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Tenba Messenger DNA 15 Slim Bag - Cobalt (638-483)
656.40 SAR

656.40 SAR 

+ 138.19 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • Special Whisper Hook closure enables flap to be opened with nearly silent operation by pulling down before pulling away from the bag.
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    Tenba Messenger DNA 15 Slim Bag - Cobalt (638-483), Brand : Tenba


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • The DNA 13 vs. the DNA 15
    By jennifer & jimmy on 13 July 2016

    I'm writing my review as a comparison between the DNA 13 and the DNA 15, as even with the specifications on the website, I had a lot of trouble picturing which would be best for me. I'll start by saying that I am a wedding photographer who uses a large rolling back, and then a smaller, shoulder "working" bag. So, my goal was to have a shoulder bag that was small enough to keep on my shoulder while working, and yet large enough to house what I need, during the times I don't have access to my roller. My other requirement was that it were able to hold a steel water bottle on an outside pocket- because weddings in August are long and I don't want to die.

    Both bags are fantastically well built. They are as efficient and sleek as the videos show and I'm really impressed with how well thought out the design of the bags are, for their size.

    Pros & Cons for BOTH bags...


    I wish the front pockets were less deep and perhaps lighter on the inside, rather than the "black hole"

    Yep, that's the only con.


    There are tucked little pockets *everywhere*. I didn't see it in the description, but the very back zipper pocket is not just a large pocket, but a large pocket with smaller pockets against the back. Perfect for stashing timelines, pens, gum, etc that you might want quick and easy access to. There are also small pockets on the outside of the insert. The DNA 15 has more on its insert, and that insert is also a bit wider and deeper (as to be expected)

    The top zipper compartment, for the top access is every bit as accessible and useful as they make it out to be. I also like that it adds a bit of depth to the bag.

    The strap is dreamy- coming from a Domke padded strap, I thought that nothing could compare, but I was wrong. This strap is fantastic.

    The top handle = awesome

    The trolly strap = thank you!

    Now down to the differences...

    My main concern was holding a LOT, but in a small profile bag, so that I am not knocking into people. I tested both bags with the inserts they came with, as well as with the Timbuk2 Snoop. I used the medium in the DNA 15 and the small in the DNA 13 and they both fit perfectly in their respective bags. That said, the inserts that come with the bags seem better thought out, and I will likely use the insert that Tenba has provided.

    When comparing the two, I was able to get the same amount of stuff in each bag- just the 15 was more accessible. However, it is much bulkier, especially at the bottom of the bag. I like a bag that molds to me a bit more, with a thinner profile and I felt that the 13 did just that. When testing, I was able to fit the following inside both bags:

    D750 with 50 mm attached, 35 mm prime, 85 mm prime, 70-200 with spider mount attached & an sb-900 flash. With the 15, there was room for more, and everything was more accessible. With the 13, it all fit, but I had to stack some stuff. That said, I could likely have fit more in the 13, as well.

    I have a laptop bag, so I don't anticipate using the laptop feature, but just so ya know... my 13" MBP with a case around it fit perfectly in both bags. It was snug in the 13 and had a more comfortable breathing room in the 15.

    Since I use a spider holster, I rarely need to have my actual camera in the bag, other than the start and the end of the day, or when going from one location to the next. So I felt that the smaller profile of the 13 fit me best, as the base of the 15 was just a bit too wide. So, if you are sitting here trying to decide which bag is best, and you want to hold a solid amount of gear, with a smaller profile, I suggest the 13. If you don't mind a little extra bulk, for a few more pockets and a deeper bag, the 15 is for you.

    Either way, you'll be thrilled. It is a well made, stylish but not flashy bag, that will be perfect for wedding work.

    83 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Good bag but there are some things that could be improved
    By Tianxiao Ma on 05 November 2014

    I used this as my daily driver for about six months.


    - Very spacious inside, can hold all the gear you need and can even double as an overnight bag.

    - Lots of pockets help you stay organized

    - Good for travel. It strikes a good balance between exterior size and carrying capacity. It's easy to stow away on a plane and has a pass through for luggage handles.

    - Has compartments specifically for pens and notebooks

    - Has some weatherproofing, and comes with a rain cover

    - The included shoulder pad feels firm at first but is surprisingly comfortable.

    - Love the design

    Needs improvement:

    - The magnetic clasps come loose too often. I love the silent operation but they get jostled loose all the time. I've never worried about my gear falling out but it can be annoying.

    - It's not very rigid. If you put anything bulky in the side pockets, they tend to bend the sides inward and make the inside cramped. I would at least like the camera insert to be more rigid as it can be annoying to access your gear for quick lens changes and such.

    - Asymmetric design on the flap makes the right pocket hard to access. Also I'm generally not a fan of having such deep pockets on the flap itself.

    - I wish the front pockets were more like dump pockets so they could hold bulky items without having to use interior space. They're suitable for filters and notebooks but there are already compartments for those kinds of things.

    - Really needs velcro silencers.

    - The top zippered access is not the most practical way to access your gear, especially if you're using a gripped DSLR, a large lens, or have a flash attached. The issue is compounded by the lack of rigidity I mentioned, which can make the interior seem way more cramped than it really is.

