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ZOIC Men's Ether Cycling Short + Essential Liner, Black, 3X-Large
223.17 SAR

ZOIC Men's Ether Cycling Short + Essential Liner, Black, 3X-Large

by  ZOIC, Sportswear -  274 ratings

223.17 SAR 

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Main Features:
  • Tech pocket for phone or music player
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    Zoic, Ether Black 3XL 44"-46" Waist Essential Liner


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Terrible zippers, will break do not buy
    By Ryan on 12 January 2019

    I've had these for less than a week. They seemed nice at first, but two of the zippers have already broken, and a third feels like it'll break if I attempt to zip it one more time. I bought these specifically because of all the zippered pockets, thinking a zipped up pocket would secure things like a phone and keys. Turns out zippers that can only be zipped and unzipped a handful of times and are secured to the rest of the fabric with glue don't keep anything safely in your pockets. The fact these are being sold for $57+ is a joke, they aren't even worth $5. Heed mine and many other commenters' warning DO NOT BUY THESE.

    11 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • They are MTB cycling shorts, but are great all around, casual, and commuting cycling shorts.
    By J. Parmentier on 13 August 2017

    I'm returning to cycling after a long time away. I'm in that portion of the population which is neither hard core MTB or a road cyclist. And yet, to casually cycle for fun, or to do so for commuting, you need the right gear. The non-MTB, non-road cyclist, finds themselves in this strange middle ground where there are few options for good looking bike gear that also performs well and doesn't force you to dress like you are doing Tour de France or are going out for a weekend to get covered in mud and scratched up by rocks, branches, and thorns.

    While looking at some online gear sites it turns out that these shorts, and their accompanying liner, come highly regarded by a number of resources. Notably I found myself reading the full review at Outdoor Gear Lab, which was a little better than positive. A further search of Amazon showed good reviews here, so I figured I couldn't go wrong.

    Let's cover this in two sections; one about the shorts themselves and one about the included liner/chamois.

    The Shorts.

    You're here to buy the shorts, right? Good, because they are excellent. First off, the shorts don't scream MTB. There are some signature things which say MTB, but aren't super obvious to the untrained eye, such as the stretchy vent panel below the waist but above your butt, and the dark colored fabric panel located on the inseam, which is a different and darker fabric than the rest of the body of the shorts. A mix of stretchy main fabrics along with well placed vent panels make this a particularly good short for warmer rides.

    Pockets are very well placed and plentiful. There are two pockets at the waist, no zip, with a jean like cut and rivets at the corners for strength and durability. Since you can't secure them I wouldn't place anything you wouldn't want to loose in them while riding, but they are a good place to put your hands when off the bike and provide convenient utility, also when off your bike. The zippered pockets are very utilitarian, which is a positive thing.

    There is one back zippered pocket. I ride with my wallet and this rear zippered pocket is positioned so that if you are carrying anything back there it doesn't interfere with your placement on the saddle. On the right leg there are two zippered side pockets. One is about the right size for an iPhone 6/7 and has an outlet for a wire for headphones or ear buds. Another zippered pocket on the right leg is a mirror of the zippered pocket on the left leg and are sufficiently large for keys, small snacks and anything else that is small and subject to being lost during a vigorous ride. In the left pocket is a tethered key ring and a carabiner, provided by Zoic. Obviously for securing your keys while you ride. The carabiner also has a bottle opener on it; yep, Zoic is thinking ahead for their target market.

    The shorts are super roomy, even for my large self. There is plenty of flexibility in the rear, so that when you are on the saddle and pedaling you don't feel bound up by your clothing. The fabrics don't hang up on the seat when getting on and off either. Airflow through the vented sections of the short are sufficient to keep you from feeling too sticky during a warm weather ride.

    On the right and left waist are two Velcro and fasteners and a line of the soft size of Velcro. To tighten the shorts just lift up on the tab, pull forward and press down against your waist. Couldn't be easier or more custom fitting. For the size I purchased, 2XL, there is plenty of elastic on the back to allow for significant waste adjustment.

    Overall construction is excellent. Seams seem well done and are strong. There is a lot of stretch in the fabric, in all directions. This is probably one of the most flexible pairs of shorts I've ever worn.

    The Liner.

    The liner/chamois is good quality, but, admittedly, base layers for bike gear is quite subjective. The liner that I got with this short is their newest design of Essential liner. The essential liner differs greatly from their higher end liners. The waistband and leg bands are both about 1.5 inches thick and very similar to what you'd find on a quality pair of men's underwear. The waistband is very comfortable and "normal" feeling. The leg bands, made of the same material as the waste band, are quite tight against your thigh, but not uncomfortable. They stay in place well and without the use of rubbers or silicone that some other brands use to try to anchor the leg of the liner The fabric for the liner short itself is rather strange; it's a polyseter/spandex mesh. Admittedly it is very breathable, and in warm weather is comfortably and mostly cool. However, since it is a mesh fabric, the shorts are very translucent and very little is left to the imagination. The pad is also odd in that the Essential liner has this very wide chamois, easily twice the width all around compared to Zoic's higher end liners. There is a lot of "diaper" feeling and bagginess in the chamois area when you are not in the seated in the saddle, but when you are seated that all goes away.

