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Vitalsox Patented Graduated Compression Socks, Carbon/Jade, Medium
80.25 SAR

Vitalsox Patented Graduated Compression Socks, Carbon/Jade, Medium

by  Vitalsox, Sportswear -  3,405 ratings

80.25 SAR 

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Main Features:
  • Vitalsox exclusive silver dry stat- Vitalsox Technical performance material designed using quick drying Polypropylene Infused with silver to resist and Stop the growth of bacteria and fungus
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    Where Are They Made? It really does matter, we make our compression socks in our own factory in Northern Italy, Every part of the quality is controlled from start to finish. Making compression since 1998, Vitalsox has learned many things about the true ideal compression. Testing for maximum

    Where Are They Made? It really does matter, we make our compression socks in our own factory in Northern Italy, Every part of the quality is controlled from start to finish. Making compression since 1998, Vitalsox has learned many things about the true ideal compression. Testing for maximum circulation we found a graduated compression that is ideal for Athletics, Recovery, and Performance. The US granted us a patent on this "ideal" graduated compression, our compression starts at the mid foot, compared to other compression socks that start at the ankle. Hand Tested: Every pair is tested for quality and construction Prewashed In Chemical Free Softener: Manufactured products can come into contact with many contaminants, each pair of socks is washed to be ready to wear. Silver Drystat: Our exclusive fibers, they are infused with Silver for a all natural way to stop the growth of bacteria and fungus that can grow in your sock. Silver fibers will resist odors even after long training sessions. Designed for: Running, Walking, Athletics, Sports, Gym, Yoga, Nurses, Maternity, Working, Standing, Sitting, Driving, Traveling, Flying, or you can even sleep in them. Recovery More Circulation: Quicker recovery since your feet are the furthest away from your heart recovery can be slower than other parts of your body. Fitting And Sizes: We do not offer multiple sized products like S/M or L/XL your product is your actual size, note for more compression size down our socks have 4 way stretch so you can actually fit a Mens size 13 in a Medium. Compare the stretch many socks are just 2 way stretch. Reduced Injuries: Shin splints, Achilles and heel cup issues, blisters, plantar fasciitis, blood pooling, perform at your highest level. Customer Service: Vitalsox stands behind our products contact us for any questions or issues.


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Excellent quality sports compression socks
    By H-Man on 20 November 2014

    I’ve purchased (spent half a fortune) many brands of socks this year and have documented the following virtues and drawbacks of my purchases in attempt to allow you, the consumer, to have an easier time than me navigating the sea of compression sock choices. Note that some are dress socks (best for dress shoes) and others are sports socks (sneakers or any sports related shoes cleats etc.). You could certainly wear the sports socks in a business casual work environment.

    A bit of background:
    I wear nothing but compression socks now and forever as recommended by my doctor after getting a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) (blood clot in leg vein) earlier this year. If you have leg circulation issues (Do your legs fall asleep when sitting on a bench for awhile?) (Are your feet/toes constantly cold?), you may want to wear compression socks too.

    My father always wore “support” socks for work, (which is basically the same thing we call compression socks nowadays) to reduces leg/muscle fatigue. That’s why athletes also wear compression gear. As far as I’m aware there are no negatives to wearing compression socks so consider wearing them just for comfort. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor so check with one if you have concerns).

    On to the reviews:
    Gold Toe Men's Firm Compression Support Over the Calf Dress Sock, Black, Medium ($13.50 Prime)
    Quality compression sock (Top quality like all Gold Toe socks)
    Excellent compression
    Thin dress sock (made for a dress shoe)
    True knee-high sock
    Stays up nicely and doesn’t dig in at top
    Perfect quality after several washes
    Best quality for the price that I have found

    Fytto Style 1067 Men's Comfy Travel and Dress Compression Socks, 15-20mmHg, Knee High, Large, Black ($12.60 Prime)
    Similar to Gold Toe but one notch down in quality
    Not quite as nice feel as Gold Toe (closer to ladies nylon feel than men’s dress sock)
    Shows some wear after several washes
    Less compression than others (15-20mmHg instead of 20-30mmHg like most others on this review list)
    2nd best quality for the price that I have found

    (2 products with same review)
    Futuro Restoring Dress Socks for Men, Black, Large, Firm (20-30 mm/Hg) ($11.49 Prime - also sold @ Wal Mart)
    Austin House Flight Socks (Large) (~$12 inc shipping)
    Cheap compression dress socks (Futuro sold @ Wal Mart)
    Basically thick ladies nylons (not so nice)
    Slippery in shoe (nylon)
    Decent compression
    True knee-high sock
    Stays up reasonably well (falls only a few times a day)
    Digs in a bit at top band of sock (helps sock fall down less but can be uncomfortable)
    Quality fades after several washes

