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VIGO Stainless Steel Bottom Grid, 19.25-in. x 16.875-in.
135.86 SAR

VIGO Stainless Steel Bottom Grid, 19.25-in. x 16.875-in.

by  VIGO, Home Supplies -  635 ratings

135.86 SAR 

+ 64.88 SAR Saudi Arabia Delivery
International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • Chrome-plated stainless steel construction
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    Sink accessory features Chrome-plated stainless steel construction. Grid comes with vinyl feet and protective bumpers. Protects sink from scratches and general daily use. 1-Year limited warranty. 15.875 in. L x 19.25 in. W. Maintain the beauty of your kitchen sink basin with a Vigo Kitchen Sink Bottom Grid.


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • It was a perfect fit!
    By Treefr0g on 05 February 2016

    I recently installed a new sink, black enameled cast iron. As it's larger than my old sink (acrylic), my old stainless sink grids were too small. I went searching for new ones that fit my sink. The manufacturer made a set specifically for the sink, but at $54 each, I almost had a heart attack! I started searching for a less expensive set, in the dimensions I needed. Not only did it seem impossible to find the right size, but the cost was outrageous. Since when did simple stainless sink racks become so expensive? Is there a shortage of materials? But I digress.

    I kept searching for days, and then I came across this one. I read the reviews, and was concerned about the size issue some people had. I measured and remeasured, to be sure. I finally pulled the plug and ordered 2. When they arrived, I was extremely impressed with the quality!! They were much more robust than my old ones, heavier, and stronger. Plus they came with many extra bumpers and feet...impressed again! Then I held my breath as I tried one in the sink... It was a perfect fit!! I grabbed the other one and put it in, stood back, and admired the racks. The holes even lined up perfectly! Funny how you can get excited over sink racks. LOL!!

    I've been using them now for a month, have run them thru the dishwasher several times a week, and I am still very impressed with them. They're quite strong, they don't bow under heavy pans or dishes. I would call them heavy duty compared to the typical ones you find for this price. I did move the bumpers to better locations for my specific sink, and I rotated them so I see the silver frame...instead of the black bumpers. Food bits are easy to rinse off, and the dishwasher keeps them like new. Given the quality, I expect that they'll probably last 15-20 years. But only time will tell on that one.

    I only have one complaint, and it's just a personal preference thing. I'm used to being able to rinse plates and stand them upright on the rack to drip before putting them in the dishwasher. The grates on my old racks were raised running front to back in the sink...this would hold the plates safely upright. Unfortunately these racks have the grates running opposite. The grates running left to right are over the top of the ones going front to back. No more plate dripping...which I DO miss! However, the racks are awesome, so it's a minor thing to get used to.

    I highly recommend this rack to anyone who wants a solid, well made, high quality rack. At $23, I feel its a fair price for what you get!!!

    13 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Good quality grid
    By Nancy E on 10 September 2018

    This grid is very nice, heavy duty, rubber caps for the legs and washers for the sides and a replacement set. Fit is perfect in the sink - I used a soft tape measure and measured the inside bottom several times before deciding on this one and I couldn’t be happier. This is for our under mount 60/40 sink and the top sink measures are 15 3/4 by 18 1/2 for the larger side.

    4 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Decent product, but more a luxury than a necessity.
    By Sal Fanale on 28 July 2015

    I purchased this sink grid after several people suggested "I absolutely needed one" for my new stainless steel sink. While it should be apparent from the measurements, no where does the product description actually mention what size sink it actually fits. I purchased this sink: http://amzn.com/B00352VAEU and the 29" grid fits like a glove.

    ~ Basically prevents any scratches, dents, dings, or other damage to the sink from heavy/cast-iron pots and pans.
    ~ Useful to use after washing all the dishes. Load them back into the sink and let them all drip-dry directly into the sink/down the drain. No need for the counter space hogging drying rack anymore.
    ~ All the support feet are wrapped with a rubber pad so it lays down into the sink nice and solidly. Its a perfect fit for my 32" sink, tucking perfectly into the corners and along the sides.

    ~ If you are like me, after you are done washing you scrub down the sink with the back of a sponge. This keeps the stainless steel sink clean and mostly stain free. However, you will obviously need to remove this grid in order to do that. It's a minor hassle, especially when its wet because you have to find an appropriate place to store a dripping wet rack.
    ~ Small items can fall through the grid. Generally, the grid pattern is pretty small, but items like silverware and small utensils will fall through or can become tangled in the grid like in a dishwasher. Again, a minor inconvenience, but slightly annoying if you are used to being completely unencumbered by a naked sink.

    Overall, I like having the grid in the sink because it is preventing me from completely destroying the stainless finish. The small complaints I have are not deal breakers, especially since I got this on sale for $24 when it is normally more than twice that. Though it does make some aspects of a stainless sink simpler, it is certainly a luxury which you can probably live without. If it was normally $25, I would rate it 5 stars, but for $50 I think the price:value ratio is just a little off for a 5 star product.

    7 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Works great with custom feet!
    By AlliumByTheLake on 05 August 2015

    I bought this in Sep 2014. I have a Blanco Wave 510-880 sink. This Vigo VGG1915 grid would have been Au perfect fit except that the Blanco sink width gets narrower towards the bottom. (Tip for future buyers - measure your sink at the narrowest point at the bottom.) Raising the Vigo grid solved the problem. I made my own grid feet from polyethylene round rods using a skiving tool and rotary tool to carve out the grooves. My custom feet raised the grid 2 inches off the sink bottom (see photo). I actually like the grid higher than too close to the bottom so things I'm working on don't touch wash/rinse water.

    Amazingly, the center hole aligns with my sink's drain hole. One thing to note though, the one I received (see photo) doesn't look like the product photos. Mine has bigger rectangular holes. The product photos show a grid with smaller square holes. From other reviews, this doesn't seem to be uncommon. I have no idea why Vigo advertises a grid with smaller square holes and then sends grids with larger rectangular holes to its customers. Minus one star for that.

    Why didn't I buy the Blanco grid that's made for my Blanco sink? The price. The Blanco grid was $70+. I only paid $18+ for the Vigo. I don't think a stainless steel grid is worth $70 or $90 or $100+. I would just be paying for the name if I bought the Blanco grid. The Vigo steel wires are thick. They don't bend under the weight of heavy pans/pots. My kitchen sink sees a lot of action and this grid has been holding up great. I also like that this grid doesn't have any vinyl coating. I hate those. Vinyl coating on wires for kitchen use almost always eventually gets icky and cracks.

    updated 3/20/2018 - Hasn't rusted yet!

    6 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Excellent low cost alternative for my Blanco sink
    By Shar M. on 13 July 2017

    Extremely happy with this! I have a Blanco sink and the cost for their grids is just out of my willing to pay for budget. While there is nothing that fit my sink dimensions exactly this came super close so I thought I'd give it a try. Price was reasonable and if it did not work there was always a return option. Luckily it works perfectly. It is just at tiny bit narrower than my sink bowl but you would be hard pressed to tell its not made for it. I like these types of grids so much better than the rubber ones I started with one of those but hated all the stuff that would get trapped under it and having to lift it up and rinse all the time. These stainless steel grids are the way to go. Has been in sink almost 6 months now and looks as good as they day I put it in there. The rubber feet are solidly attached. It;s a nice height to keep things off sink with a good clearance but not so high it takes up a lot of room away from sink bowl. If this fits your sink highly recommend!

    2 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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