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TYC 800147P Kia Soul Replacement Cabin Air Filter
16.14 SAR

TYC 800147P Kia Soul Replacement Cabin Air Filter

by  TYC, Car Parts -

16.14 SAR 

+ 26.67 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
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      TYC 800147P CABIN AIR FILTER FITS 10-13 KA SOUL CAF (OEM P8790 2K000A) **Please confirm vehicle application on TYC website prior to purchase


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    Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
    • Breathing Easier, Now.
      By W. Bulck on 28 March 2013

      I honestly didn't think you could replace this filter. Its location led me to believe I would eventually have to take it to the dealer, and let them do it. False. Quick run down: you take the three screws out from under the bottom rim of the glove box. You open the glove box, empty it out, and remove the five screws around its top rim (two on each side, on sort of back, and in, the hole). Don't lose the screws. Now, you wiggle the glove box out of its opening. Be careful, it'll feel like it's not gonna budge, then it will. Quickly. Place it on the in the leg well of the passenger side, or wherever, remember: don't misplace those screws. In the giant hole you've now got, there is a square bit about an inch and a half wide, and 6 inches tall, with a latch-looking thing. That's the filter box. Unclip the latch, and the bottom will swing down, and away (towards the firewall). Reach in, and pull out the old filter. Be brave, it's probably nasty (see my pictures, above) and covered in all manner of stuff. Open the new filter, and slip it in the box, relatch (if the latchy bit came loose, and fell, no worries - just slip the flat part into the hole on the far side of the box - and resume progress). From there, reverse the process. Only note - when you slip the glove box back into its hole, give it a firm couple of tap/whacks, at the top edge, to seat it into its clips. Screws - which you haven't lost, right? - go back in reverse order, or whatever. And bam; you're breathing clean.

      Now, to review the product directly. As it pertains to the 2011 Kia Soul!. It's a perfect fit. It even feels a little heavier than the used one I pulled out, leading me to think this product is more robust. I've yet to go more than a few miles with it running, but this summer it will get plenty of use. Last year there was an accident with some whipped cream on my passenger side, which left a bit of a stank in the car. Since replacing the filter, the smell is almost completely gone. I figure it'll take a couple of weeks to completely air out the system, but I have high hopes. I'll update when I know more.

      All in all, this is the perfect product, it fits as promised, arrived early, and was well worth the money. If you're debating, stop. Hit the purchase link. And be happy.

      28 people found this review helpful

      Published on Amazon.com

    • Fit just fine. Easy to change with a screwdriver and 10 minutes or less.
      By Tim Hunkler on 13 September 2016

      This was the correct fit for my 2011 Kia Soul.

      Removing the screws and the glove compartment was not difficult, but annoying. My stepson has a Honda, and you can replace the cabin filter in it just by pushing sideways on the sides of the glove compartment. It then drops down to reveal an install slot you can reach by hand with no tools. Total time on the Honda to change the cabin filter was 30 seconds. Time on the Kia was 5-10 minutes because of the screws. So not a lot of trouble, but could have been easier.

      But nothing wrong with the fit of the filter. You generally have to bend/flex the filters to get them in though, and this one was no different.

      4 people found this review helpful

      Published on Amazon.com

    • Took 10 min.. fits 2011 kia soul perfectly
      By MeoW on 19 October 2018

      ...lotsa videos out there but dont really need. .

      3 screws bttm of glove box
      4 with it open 2 top 2 bttm
      1 dumb one in inside part upper left ( previous person never put this one back in and i see why.. id have left it out too.. if you leave it out u dont hafta take your junk out!)

      #Take these screws out
      #Remove whole box ( i hadta really tug n wiggle mine)
      # undo latch that holds filter
      remove n Replace keeping airflow arrow same ( mine was toward passenger side)
      Easy peasy

      Published on Amazon.com

    • it is a cabin filter at a pretty good price
      By Jai on 08 June 2017

      Whats more to say, it is a cabin filter at a pretty good price. Installation in kia soul was quite easy. In this case, 5 scres were removed to enable removal glove box. Open the flap cover for cabin filter, remove old filter and finally, install the new filter. Review youtube videos specific to you auto. The benefit of changing filter is this, your airflow from fan or AC will increase substantially. Where the fan speed had to be set at atleast 3 to get relief from heat, 1st setting is now sufficent. After seeing how dirty told filter, its no wonder the fan wasnt blowing any air. Simple task, watch the video on you tube and go for it.

      Published on Amazon.com

    • Work as advertised
      By Augusto on 26 August 2019

      The process to change the filter is not easy, but that is due to the fact that you must remove the whole glove box to get to the filter, once that was done the filter fits like a glove, then put everything back in place and you are done, I recommend this company and their products. It worked for us.

      Published on Amazon.com

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