too narrow and would hurt the nerve ending of my sciatic nerve. I put them on and they were very rigid but did not put pressure on the nerve like some of the cheaper ones did. That first day the rock was pretty big and my feet definitely hurt but now four days in the rock flattens out with minutes of wearing them. So far my exp is similar to the Vionics and I'm sure these inserts will help with my problems. They could have more support on the ball of your foot and they do squeak a little when you walk, due to the slick nylon on the heel. Also they are a bit narrow so if you wear a wide shoe they can move a bit if you're shoes are not laced up tight. To me these are miniscule problems. Also the arch support peaks towards the back of the arch. Imo this is best for actually healing the fallen arch, the Vionics also had this kind of support where as the cheaper insoles had a more forward support and didn't help me. The bottom line is these are quality rigid inserts that will help with over pronation, falling arches and plantar fasciitis. They are of high quality in league with Superfeet, Vionic , Powerstep Maxx, Spenco Total Support Max

    9 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

    By Amatek on 17 November 2017

    These do support my feet very well, and I like them, but everyone is right. They SQUEAK bad enough that it will turn your normal shoes into CLOWN shoes. Some said to sand the bottoms with a light grit sandpaper, and that works, for about a DAY. I just had to sand mine using a very aggressive (80 grit) sandpaper, and hopefully that will do the trick. I assume the manufacturer is well aware of this by now, and should take it into account when building them in the future.

    16 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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