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Xtouch X1 Dual SIM - 4GB, 3G + Wifi, White
by  Xtouch, Mobile Phones -    6 reviews
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    Memory Size
    Operating System Type
    Battery type
    1800mAh lithium battery
    Memory Size
    Operating System Type
    Battery type
    1800mAh lithium battery
    Audio Playback Format
    1280×720 Pixel
    Storage Capacity
    4 GB
    3.5 mm standard OMTP, Micro USB, Dual SIM cards dual standby
    Processor Type
    Quad Core
    CPU Speed
    1.2 Ghz
    Connection to PC
    FM Radio
    Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports
    Wireless Connections
    Yes,802.11b/g wireless internet
    Capacitive Touch Screen
    Phone camera
    13 Megapixel
    Operating frequency
    GSM 900/1800
    USB cable
    Yes, Micro USB
    Dual SIM
    Operating System
    Touch Panel
    5 points
    Product weight
    114 gram
    Mobile Phone Type
    Networking type
    Alternative EANs
    1.2GHz Quad Core
    Operating System
    Near Field Communication
    Multi SIM Card
    Item EAN
    Image quality
    13 Megapixel
    Storage Capacity
    Hard Disk Capacity
    4 GB
    Video Playback Format
    Built-in microphone
    3.5 mm Audio Jack
    Screen Size
    4.6 - 5 Inch
    Bluetooth version
    Bluetooth 4.0
    2G - EDGE
    Integrated Camera
    Front Camera
    Front camera 1.3 Megapixel
    Front Flash
    Power Management
    Battery Technology
    Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    Fast Charge
    Technical Information
    Display technology type
    Operating System Version
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    The Xtouch X1 Smartphone sports a 4.7 inch Super Amoled screen. The viewing experience on the phone is enhanced by a clear, large display. The inclusion of a Retina display makes the output more vibrant, allowing it to reach a new zenith. The high pixel density of 315 ppi ensures that

    The Xtouch X1 Smartphone sports a 4.7 inch Super Amoled screen. The viewing experience on the phone is enhanced by a clear, large display. The inclusion of a Retina display makes the output more vibrant, allowing it to reach a new zenith. The high pixel density of 315 ppi ensures that individual pixels are not visible. With 44 percent more color saturation, the color capability of the screen is enhanced to deliver high quality, bright and well-contrasted images. Fitted with a superior screen, the Xtouch X1 heightens the experience of playing games, reading eBooks, viewing images and accessing the applications on the phone. The X1 is also equipped to handle wide screen HD video without letterboxing.

    Physical Features

    Physical Features

    Key Features

    114.2 g


    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

    13 Megapixel

    4 GB

    1.2GHz Quad Core

    4.65 Inch

    1800mAh lithium battery

    AMOLED + OGS Technology

    AMOLED + OGS Technology

    Most mobile devices and televisions today use the AMOLED display technology. The word is an abbreviation for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode. The term OLED refers to a technology wherein an electroluminescent material is constructed from organic compounds to deliver a thin film display. Active matrix is associated with the technology behind the addressing of pixels. A new method of Touch Panel manufacturing is the One glass Touch Technology in which an ITO layer is directly deposited underneath the cover lens of the touch panel. The stack up pattern makes the panel thinner, lighter and improves the optical clarity. Another advantage of One glass is that the cost of panel manufacturing, and thus of overall production, is significantly lowered. This technology has already been integrated successfully with many top notch applications, particularly mobile phones and tablets.

    Faster CPU performance.

    xTouch X1 sails a Quad Core chip which allows a faster processing speeds which makes this a snazzy device. The Quad Core chip provides nearly twice the speed as compared to the Dual Core chip. This makes all functions, like opening apps, loading web pages and opening email attachments, happen in a jiffy.

    Faster graphics.

    The graphic performance offered by the Quad Core chip is doubled as compared to the Dual Core. Graphics-intensive apps like multiplayer games are efficiently supported and users can enjoy a realistic game play due to the higher frame rates.

    Even better battery life.

    The inclusion of a Quad Core chip, along with the Android 4.2, work to enhance the battery life of the phone. The backup delivered is up to 8 hours of browsing on a cellular connection, up to 8 hours of talk time, and up to 10 hours of video playback time.

    Gaming Performance, Powerful CPU, Faster Graphics

    Gaming Performance, Powerful CPU, Faster Graphics

    The Xtouch X1, supported by a powerful and power-efficient core chip, offers a fast and fluid performance. All functions on the phone are run without any glitches and the phone allows seamless transitions while switching from app to app and swiping from page to page, or while using heavy applications like games.

