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Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean,Navy,30x30
113.44 SAR

Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean,Navy,30x30

by  Wrangler, Pants -  2,705 ratings

113.44 SAR 

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International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • Perfectly slim fitting denim
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    30W x 30L
    Targeted Group
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    30W x 30L
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    Wrangler| Slim fit| Cowboy cut| Rigid indigo slim| Heavyweight 14 3/4 broken twill 100 Cotton| 5 pocket styling| Trophy buckle belt loops| Riveted pockets| 936DEN|


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • My following comments are in no way a criticism of ...
    By Peter Holden on 30 May 2017

    My following comments are in no way a criticism of these jeans. BUT, beware that if you are buying these for the first time after having bought many rigid (unwashed) jeans, these will seem an inch too big. For many years I bought Wrangler 936DEN jeans in 35 waist because I was accustomed to them shrinking to a 34 waist. But these prewashed jeans obviously won't shrink any more. So, if you buy them in 35 waist, that's what you'll get and that's what you will always have.

    41 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Mind your body type, rise and sizing for these kinds of jeans
    By Jamie on 08 December 2018

    So I'm tall and lanky, and I recently learned the reason why I hate shopping for jeans. Rise and fit are all about body type, and low rise jeans fit terribly on me. I have a longer torso, high rise jeans fit and look normal (not like mom jeans). It also makes me look proportional if I tuck in shirts, no more tiny leg-long body look. That's what different rises are intended for. The slim fit looks normal also, before my only choices were baggy or ice cream cone leg fits. Its not supposed to be skin tight "slim" or skinny like a fashion brand, its supposed to have a tailored/fitted silhouette on lankier people, where original fit would be baggy. That's also what fit is intended for, different body types.

    At first I ordered my normal size, but my hip bones are a little sharp and I had to add an inch on the waist with this kind of rise. They don't really tell you where to measure. So the sizing is different than my normal pants. Another thing if you get the Rigid indigo, it is raw shrink-to-fit denim. These are genuine, original blue jeans. What you're supposed to do is hand wash them in a tub after your break them in for a while, air dry them till they're damp but not dripping, and then wear them while they dry completely. It forms to your body, and in my opinion is the best way to get denim since not all bodies are the same. Its just like getting them tailored. It wasn't until convenient, pre-faded/shrunk fashion denim came around that all this was lost on the usual jeans buyer. These are thick, hard wearing proper blue jeans. Real blue Jeans are work wear, and just like a leather jacket or boots, they take some work to break in. But in time they'll fit well and comfortably. Most of the bad reviews seem to miss that part and are expecting low rise, stone washed thin-denim Levi's.

    20 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Fit Great, Look Great Too!
    By Honest Opinion on 01 September 2016

    When I first put these Wrangler jeans on they fit a bit snug, and for a moment I thought about returning them as too small. But I wore them around the house for about an hour before they stretched out and became comfortable. After wearing them three or four times they are now my most comfortable pair of jeans. Excellent fit, not too snug, and they look great all around. The material "gives" much better than Levi's. The seat fits perfect and looks very good. These jeans are pre-washed and after the first time in the washer/dryer it shrank not.

    Being a Levis customer all my life, I have been disappointed with the fit and quality of Levis jeans in the past few years. Levis fit is erratic and the jeans quickly fade after a few cold water washings, despite washing on regular cycle with light soap for only 5 minutes and turning the Levis inside-out. Wrangler is my new choice for sharp-looking casual jeans.

    33 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • For the 936PWD Style!
    By Nicki B on 18 September 2019

    My husband has been a Wrangler man for probably the last 10 years. He used to be a hardcore Levi's guy, until their prices became ridiculous and the denim started completely wearing out after just a couple months of use.

    We used to go with the unwashed denim, for longer wear, but honestly, they were such a hassle and always got odd creases in them even with the most strict following of the instructions that we just decided to go with the PWD, which stands for "Pre-Washed Denim."

    Things to note about the Cowboy Cut 936pwd style:
    1) These pants are supposed to fit at your natural waist, not your hips! Your natural waist is above your hip bones, and USUALLY can be found in line with the middle of your belly button. If you don't know how to find your natural waist, look it up- lots of helpful pics and articles.
    2) These pants are supposed to fit snugly! They are not supposed to be baggy at all.
    3) These pants may shrink a bit, so if you are on the edge of sizing up because these are already a bit uncomfortable, size up!
    4.) These pants fit best on people/men who are long and lean. I say this because they are so snug, and sit at your natural waist. Some may find this too constricting.

    My husband does manual labor for a living as a glazier. Wranglers have been awesome at protecting his legs from some crazy scary glass shards that have ripped other people's sissy brand pants to shreds. They have always been well worth the cost. A pair of Wranglers typically will last my husband about a year and a half to two years depending on how many he has on rotation. During lean times, if he only has, say 3 pair on rotation, they may last about a year due to the increased wash and wear. I recently splurged when I saw that Amazon had an amazing price on these babies, putting them at less than half of retail. So I bought 6 for less than I would have in store for 3. Sweet!!

    If you are a lean person like my husband, who looks like they are wearing their older and bigger sibling's pants when you try on "Original fit" or "Relaxed fit" and you DON'T want to look disheveled/unprofessional, these pants are for you. They look tailor-made to fit your body, and they are classy and professional looking.

    No butt bling, or saggy britches showing off your boxers here! These here are real man's pants.

    I have pictures of a pair that he has been wearing for about 6 months, that we purchased in store, compared to a pair I bought from Amazon, brand new out of the box.

    Note that the older pair have shrunk by about 2 inches. Now, I didn't measure the store bought ones when we brought them home, but they always fit him a little long and then after a few weeks of wash, they fit just right in the length.
    The only difference in the two pair is that the store bought ones were made in Mexico of U.S denim, and the ones I purchased from Amazon are made in Nicaragua from U.S. denim. Not sure if Wrangler switched their manufacturer (again) or if they have different manufacturing places for different sellers.

    I have already washed these several times and they have been in his rotation for about a month. They have conformed nicely as expected to his frame, and he has expressed no complaints.

    All in all, if you want some nice, presentable pants that are professional looking, durable as all get out, or maybe some nice jeans for Sunday dinners, church, or a night out, look no further!

    10 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Fits husband perfectly!
    By norine on 11 February 2017

    These fit my husband perfectly. He needed to size up one size to conceal his carry weapon on his waist. The larger waist size made the legs to wide. The slim fit cuts the leg width narrow and leaves the waist correctly sized. Very happy with purchase.

    26 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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