    Terramed Organic Cotton Graduated compression Men's Socks Dress Travel Performance Stockings (20-30 mmHg) (X-Large, White) ($24.99 Prime)
    Nice soft cotton feel (they are indeed cotton).
    Good compression.
    Thin sock (but not too thin)
    Runs small – buy the next size up. (I purchased M or L for all other brands but XL for Terramed – based on other accurate reviews that these socks run quite small)
    Constantly fall down - Not Knee high - Too short for me (and I’m not tall only 5’8”) – Even though XL size, sock doesn’t fully rise past calf therefore are constantly falling down to my ankles.
    After a few washes, they seem to have lost some of their elasticity and fall down even more now.
    Overall – Great feel but based on socks constantly falling to ankles, I will attempt to return these socks. They need to be taller and need to somehow figure out how to make elasticity last longer (maybe a couple % less cotton and more spandex)

    Vitalsox Patented Performance Graduated Compression Socks, White, Large ($17.29 - $33 Prime depending on color (white is $20.21)
    (Seems to be very similar to Travelsox and Eurosocks brands found on Amazon)
    Sports style (a bit thicker than dress sock and much more cotton-like feel)
    7 color choices – even purple if that’s your thing!
    Italian made (ooh ahh)
    Excellent quality
    Excellent compression
    Soft feel (close to cotton feel)
    Stays up nicely
    Quality holds after several washes
    I highly recommend (for sport style socks)

    Jobst Compression Socks – Rolls Royce of compression socks… get them if you can afford to! Too many varieties and links so just search for them by name.
    A note on Jobst – These are the compression socks that you get at medical supply stores and range from low compression to crazy high medical compression. Jobst socks are very expensive but worth it especially if you can get medical insurance reimbursement (Doctors orders). (Price ranges from $26-$75 depending on variety)
    Jobst “Relief” socks are not the same quality as Jobst “Medical” socks and cost half as much but are just fine if you can’t get insurance reimbursement.
    Great compression
    Relief socks feel much more like thick ladies nylons than Medical, which feels like a fancy dress sock.
    Available in wide variety (thigh high, knee high, open or closed toe)
    I prefer the open toe, knee high Medical sock and I wear a standard sock over them.
    For long flights, I ONLY use my Jobst socks.
    I’ve washed my Jobst socks several times and they still appear to be new indicating they might last forever!

    Jobst also makes a thick cotton-like sports sock called “ActiveWear”. These are fantastic socks as well but note that they are much thicker than other sports style compression socks. If you want thinner sports style socks then go with Vitalsox/Eurosocks.

    Bottom line: The Jobst are without a doubt the best but crazy expensive so I only have a few of them and ALWAYS wear them on flights. I use Gold Toe as my standard socks for work, and Vitalsox/Jobst sport socks for weekends. I don’t plan to purchase any more Fytto, Futuro or Austin House socks. Feel free to throw a comment back to me if you know of any other quality brands that I should try.

    734 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Comparative Review of Athletic Support Socks
    By D. Weber on 12 February 2017

    How do you pick athletic support socks off the internet? It seems like an impossible task, and just reading reviews for one particular brand only helps a little. So I decided to buy 3 different pairs that seemed like they might be the right ones for me, and then provide this comparative review to help others evaluate the differences between some of the many choices you’ll find here on Amazon. I was looking for an athletic sock to wear while golfing, bike riding and hiking. The three pairs I purchased are these: VitalSox Graduated Compression Performance Exercise Socks, ABD Athlete Compression Socks, and Physix Gear Compression Socks for Men & Women. Important issues for me included: Length (long enough to go to the top of my calf just below the knee), Support (a good sense of compression support through the foot, ankle and calf), comfort (ability to wear all day without being overly constrictive at the top band, but also not sagging throughout the day), and fit (I’m 5’10”, 195 lbs., size 9 shoe, with fairly large legs – 17” calf, 10” ankle).

    VitalSox – This is a comfortable compression sock that comes just below the knee cap and has a nice wide top band and a nice thicker footbed for comfort. The support compression is nice through the foot and up the calf. I purchased size Medium based on the shoe-size chart provided by the seller. Because sizing of compression wear is really based on both calf and foot size, I was concerned that the Medium might be too tight in the calf, but that is not the case.

    ABD Athlete – Nicely made socks, a bit lighter weight than the VitalSox, but still provide plenty of support. Based on their foot size and calf size chart, I purchased the Large size. While I found these comfortable and supportive when I first put them on, they became less comfortable after several hours of wear. This seemed to be caused by the combination of a narrow top band a length that brought the sock just past the widest part of my calf, but a solid two inches below the bottom of my knee cap. I found myself needing to re-arrange the location of the top band to keep from having a sore spot under the band.

    Physix Gear – Right out of the package, there was a visible difference with this pair of sock. The calf area of the sock is designed to be wider at the top of the sock compared to the ankle region. With my large calves, this seemed like a good feature. Based on their calf size/shoe size chart I went with the L/XL size. These socks have a fairly narrow top band, but because they are long enough (come up to the bottom of the knee cap), and wider at the top, they are very comfortable to wear all day, and provide nice, noticeable support throughout the foot and leg.

    Conclusion – There are many factors that will be important to you, and they won’t be exactly the same as my factors. That said, for me, the best of these three socks is the Physix Gear sock. They are long, supportive and all-day comfortable. A close second place finish goes to VitalSox – They are long, comfortable and have a nice wide top band. They are a bit heavier than the other brands, so might feel a bit too warm on a hot day. Third place goes to ABD athletic because, for me, they are a bit too short and the top band is too restrictive on my calf. All three brands seem to be very well made. I have only worn each pair for one day, and washed them one time. After more wearings and washings I will update with any new thoughts that come out of longer experience.