    13 MP CAMERA, Powered by Apple Camera Supplier

    13 MP CAMERA, Powered by Apple Camera Supplier

    The Xtouch X1 smartphone sports a whopping 13MP of camera which completely negates the need to carry a dedicated digital camera. The camera functionality has been improved to include faster photo capture, better low-light performance, improved noise reduction, and allows you to capture images with more detail and clarity.The camera comes bundled with a number of features like face recognition, autofocus, and auto light-perception and auto skin-beautify, which increase the functionality of the camera.

    Xtouch Unique UI

    The Xtouch Unique UI increases the touch capability and offers ample accessibility on a sleek interface, thus enhancing the overall experience. The highly advanced hardware and features of the smartphone have been aptly complemented by a similarly superior operating system, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The operating system runs the phone applications at a good pace and provides a user-friendly interface.

    Weight: 114.2g

    The Xtouch X1 is constructed from aerospace materials instead of steel materials, and it weighs a mere 114.2 grams, thus making it wearable. The smartphone has been built to make it slim with the break-through technology, which combines the main board to the aerial, thus eliminating the FPC and also due to the OGS technology.


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  • nasZ
    09 October 2014
    Purchased on Souq.com

    superb for a budget smartphone

    i bought this phone for just SAR 545 its original price is more than 1000 been using it for almost 3 months and YEs this phones delivers.... i should say that i love this phone considering its technically a China phone all are working great, i just have some issues with the Camera although it says it has 13mp back camera its still a China phone so dont get a high expectation on it for those who are particularly specific with the camera, other high end phones that only has 5 mp or 8 mp camera takes better photos than the camera on this phone. although in the setting it has Software updates i dont think that works still Im stuck with Android 4.1.2 this is also a downside with XTOUCH phone the company doesnt bother on updating its phone, u go to their FB page they dont answer in any queries. other problem is the heating issue when playing games or surfing the net and battery life is quite acceptable, audio is good esp. the head phones.

    almost all

    no software updates, camera

  • san97s
    29 August 2014
    Purchased on Souq.com

    Xtouch X1

    I was surprised to see such a slim, fast-performance, stylish, weightless, etc smartphone. Xtouch has made a revolutionary product. In this price I can bet that one will not get an all rounded smartphone for such a budget price. I have been using the phone since 6 months and no lags have been seen though. gaming on this phone is just cool. The camera is just brilliant and the macro works just the way it should. The only down side of the phone is that the back cover is so smooth and glossy that it can be prone to scratches. To my conclusion its an awesome best buy. Go, buy it...

    An allrounded budget smartphone.

    The plastic on the back of the phone is prone to scratches otherwise nothing.

  • johnmelvin
    24 May 2015
    Purchased on Souq.com

    Dont buy this phone if you want good camera.

    Quality of the phone

    Camera is 12 mp, but the photo and video quality is like 2mps, very poor.

  • alsaher00
    14 July 2015
    Purchased on Souq.com

    جيد مقارنة بسعره

    خفيف وسهل

    ارتفاع حرارة الجهاز

  • M7madsalm
    12 November 2014

    سيئ جدا جدا جدا كتقييم عام و تفصيلا .. الكاميرا لا تصل ابدا ل 13 ميجا بيكسل و رديئه فى الاماكن المغلقه و لا تصل ل 1 ميجا من الاساس و الوانها غير طبيعية و جودة الصورة عموما سيئه الذاكرة الداخلية ليست 4 جيجا بايت و انما 1.6 جيجا بايت الهاتف يسخن جدا عند تشغيل الانترنت مع 3G network و يفصل الشريحة التى تشغل الانترنت فيكون بلا قيمة من الاساس الشبكة ال 3G موجودة على الشريحة الاولى فقط لا يمكن تحديث النظام الى اصدارات احدث من نظام الاندرويد ال GPS غير دقيق بالمره فهناك فرق فى االمكان الذى يظهرك فيه بحوالى 400 او 600 متر دائما ولا يصدف ان يظهرك فى مكانك و لو مره واحده egypt.souq.com/eg-ar/اكس-تاتش-x1-شريحتين-للإتصال-4-جيجابايت-واي-فاي+الجيل-الثالث-اسود-6842950/i/ : المزيد

    مساحة الشاشة

    كل شئ موجود ف الهاتف

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