    This isn't the most padding I've ever had in a chamois, but it is better than others. I'm going to acquire one of Zoic's more premium liners to compare to. I suspect I'll be happier with the overall performance of a higher end chamois, but for an hour long ride, this chamois works just fine.

    In general, this is a great pair of baggy cycle shorts. Not overly baggy, but roomy enough for casual riders and stylish enough for nearly everyday use or commuting. The included liner is good quality, but has some odd characteristics which make it much less impressive compared to the shorts. If the quality of your chamois is very important or you already have liners which meet your needs, I would suggest buying the shorts without the liner and then using liners you have or purchasing one of Zoic's higher end liners.

    8 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • 10 out of 10. Buy with confidence.
    By Eva on 07 December 2015

    I bought the ZOIC Ether shorts a few months ago and I feel that I have put in enough rides wearing them to write a review. I am roughly a 33 inch waist and these shorts in Large fit perfectly, snug enough that the adjustments hold them in place without feeling tight or constricting either on the bike or off.

    Zippers are all nice quality with zero malfunctions, the cell phone pocket is big enough to hold my iPhone 6 while in a slim Incipio case, but a 6 Plus or other 5" or bigger phone probably won't fit. I can still plug in my headphones and use the guide loop and the intended hole so the pocket can remain zippered closed, however, it is difficult to get the headphones unplugged and then get the phone out of the pocket after.

    Snap and velcro closure at the crotch while seeming a bit odd do work very well.

    These shorts do have a bit of stretchy-ness to them, but I've had zero hangups with them on the bike, that perfect amount of slide where they don't stick on the nose of the saddle but I don't feel like I'm sliding around while seated.

    The liner. Now this is something I'm very picky about. I've thrown out liners and lycra cycling shorts both for having seams in the wrong places. At first, the included "Essential Liner" felt too wide. I thought it was going to be noticeably uncomfortable on the bike, but it turns out to be the most comfortable liner I own, even better than my old school chamois cycling shorts too! No hot spots, no rubbing from badly located or cheaply made seams. Just really comfortable, even for a 7 hour, 65 mile mountain bike ride!

    As far as washing goes, mine have been laundered at least 10-15 times now, and they look good as new. No threads coming loose, no zippers getting funky, nothing at all. Like all my cycling stuff, cold water wash and air dry. No need for stealing your wife's undergarment bag!

    31 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Useful shorts
    By David Woodruff on 07 May 2017

    I'm a 'weekend warrier' mountain biker. These shorts 'changed the game' so to speak.
    They are made of a quality fabric that stretches, dries quickly, and does not absorb smell.
    The pockets are useful - water resistant closures, and of varying sizes, for keys, wallet, phone, etc.
    The waistline has elastic and tabs - so you can tighten and loosen easily.
    These shorts also come with the padded spandex short, which are buttoned to the exterior short if you'd like to not use them, or want to wash separately.
    Really good shorts.

    5 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Great Value
    By Bob on 15 March 2019

    I have these pants and the Yeti Freeland 2.0 and Gore C3 Trail Shorts. All are outstanding and I selected them for pocket capacity in addition to basic great mountain bike shorts. These were $60 with a liner and the other two were $100 w/o a liner. The Yeti has the thickest fabric but doesn't feel stiff so if you're a bushwhacker, the Yeti is a good choice and the Gore fabric is in the middle. This makes Zoic a good hot weather choice as it also has several vents. Yeti has top of leg zip vents and Gore has none. Zoic has the most pockets including the only one in the seat but Gore's pocket layout allows for the greatest overall capacity although all three are very good in the pocket department. While the Zoic is the lightest fabric of the three, it does not feel flimsy or fragile. They all have plenty of space in them for an impact protection liner but w/o looking too baggy when worn w/o a liner. The Zoic waist is adjustable with a heavy duty Velcro strap while the Yeti is thin nylon with buckle and Gore is only belt loops - all work well depending on your preference. If you're anti Velcro, note that in addition to the Zoic waist strap it and Gore have a small Velcro tab at the waste closure - it seems to have no structural function other than to keep the fabric in line. The Zoic has a 12" inseam with 13" for Gore and 14" for Yeti but the difference isn't especially noticeable. Bottom line, as most other reviewers have said, it is hard to go wrong with these and you can't beat the value.

    1 person found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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