    51 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Great material, these are now a month old and ...
    By Charlie Estrada on 08 August 2015

    I purchased these socks because I had recently started nursing school 4 months ago and I'm on my feet all day running around or sometimes just standing for long periods of time helping with charting. I noticed one of the nurses reach down and itch her leg and noticed that she had these compression sock on. I decided that I would give it a shot. Pro:Great material, these are now a month old and no signs of real wear and tear, I thought that I might as well use them for hikes and really give them the test and they had kept my feet relativity dry (I understand some people feet sweat more than other, I took two pairs for that reason), but no unwanted hot spots or blisters with these. The keep there elasticity well, I have purchased a similar pair and was let down because in the matter of three uses they stopped staying up on my leg, these have lasted and don't look like they are going to let me down any time soon. Con: for the first time, I really don't have one right now but If I have a complaint I will be back on here and extend this review. Hope this helps and thanks.

    76 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • I tried 5 brands - This was #2
    By Tom Stillings on 08 May 2016

    This is a long story with a happy ending.
    I have been experiencing swelling in my lower legs that would increase during the day. My doctor advised me that I should be wearing compression socks to prevent more serious swelling. I was resisting due to silly vanity. My daughter gave me a pair of Endurance Shield 360 compression socks and said “try these, they are the best”. I tried them and they were OK, but I didn’t believe they were the best. I had to do my own experiment.
    I went to Amazon and saw hundreds of choices. They all sound the same, look similar, and all have a mixture of reviews. I picked four brands and bought one of each (in black) to try for myself. It took a while, but the results are in and we have a winner! My daughter was right: the Endurance Shield 360 socks are the best. (I just wish they had some colors other than black.) We can all use a little splash of color in our lives sometimes.
    Here are the details of all the competitors in order of my ranking from best to last.
    1.) Endurance Shield 360 – They are very easy to put on and take off. Good smooth compression graduated up the calf. Smooth transition from sock to skin at the top, so no constriction at the top. They came up to just the right spot on my leg and stayed up on my leg well without any falling down. There is substantial fabric in the foot area that provided good cushioning. I did have to pay attention the right and left, but they are labeled ‘R’ and ‘L’, so it was easy. It would be nice if they were available in colors other than black. I have ordered several additional pairs.
    2.) Vitalsox VT1211 Graduated Compression – These are a close second. They were a little more difficult to put on, but felt good once in place. They have a band at the top that looks like it would constrict and cut off circulation, but magically do not do that. The band turns into a very good transition from the compression to my skin at the top. They came up to just the right spot on my leg and stayed up on my leg well without any falling down. They have a shiny reflective texture in the calf that is a bit different from all the others. They do come in a rainbow of colors and I have ordered a pair in blue to try.
    3.) MoJo Elite Recovery & Performance Compression Socks – These are a very close third. They are a little more difficult to put on than the Endurance Shield 360 and do not do as good a job of transitioning from the sock to my skin at the top. They do come in many colors and I have ordered a pair in blue to try.
    4.) Go2 Compression Socks – These were too short and left a mark on my leg where they were constricting at the top. They were difficult to put on. I am in the process of returning them.
    5.) Blitzu Power Performance Sport Running Socks – These were the most difficult to put on. They were very short. The band on the top really cut into my leg and restricted circulation. I am in the process on returning them.
    They all stayed up on my legs and did not sag or fall down during movement. They all provided relief from the swelling that used to occur. Many of my friends noticed that I was wearing something different and asked about it.
    It has taken a couple of weeks to try all these socks and over that time I am glad that I submitted to the wishes of my family and doctor. The swelling is greatly reduced and I feel great. Health is more important than fashion.

    23 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Best Compression Socks on the Planet
    By MC_2424 on 07 December 2016

    I've tried every compression sock there is and these are the best. By far. I have swelling in my feet, ankles, and lower legs. I also run and workout. I'm 5'7" w/ long legs and these are finally a pair that are plenty long enough and not so painfully tight that they leave an indent below my knees. These are unbelievably comfortable. They feel like you're walking on a cloud and they "hug" your feet and legs just gently enough while having some of the strongest compression a sock could have. That's a tough balance to achieve and they've done it. For size, I wear an 8.5-9 women's and I have pretty thin legs (other than the swelling problem;) I tried both a small and a medium and the medium was much better because it was longer on my leg, so I didn't have to pull it up at all throughout the day. If you're between sizes, I would recommend getting the larger size. More comfortable w/ same amount of compression.
    I'd also recommend wearing these to sleep like I do. I know my feet and ankles get super swollen through the night, so these prevent that from happening and keep my feet at an even temp all night. I have poor circulation so my feet freeze at night, which prevents me from getting as restful a night's sleep. These really help w/ the circulation problem. I got the gray in a Med and just ordered the Pink and Royal Blue/Lime Green to wear to Seahawk games😊

    15 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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