    IMO this bag is great if you need to haul a large amount of gear between locations, and can set it down and work. It's also an excellent commuter bag (depending on how you feel about the magnetic clasps). It's not so great for actually working out of it on the go, i.e. for street shooting or event coverage.

    49 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • It’s the best camera backpack I’ve ever used!
    By Roka on 23 May 2018

    I’ve had a lot of camera bags, and I mean a LOT! I’ve used backpacks, messenger bags and slings. Let me preface my comments by stating that there’s a lot of personal preference when it comes to liking or not liking any given bag. The perfect bag for me might be an abomination for you. That said the Tenba DNA 15 Backpack is the best camera backpack I’ve ever used. Sometimes I still use a messenger bag but most of the time I find a backpack more useful. I like the ability to carry non-camera items like jackets and messenger bags aren’t very good at that. The Tenba DNA 15 has lots of room in the top compartment for such items. The bottom flip out section holds the camera insert which is removable and can even be placed in the top section if you so desire. It’s big enough to hold a decent size body and several lenses. I currently carry my Sony RX10 IV (not a small camera!) on one side of the insert and on the other side I carry 2 different 360 cameras, a full set of Moment lenses, a set of ND filters for the RX10 IV and a power pack. There’s unused room under the RX10 IV so I could pack even more stuff if needed.

    Wearability and Capacity:
    I find this backpack is quite comfortable to wear. I’ve carried while hiking and just walking around town and have no complaints. One thing to keep in mind is that this is NOT a “quick access” camera bag. If you want to get to your equipment you have to take it off in order to open the bottom section. I solve this dilemma by using a Peak Design Capture Clip for my RX10 IV when I know I’m going to be using the camera while moving around. Just don’t over-tighten the Capture Clip or leave it on the shoulder strap permanently - it will eventually crush the shoulder strap foam. I did exactly that but after several weeks the foam has mostly expanded back to the original thickness.

    The top section features a unique rolling enclosure that allows for expansion to carry more stuff. When rolling it closed Velcro engages but there’s also an adjustable strap with a very clever magnetic latch that securely holds it closed. Be careful of that latch as it’s pretty strong. It bit my finger once! Ouch!

    Weather Resistance:
    The Tenba DNA 15 backpack is made from a material which is water resistant. It should be able to handle a light rain or misty conditions. I’ve only had it out in wet conditions once (I live in the desert Southwest where it’s usually dry) and for that occasion I used the included rain fly which kept the bag and contents dry. It’s nice that Tenba includes rain flies for their bags, something I think all manufacturers of camera bags should do. After all, expensive camera equipment + water = nothing good.

    No bag is perfect but, for me, this one comes close. I really only have 2 small beefs: (1) The exterior fabric pocket closes with a small snap button which can be very difficult to snap, especially if there’s anything in the pocket. I think a small strip of Velcro would have worked much better. (2) I wish there were a few more small pockets on the inside of the bag. I’m somewhat spoiled by Tenba’s DNA messenger bag which have LOTS of small pockets.

    9 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • This bag is really close to being great. Overall the quality is excellent and i really ...
    By Arthur A Hughes IV on 27 September 2015

    This bag is really close to being great. Overall the quality is excellent and i really like the layout. It also looks great. Two main issues prevent me from loving it though. The first is the retention of the Velcro for the camera insert dividers. It is simply too weak when used w heavier gear and i have to reposition it way more than id like. Compared w the velcro inserts in my FStop ICUs in my main FStop Loka backpack which are extremely strong and stay put, these leave a lot to be desired. The second negative is how easily the main clips on the front panel are knocked off when it bumps into stuff. I love the idea of the quick releases and magnetic alignment, but they just get knocked off too often for me. Overall though i am very pleased w the bag, but these two negatives prevent me from loving it.

    18 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • It holds more than you think for a little bag.
    By Kevin C on 15 April 2018

    This is a small bag on the outside. I did not WANT a huge bag. But..... with a little thought, and a bit of extra reinforcing to make a box to help support the camera lens facing down with some 1/4" craft foam, I am now carrying a Pentax 645D with a 45-85 lens attached, an 80-160 and a 45 prime. Plus an iPad, spare batteries, memory cards, a travel charger.... I'm trying to travel lighter. I really love the color on this - the red/black color is nicely different from everything else. I'm not too worried about the "quiet velcro" - although it does work to reduce noise if you open it right. I DO like the funky magnetic assisted catches. They pop off easy with a sideways push, but since the load on them is straight up on the flap they should hold just fine, and putting them ON is a snap - literally. Just bring it close and it snaps on.
    ###Updated - It's been a few months, and I've taken the bag and a rather big camera load out for a few weeks in Scotland, and many shoots and airplane trips since then. Fits under the seat quite well. When I'm not carrying the big Pentax medium format in there, it is an AMAZING work bag - have my ipad, a surfacebook tablet pc, and a drawing pad, plus headphones, chargers, and all the daily stuff I can't live without. I think I need to buy ANOTHER one for my camera so I don't have to swap back and forth. Might get the next size up and add one more flash to my loadout! Buy one - you'll love it.

    6 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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